Using Content Marketing As An Online Business Strategy

Content marketing is a buzzword that you’ll often hear about in marketing circles, but it’s much more than a passing phase when it comes to marketing your business on the Internet. It’s a powerful approach to marketing your business on the web without having to worry about the search engines penalizing you for unnatural links or artificially inflating your rankings. Basically, when you create good content and market it towards your consumers, search engines reward you with a prime spot in their rankings.

The great thing about content marketing is that you aren’t stuck doing one thing; you can create videos, articles, press releases, social media campaigns and infographics to draw customers to your website, so you can tailor your content to be relevant to what consumers in your industry are searching for. This relevancy means that your content will convert into sales, so oftentimes, your marketing efforts go further than traditional marketing methods.

Content marketing has a couple major advantages over traditional marketing:

Inbound Traffic

According to the experts at Stodzy Internet Marketing, content marketing is a great way to drive interested consumers to content that you control; this inbound traffic is a powerful way to promote your expertise, niche or selling proposition. If you create engaging content with the proper calls to action, potential customers will share it with their friends and family, and this drives potential consumers to your website without costing you an extra penny.

Brand Awareness Through Engagement

As we mentioned earlier, it’s important to create content that engages your audience; when you do this, it fuels a personal relationship between you and your customers, and they start associating your brand with high-quality and relevant products. When you build trust like this, you attract people to your business, and they are much more likely to work with you instead of your competition.

When you establish yourself as knowledgeable, you build your brand, and people remember this when it comes time to buy something that you specialize in. So remember, quality and relevance are paramount; any content that you publish is a reflection of your business.

Create Natural Link Popularity

Search engines love useful information, and that’s why they often penalize businesses that manipulate links to increase their rankings. When you create useful content that people share naturally, it tends to attract a lot of attention, and people give your site the natural links that search engines love. These links mean that your rankings will skyrocket, and you will have a very low chance of being penalized by the search engines in the future.

Content marketing is a safe way to increase your rankings, and that’s why so many people use it on websites that they can’t afford to lose. When you create content for marketing purposes, think of it as a representation of your business. If you create creative and relevant content, people will link to it, and that drives traffic, builds brand awareness and increases your popularity online.

Making a Business of Your Writing Skills

You’ve always loved to write, and you think you’ve got good skills, some creativity, and solid understanding of the various types of writing.  Now, you’ve decided to make a living doing it.  Good for you!  There is a great career in store for you as a freelance writer if you do it right, build your business with care, and commit to the responsibilities that it entails.

Getting Started – Take Anything!

A plumber, starting his own business, takes any job s/he can find, no matter how simple and no matter how small the payment may be.  You must begin the same way, finding and taking any writing task you can find.  There are a few things that you can do to be pro-active, however:

  1. Perform a Google search for freelance writing opportunities.  You will find a lot of writing clearinghouses that want you to pay a registration fee.  They will promise you the “moon,” but don’t believe it.  Find the sites that allow you to register and establish a basic profile.  Usually you will then be sent opportunities, upon which you may bid.  Do some research on typical pay for novice freelancers (usually a few cents per word) and bid accordingly.  Many people have begun this way and have developed rather permanent relationships with clients.
  2. Take the time to complete applications and take the examinations that many writing clearinghouse sites will require.  You need to have your name on as many of these sites as possible.  Some will publish writing opportunities daily, and you simply accept the ones you want and complete them with professionalism and according to the deadline.
  3. Check Craigslist regularly.  They have two categories for writing/editing, and you should apply for any opportunity for which you may be qualified.
  4. Over time, you will “pick up” writing opportunities by referral.  Always take the assignments offered, and be willing to put in long hours to meet any client’s deadline.  You can always sleep when the job is completed.  Many of your clients may be foreign – they don’t care about your time zone.  Work with theirs!

Train Yourself – Become More Marketable

Given the wide variety of web-based writing opportunities, you need to embark on an independent learning process.  Familiarize yourself with all of the current writing platforms and tools that online businesses and organizations use – for directory articles, for blogs, for site content, etc.  You cannot learn enough, and this learning must be on-going.  Are you familiar with WordPress and Tumblr? Do you know how social media can be utilized to promote businesses? Do you understand content marketing?  If not, you have a lot to do in between writing jobs!

Time Management – How Organized are You?

