Tactics for demographic targeting on Google’s Display Network

Summary: Demographic targeting can be priceless in ensuring that you reach the right audience. Find out how you can use the GDN to your advantage.

It can be vitally important to make sure your message it being heard by the right people. You wouldn’t advertise the product you’d spent years developing with teenagers in mind in a print magazine aimed at pensioners. It doesn’t make sense. You want the people who will want your product to see your ad, not those who don’t. However, this has long been the case online, where your ads are shown indiscriminately to a whole range of people.

This is no longer the case. Through the GDN, demographic targeting is at your fingertips. So now that you can show ads based on several distinctions – including age and gender – it’s important that you get the most out of the feature.

There are now a number of different ways to break down and target your chosen demographic. A good option would be to utilise a variety of these when planning your ads, helping to ensure that you hit the right web users to ensure greater chances of success.

Google scans every webpage and places it under a different topic heading, meaning it is now easy to target ad placements based on Topic. Obviously this is a major advantage if you are providing a product or service that fits neatly within a particular, sought-after niche.

It is also worth aiming outside your own niche at other topics that the people within your demographic might enjoy. Think about else your demographic do their interests and other activities and choose related topics. This may not immediately apparent, but there will be common ground to exploit. You should then place ads accordingly. Spreading your topics like this will ensure you reach a wider audience, but be savvy. It’s no good if you are hitting people with no interest in your services.

Google takes information based on these topics to develop sets of Interests that apply to various demographics. While Topics look at pages, Interests look at people. Google analyses the backgrounds of the different people visiting websites and assigns these sites to different trends – they use cookies to determine what sites someone visits and assign them into a demographic category, male or female for example. So while the user contributes to the makeup of these demographics, they are also influenced and labelled with them, allowing you to include or exclude your ads from these groups through Interest targeting.

Unfortunately, this means you are relying on Google to accurately tag the various webpages and identify your audience. As usual, this will not be perfect and you are likely to miss out on potential customers, as well as advertising to customers who will have no interest in your product. It would have previously been too much work to select individual websites to advertise on, but now Ad Planner takes most of the work out of the equation. It allows you to more quickly identify specific types of website based on their Audience, Content and Placement segmentation.

Of course, this can all seem like too much to do yourself. Google’s targeting tools are never easy to get a handle on. Sometimes it makes more sense to leave this to a PPC agency or a digital marketing agency that is UK-based and has the knowledge to effectively manage your online campaign.


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