Some of the Best Facebook Applications

Facebook is a networking site which is operated by Facebook, Inc. To use the features of these site users must get registered at this site. After successfully creating an account, one can create their personal profile and add other users as their friends.

The benefits of using Facebook are – sharing messages, upload photos and videos, and get connected with people regularly by various automatic notifications. The users can change their privacy settings and can make the profile visible to selected users.

There are hundreds of Facebook applications available to the users and these applications come in unique flavors. One can use a lot of cool and excellent Facebook applications like fun, utilities, games productivity and many more which are very useful and interesting. These applications are very flexible and users can take their profile to high level using these applications. Some of the best Facebook applications are :

Wishing cards: This application helps you in sharing your thoughts, feelings and wishing your friends on special occasions. Not only this, these cards promote charities. Whenever somebody purchases a wishing card, a portion of the amount goes to some charity organizations.

Causes: This is one of the important applications where you can take part in supporting a cause or you become a part of a non-profit organization. This application enables you to promote your thoughts by seeking support from other users. There are a number of causes including animals, religion and environment. This is actively used application and is used by millions of people.

Facebook for iPhone: This application enables you to get access to Facebook on your iPhone. There are a number of active users and is the favorite application of most of the users.

Twitter: One can link their twitter account to their Facebook profile. In other words, one is getting the benefits of two social networks at the price of one. One can use the twitter application to follow the friends on Facebook who are also using twitter.

Birthday calendar: This application is used by the users to remember birthdays, occasions and special events of their family and friends. The user will receive an e-mail alert as birthday remainders and one can send greetings and wishes by visiting the link.

Farmville: This is one of the popular games on Facebook. This can be played by the user with different players and acquire a land to do farming and own a ranch.

Picnik: The picnic application enables the user to get access to online photo-editing. In other words, the user can edit the pictures and images i.e. can crop, re size, rotate and can add some creative effects and frames to their photos. If the user is tagged in a photo of other user it can also be edited using this application.

Market place: Using market place application, one can sell their second-hand items by advertising them to the people you know. Users can also find items for sale near their place or can even find tickets to films, events etc.

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  1. Yes! Facebook applications are great tools for everyone. With help of Wishing cards and Birthday calendar much more easier to find presents. But my favourite application is Twitter. It is very comfortably to get the benefits of two social networks at the price of one.

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