It is really enticing to think that you can just work in your PJ’s all day.  Think of the freedom and independence!  If you are not careful, however, it becomes too easy to turn on that television, to check your Facebook page, to retire for a nap, etc.  You cannot compromise your schedule for these things.  A few tips follow:

  1. Have a physical space set aside in your residence for your work – a space that has the “feel” of an office.  You need the psychological mindset of being “at work.”
  2. Set up a schedule that provides for work and for breaks.  Follow that schedule.  If you decide that you will take a break every two hours, stick to it!  And, if you experience downtime, without a writing task, take the time to do some research, enhance your skills, or seek out new business.
  3. Accept the fact that your schedule may be totally uprooted.  A client may have an urgent or rush order.  If that client is important to you, then you must meet the deadline, without exception.  You must be committed to long hours when necessary, even if it means cancelling social engagements.  This is the life of a small business owner!

Payment Options

Your clients may have a variety of methods of payment – check, automatic deposit, etc.  Whenever possible, choose PayPal.  The beauty of PayPal is that, at the end of each year, you can obtain a full detailed accounting of all that you have earned.

Income Reporting for Taxes

Keep careful records of payments, and plan to set aside the appropriate amount for income and payroll taxes.  But do not forget the multitude of deductions that are available to individuals who work out of their homes.  You need to research all of the tax law and regulations that relate to your situation or find a tax preparer that is really skilled in self-employment tax preparation.

A Final Word

Freelance writing can be wonderfully rewarding and can provide the variety that you so want.  If you are careful and steadily build your business, you can enjoy independence and an income that will sustain you quite well!

Bio: Eileen Archer is currently a chief editor at Essay Planet and has researched and written on a number of topics affecting secondary and university students. After obtaining a Masters in English language she decided to dedicate her time to creative writing as well as providing assistance to students.

5 Strategies to Help Small, Local Businesses Increase Inbound Links

Running a small business is a dicey game. It is by no means without its rewards; you get to be your own boss and manage your operation as you see fit, and every success is attributable to your hard work. But you also have to contend with limited funding most of the time, as well as the responsibility of wearing many hats. Even if you’re familiar with the industry that you choose to enter, you’ll still have to handle all manner of tasks that you might not be cut out for, such as accounting, sales, and marketing, just for example. And in this day and age, it simply won’t do to ignore the potential value of an online presence, even if you’re only a small, local business. Nearly everyone looks online these days rather than using the Yellow Pages, so if you don’t build a website and start to optimize, chances are good that consumers will never find you. As part of the package, you’ll want to find ways to get inbound links that direct interested parties toward your website. Here are just a few ways to secure the virtual arrows that will point people your way.

  1. Killer content. In a post-Penguin world, content is of the utmost importance anyway when it comes to optimization. Google’s current algorithm is designed to ensure that the websites getting top placement for searches are actually providing the engaging and informative content users expect, rather than the keyword-stuffed articles of old that were meant to bring in traffic while delivering little value for visitors. But there’s an even better reason for providing stellar content than sating Google’s search bots: you want to impress those who come to your site. When you provide the value that consumers are seeking via your websites, blog, social media, and so on, you increase the opportunities for sharing, and this will help to increase the inbound links you seek.
  2. Easy-to-share items. Massive blocks of text may be the most comprehensive means of delivering information, but they are in no way the most efficient, nor are they particularly attractive. The long and short of it is that you need to provide bite-sized snippets of information that are easy to share if you want to encourage visitors to spread your content to contacts online. By creating self-contained content through graphics, infographics, and videos, for example, you can offer customers the easy-to-share content they crave. And embedded links will lead straight back to you.
  3. Social media profiles. Social media plays a major role in sharing, so you really can’t afford to let it fall by the wayside. That said, you must treat your profiles like any other professional venue. Despite the fact that they are terribly casual, social media outlets provide you with an opportunity to reach out and connect with prospective customers. But they also give you a way to offer sharable content, and that’s where your inbound links will start to multiply.
  4. Participate in the online community. There’s a lot to be said for networking, especially in the online arena. So sign up for forums, comment on blogs, and see if you can get some patronage and collaboration going within your virtual community of peers. Participation can go a long way towards netting you additional links.
  5. PPC services. You might not be keen on the idea of paying for links, but when you run a small business you’re either expending time or money, and most of your time must be devoted to your operations. Luckily, there are some strategies for building a web of inbound links that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. And pay-per-click services may qualify. Getting listed with directories is another good option for the business on a budget.

