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In this day and age Google is an authority on the web, if you have a website there’s a fair chance you want it to rank high up the search engine pages for the keywords that best suit it. It’s easy to get mislead and try to take the easiest option to boost your websites visibility with “get rich quick links”.

Get rich quick links is a term I like to use for links such as 1000 links for £5. Don’t do it! Google knows all about these methods. Stay safe and may I suggest that you spend your time writing high quality articles about your keywords niche and learning all about on page search engine optimisation. Do some Googling, find a blog relevant to your websites topic and write nice email to the website owner and ask “hey, would it be possible for me to submit my unique article to your lovely website” or something like that. 9 times out of 10 you’ll probably get a positive reply.

SEO No No’s in a Nut Shell.

  1. Don’t steal and rewrite articles.
  2. Don’t pay for links.
  3. Don’t comment on blogs with naughty links on them “you know what I mean”.
  4. Don’t use profile links for the purpose of link building, Google knows all about this and you’ll not be doing yourself any favours, trust me.
  5. If you think what you are doing is wrong, don’t do it; in the end it will be your website that suffers.

SEO Do Do’s in a Nut Shell.

  1. Write your own articles in your own words.
  2. Submit an article only once to relevant websites if possible and disallow any syndication to other websites if you have to use an article directory.
  3. Optimise each pages title tag and meta tags.
  4. Use H tags wherever possible.
  5. Rename all images to keywords relevant to the page in question.
  6. Make sure each page has a generous amount of related textual content.
  7. Use friendly URL’s, for example
  8. Use anchor text when internal linking.

I myself have achieved many first page positions by applying just the above tactics to my websites and my client’s websites. Usually linking from articles is a last resort. In fact link building in general is a last resort for me. A client approached me the other day looking for a website and the possibility of an on-going SEO package. I designed the website and within 1 day of launching it, the site was positioned bottom of page 1 for his chosen keyword and is still there now…Doh! The point I am trying to make is that on page SEO is usually all that is needed to do well on Google.

Thanks for reading; I hope this helps you on your way to natural SEO success! This article was written by Mark Anthony owner of U4D SEO Sheffield

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3 thoughts on “Stay Safe SEO Tips”

  1. Yeah, what you’ve covered is great.

    I also should add to this that using such tools as scrapebox for mass commentig will definitely hurt your SEO.

    I should say that I use profile backlinking and it works for me. It’s not as effective as it used to be, but it still works.

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