Stay Connected! The 10 Best SMM iPhone Apps

Are you ready to take your social media marketing efforts to new heights? Tired of your start up lagging behind in sales while your competition seems to bring in more business than they can handle? Try one of these SMM iPhone apps and stay connected – in and out of the office.

1. < rel="nofollow"href="">Four Square. Use the Four Square app for many essential purposes such as posting pictures of your latest business trip to Detroit, or just let your entire social network of friends keep tabs on you while you’re jet setting halfway across the world. Get bonuses and rewards for using it, too.

2. Facebook. Don’t skip this essential social media marketing app and stay connected with the world. Update your info page while waiting to board your plane or manage your blog fan page in between business meetings.

3. Analytics App. Download the Analytics App for $6.99 and have over 60 reports available for your viewing. Check your website stats by seeing how many leads you generated on a given day, percentage of new visits and page hits.

4. Google Search. Knowing why you need this app on your iPhone is a no brainer. Who can’t live without Google these days? Search by taking a picture with your iPhone camera and watch it translate the info you need in multiple languages. Results will customize to where you are (weather and location) as well as offer search suggestions.

5. Flickr. Flickr is the essential picture taking app at your disposal. Take a picture of yourself shaking hands with the CEO at your annual conference and send it to the boys back at the office, or just keep friends up to date with your latest and greatest accomplishments.

6. Ustream Live Broadcaster. Do you want to record and upload live video and send it out to your social network within seconds? Promote your latest podcast on Twitter and promote yourself and your business at the same time, all with the handy features of Ustream.

7. Nimbuzz. With Nimbuzz, you’re never far away from anyone. Connect to Facebook, MySpace and Yahoo Messenger; enjoy free video calls, instant chat and video chat. Best part of all? It’s free!

8. LinkedIn. Stay connected to your professional network with this handy iPhone app. Be part of 85 million professionals and stay connected on the go, during your office meeting or as you contemplate switching career paths.

9. Fring. A great app to have if you want the flexibility to video chat, it also allows free calling to anyone else with a Fring account. It’s the only group video chat available, easy to use and free.

10. AudioBoo. Audioboo is a great iPhone app to have for anyone that wants to promote their latest audio or live video in an instant. Use your iPhone microphone to capture great sound for your upcoming interview and keep your fans and friends in the loop.


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