SEO Content Writing – 4 Simple Tips

Earning from home as an SEO copywriter is actually quite easy, once you know what you are doing. There are hundreds of thousands of business owners who are willing to pay good money for high quality SEO articles. This is because SEO is one of the most powerful marketing tools to date. However, in order to be able to earn money from doing this, you need to make sure that you know how to implement it into your articles properly. With that in mind, here are 4 simple tips that will help you, when it comes to earning as an SEO copywriter.

1. Always Do Your Keyword Research

This is the most common mistake among those just starting out with SEO. A lot of people think that they can just put random words throughout their articles. However, you will find it very difficult to sell articles this way. The best way to make sure that your articles sell is to do some proper keyword research so that you can see what is popular, in terms of keywords. There are plenty of free keyword research tools out there, so try them out.

2. Don’t Overstuff Your Articles With Random Keywords

This is another very common newbie mistake, and we have all done it. If you don’t have a proper grasp of how SEO works, then it is likely that your automatic instinct will be to use your keywords as many times as possible throughout the article that you are writing. However, this will actually have the opposite effect to the desired one. The best thing to do is to use your keywords in the beginning of your article, somewhere in the middle, and then somewhere at the end. By doing this, you can make sure that your article is interesting and not repetitive.

3. Make Sure Your Content Makes Sense

Again, another very common mistake. Some of the most popular keywords are very awkwardly phrased, which can make it difficult to fit them into your article naturally, without them sticking out like a sore thumb. So, the most important thing to remember, when it comes to creating SEO content, is that it really needs to make sense if you want it to sell. Read it back to yourself, and ask yourself what you would think if you were reading it on one of your favourite website.

4. Don’t Choose Too Many Different Keywords

If you are really trying hard to get your content to sell, then you will probably be tempted to choose a handful of different keywords throughout your article. The problem with this is that it restricts the amount of things that you can talk about. This is why it is better to just pick a couple of keywords to use throughout your article. By doing this, you have the freedom to get your point across and make your article interesting.

Although SEO content writing can seem hard work when first starting out, it does get a lot easier with practice. Try out these simple tips and see how they work for you.


About the guest author: Hello, my name is Zoe. I enjoy writing about finance, earning online, writing, and ppi claims.

This is an original article published on SEO Desk with exclusivity.

Cheapest Domain Name Registration

On the road to success, there may be some steps that can be skipped, but creating an online presence is not one of them. An online presence is vital to reaching customers. It is vital to selling a product or creating a positive image.

For those with online stores, it can be the missing link between failure and success. Getting the cheapest domain name registration or the most cost-efficient website is possible at Register Your Domain allows site visitors to search for the best domain names for free. With help, site visitors can find premium domains that have come back onto the market.

Domain names are, in and of themselves, vital tools. If the name is catchy, consumers will remember it. If the name is complicated or boring, customers won’t remember it. If the name is accidentally misleading, the wrong customers may wind up on the site expecting a completely different product.

Fortunately the Register Your Domain website offers guidance to those who are seeking an online presence and to those who are trying to improve their online traffic. The Learning Center offers sensible advice on a range of subjects. Seasoned business managers and new entrepreneurs can learn side-by-side from articles on SEO optimization, website management, eCommerce, security certification and other important subjects. Trustworthy advice, free domain searches, the cheapest domain name registration, online store start-up information, and website development are just a few of the ways that serves the business community.

From Google+ to Facebook: The Four E’s of Social Media

Although even ten year olds seem to be knowledgeable when it comes to understanding social media, there is still so much that can be done in order to fully utilize these tools to both your personal and business based benefit.  You’ve heard it all; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, but what do these social media tools mean to you?

A lot of businesses still aren’t quite convinced that social media will help them with their productivity and expansion, but every business can utilize these digital tools to their advantage.


I have talked with business owners before who said “All of my clients are older though and won’t even know how to use social media”.  Even if you’re the majority of your clients aren’t familiar with social media, it will show them and the rest of your world that your company is constantly growing and evolving with the world around it.  The last thing you want your business to be is “old news”.


Not only is it a great idea to show your businesses evolvement, but to show its expansion into other countries as well. The great thing about social media is that it is global; which means that anybody anywhere can share your company’s website with people all the way from your home town to Timbuktu.  Take your company global by boosting your SEO from Calgary to Columbia; sharing your company’s website across social media platforms is an excellent way to elevate your search engine optimization on Google.


Make your business easy and accessible through social media.  People have slowly started to stray away from person to person interaction and are leaning more towards digital interaction such as social media.  Instead of people learning about your company by coming in and personally meeting you, they can just look at your Facebook page, read recent tweets, and look at your blog for a better understanding of what your business is about and why it works.

Although you are making it easier on your clients, social media can be harder to manage because appearance is everything. If you take time with your Facebook page and other social media forums, it will show but if you just throw everything together last minute that will show as well.  So, although you are lightening the load of your clients, the burden might be larger on you personally.


Social media is one of the best ways to entice readers to buy your product or learn more about it. Take pictures, post often, and have a beautiful site in order to captivate users and invite them to learn more about your business.  Understanding the importance of an enticing website, has never been more important to businesses than it is now.  If a person is searching the web and come across your site but it isn’t functional or enticing, they will just find a more user friendly site.  Make sure you take the time that your site requires and advertise on your social media accounts with pictures and small posts.


About the guest author: Diana Galloway puts her studies in marketing and political science to use by writing articles about marketing practices, politics, and the coolest new technology around.

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Tips to Help Choose the Right Keywords for Better SEO

Unless you are already the top site in the search engines for all of your keyword phrases, chances are that you still need to do some work to help better your SEO and improve your rank. Choosing the right keywords to use on your site and in your content is going to be a rather important part of this. For some, finding the right keywords seems like an almost mystical experience and something that is difficult to do. The truth of the matter is far different. You will find that getting the right keywords can be easy, and the following tips will help you.

Check Keyword Resources for Your Site

You want to make sure that you are using more than just a single tool when it comes to your keyword research. Most of the time, people head straight to Google so that they will be able to use the free keyword tool that they offer. This is a good start, but you might want to choose some other options, such as Keyword Discovery. Look at the different tools that you can use to get a better sense of which keywords are probably going to be the best option for your niche.

Start making a list of the keywords and the information that you find. As you dig through the different keywords, you should also take note of some of the various ideas related to your topic that you find, even though they might not be the direct keywords that you use. You could use those other words as ideas to spark posts and articles.

Make sure that you do more than merely look for related keywords to use on your site. You also want to see just how many people are really searching for those terms. A keyword that has only a handful of people searching for it might not always be the right choice. It’s a good idea to stay somewhere in the middle, and here’s why. If you have a keyword that no one searches for, chances are you are going to get only a few hits, if any. On the other hand, if you choose a keyword that has a hundred thousand searches a month, you are going to be dealing with some heavy competition.

Make sure that the keyword that you choose is relevant as well. If you have a site about VPN providers, then VPN service would be a relevant keyword phrase that you would want to use. You always want to make sure that the phrase you are using targets the right audience. The more detailed the keyword the better in some cases.

The Best Content Goes a Long Way

Now that you know the proper phrases that you are going to want to use on your site, you are going to want to make sure that you have quality content to go along with them. Always make sure that you are creating and writing the best possible content without jamming too many keywords into the writing. You want the writing to be interesting and of value to your readers as well. You will find that by posting regular content with the right keywords is going to help with your SEO page rank.

Watch the Results and Make Adjustments

You will also want to make sure that you use an analytics tool so that you can see just how well your site is doing and who your keywords are helping you. When you check the results, you will find that it will be easier for you to make changes to your keywords and content as needed.


About the guest author: Melissa Tyler enjoys writing reviews of the best VPN providers at She loves to write posts about VPN security, safety technology and anonymously browsing.

This is a unique article published on SEO Desk with exclusivity.

Twitter Tips: What Not to Tweet

Many people know that Twitter is one of the most popular social media networks in the world and they use it for many reasons. It is a great marketing and sales tool but it’s also great for just getting news and finding out what your friends and family are up to. There are plenty of places where you can find what you should do on Twitter but nobody tells you what not to do. But the truth is that sometimes what you tweet can do as much damage as what you don’t tweet at all.

What not to tweet:

· Tweets That Bore Followers – This may seem obvious but many make this mistake. If you’re posting too much, then you can begin to get stale and boring. Only make a few enjoyable posts and you’ll keep your followers engaged.

· Tweeting Old News – Look, if something happened a day or two ago, it’s already been all over Twitter. You may end up getting replies like, “duh” or “thanks for sharing old news”. This can lose you followers faster than if you’re boring.

· Too Many Hashtags – We all know that hashtags are meant for things that are trending on Twitter. But tweeting a post that is all hashtags is not entertaining. You can certainly put one or two in your tweet but never more than that. The same goes for using “@”. You don’t want to have too many mentions or you won’t have room for any text. It comes off real spammy.

· The Problem with Links – While you may want to link to your business or items you’re selling, never tweet just a link. Instead, offer a description and then the link so your followers know what you are linking to. Don’t be lazy with your linking.

· Making Cryptic Tweets – Sure you want your followers to want to read your tweets but nobody likes cryptic ones. Make sure you make your point clear and without any mystery. There are some cases, perhaps when you’re planning a sale or promotion where you can leave your followers guessing, but otherwise, get to the point. You only have 140 characters after all.

The main point of being on Twitter is to have as many followers as possible. Some people go to great lengths and spend a great deal of money to do so. You can read more about this here. If you want to get more followers legitimately and keep them, you have to work at it. If you follow the above tips on what not to tweet, you’ll find your list of followers growing constantly.


About the guest author: Tina Morgan is passionate about Twitter and loves to write articles to help others know how to use Twitter and get more Twitter followers.

PaydayMansion Affiliate Program

All those who generate fair amounts of payday traffic and consider joining a payday loan affiliate program are certainly looking for flexible conditions of cooperation as well as extraordinary commissions. In today’s highly competitive world everyone seeks only the best offers entailing maximum profit and minimum risk. These are precisely the features which make PaydayMansion stand out.

PaydayMansion is an affiliate program offering a place to sell payday loan leads. It is one of pay per lead programs in which affiliates generate outstanding commissions.

The PaydayMansion team boasts an impressive track record in the field of affiliate programs and Internet marketing and is always willing to share their knowledge with the experienced webmasters invited to the program.

Competitive commission

It is only natural that the webmasters choose affiliate programs that offer them the highest commission rates and PaydayMansion does exactly this. The commission here can even reach 99.9%, which makes it a unique offer on the affiliate market.

PaydayMansion calculates and pays commission for leads that the webmasters generate after successful traffic verification and traffic monetization. Commission is paid on every 1st and 16th day of the month. However, those webmasters who generate outstanding traffic may receive payments more frequently.

The webmasters can also get additional commission for leads that their friends and relatives invited to our program generate. The standard commission for referrals is 5%. The top webmasters earn from 2k-4k USD daily.

Promotion tools

PaydayMansion is powered by the unique software, created and developed by the service authors themselves. It ensures the appropriate optimization of lead distribution as well as maximum profit for the affiliates.

PaydayMansion owes its success to excellent relationships with the affiliates. The entire program was developed in close cooperation with the webmasters who are perceived as long-term business partners.

The platform provides its affiliates with an impressive inventory of promotion tools which include landing pages, banners, as well as a wide variety of SEO tools: articles, blogs and more. The top performing webmasters are offered some extra solutions that will help them achieve even better results. Another form of support provided by the platform are newsletters distributed among partners, in which PaydayMansion shares the latest news from the market.

Promotion – Dashboard

Members Area

The program is intended for invited webmasters only. New members would have good skills in digital and internet marketing as well as be able to generate good-quality traffic on dedicated landing pages, that will later be monetized and changed into commission.

Before receiving the invitation code, an applicant undergoes a two-stage selection procedure, after which they are invited to join the program. PaydayMansion also relies on the recommendations provided by the already enlisted affiliates.

In the registration procedure the new affiliate fills in a short form with personal details including name, address, phone number, website URL, and the marketing methods they plan to use. Within 24 hours the account is approved and an access to the dashboard is provided.

The dashboard’s layout is very clear and the dashboard itself intuitive and easy to navigate. It features a menu bar from which an affiliate is able to access the main functionalities of the platform. Also, the information about their current balance and earnings is displayed on top.

Affiliate platform

PaydayMansion platform also offers its affiliates the module with various types of reports to be generated and reviewed. In this way the partners can constantly monitor their results as well as see whether to implement any changes.

Summary report

Landing Pages

PaydayMansion ensures its affiliate webmasters have access to a great inventory of tools that will support their work. These include: banners, mobile, pop-ups, pop-unders as well as specially optimized landing pages which attract customers and increase the number of leads that are later monetized and converted into the affiliate’s profits.

Sample landing page

Sample landing page

Sample landing page


The PaydayMansion platform also offers the module of Private Sites as one of its promotional tools. These sites are managed by the affiliates who can create and install them on the indicated domains and servers. Each generated site has its own independent subdomain. It is also possible to generate bulk number of sites.

Bulk site generator



The affiliates of PaydayMansion have a constant access to various statistics in the form of reports divided into 5 categories: Global Reports, Performance, Errors, Mobile Apps and Other. The reports contain real-time data.

The information in the report can be grouped by keywords, campaign, subaccount and domain.

Reports – Dashboard


Mobile applications

The platform also offers mobile applications for IPhone or Android so that the affiliates can generate new mobile links to promote PaydayMansion mobile application. Owing to the unique tracking system implemented, every time a person installs the mobile application from the affiliate’s tracking link and generates a lead, it will be counted on this affiliate. The affiliates can promote the mobile application among their friends and distribute further, so they can generate traffic also using mobile devices.

Generating new mobile app links


Summing up, PaydayMansion stands out from other payday affiliate programs in that it offers unparalleled flexibility and support as well as extraordinary commission. What’s more, it keeps abreast of what’s the latest on the affiliate market and constantly shares the latest ideas and news with its webmasters.

So, if you are one of those webmasters who want to enrich their online marketing portfolio and are considering joining a payday loan affiliate program,  PaydayMansion is the right choice.

Top 5 Old School Seo Techniques

If you’ve been watching closely what’s been happening in the SEO world in the last couple of years you know that most of the technques that used to work out are no longer useful and are nothing but a time waster. So, if you are running your own website or you are a SEO, you know it is high time to turn your head into the right SEO direction or your ranking will be eaten either by the Panda or the Penguin.

So, here is a list of all the outdated SEO tactics that you’d better leave behind and focus on other more important areas:

#1: Article Directories Submition

Yes, that is right. We all used to submit hundreds of articles in all kinds of article directories. That used to work for quite a long time actually – it was an easy way to increase the traffic of our sites and build a nice and rich backling profile. Well, not anymore… After spending hundreds of hours submitting those articles, we saw most of the directories die one after another. So did our backlinks.

#2: Articles Spinning

Articles spinning was a big SEO deal a couple of years ago. People invested tons of money in spinning tools and softwares that create an article per socond. Writing valuable articles?? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Well … you’d better find time now because spinned articles will do no good for your SEO. Google spots spinned, ununique articles.

A well-written, valuable for the readers article published as a reputable guest post will do much more for your site and SEO campaign than thousands of spinned articles submitted in article directories. Plus, it will help you improve your Author-Rank.

#3: Buying Backlinks

Buying links is a big No, No in the SEO world now. Not only it is not worth it, but it might (and most probably will) have negative effects on your site and get your site penalized. Google have made it pretty clear the number of backlinks is not going to do you any fabour now and help you climb to the top posision in SERPs like it used to. Still, there are many people trying to sell backlinks packages for $10. I know it seems so much easier than spending months trying to rank your site on top positions in the SERPs I highly recommend you not to take that road. It leads nowhere. Trust me.

#4: Tracking Keyword Density

In the past the major part of SEOs was proclaiming that the ideal keyword density should be somewhere between 1 and 20%. As a result, most of the people dealing with SEO and trying to rank their own or their clients’ websites spent thousand of dollars on softwares calculating that percentage. This used to work before but it won’t work now. Not that it is a bad idea to include the keywords you’d like to rank for at certain places on your website, please go ahead and do it. It won’t hurt. But it is a far better idea to focus on the creation of valuable content.

#5: Constanly Checking Your Traffic

Your traffic is a quite valuable SEO metric that can show you whether you are doing things right or wrong so it is a good idea to check it out once in a while. But sometimes that leads to us constantly and obsessively checking out the traffic tools, that we can devote to other SEO activities. When checking your traffic, do not just check the numbers of visits you get per day. A far better idea is to see what people are searching for and what they are doing while browsing through your website. You can understand if your website is attractive enough, whether they just enter and exit, whether they find your content interesting enough and browse through other pages, whether they come back. Your visitors should your target #1. By watching closely their actions while brwoing on your site you can understand if your site is intuitive enough and has good call-to-action.

These are some of the most outdated SEO tactics that are doing nothing but wasting your time. SEO changes and you have to roll with it.


About the guest author: Catalina is currenty working as a SEO specialist. You can read more about the latest trends in the SEO world on her SEO blog.