Content Marketing: Thinking in Stories

Today’s consumer demands access to insightful product and service information. Back in the day, it used to be that you could flash a commercial across the TV or display an advertisement in a magazine or newspaper. Let’s just say, that ship has sailed. Now, about 61 percent of consumers will more likely purchase goods or services from a business that creates their own unique content; not through standard ads. The best way to meet this need is by focusing on a content marketing strategy. Whether it’s through an active company blog, social media company profiles or gripping visuals, consumers need to be engaged and informed. Your story needs to be one that people want to hear. With content marketing, you get to convey your message to an unprecedented number of potential clients. What type of content are you currently publishing? Is it doing the job or are you just re-spinning previously published content?

Companies with active blogs will generate about 97 percent more leads. Also, unique content is the top third reason people follow brands on social media. Isn’t it time to get more leads, acquire new customers and increase your brand awareness through content marketing? It just takes some ingenuity.

Back to Basics: 5 Ways to Amp Your Blog, Post-Penguin

So, let’s admit it: some of us in the blogging world have taken a beating in the past few weeks after the Penguin Update.   We are guilty of aligning ourselves with Nigerian bloggers whom we were absolutely had only the best of intentions.  In the clear light of, with pounding headaches, we may find ourselves asking why we signed up for all those forums and signed in with username that was also our keyword.   We repent.

There’s plenty for us to do in the wake of Penguin: no more gaming the system.  If we want to rank we have to deserve.  If we’re going to deserve it, we have to earn it.  So let’s go back to the drawing board and look at a few ways we can claw our way back to our former glory.

Become a Social Media Maven

Social media is a blogger’s best friend. There is compelling evidence that traffic sourced to social media platforms has become a ranking factor.  It makes sense: back in the stone age, if a site didn’t appear in the SEP’s one of the only ways people could find it was by rabbit-holing through links.  Now people find sites by tripping over them on Social Media networks and then clicking through.  If people are talking about you, and you have evocative blog titles that compel them to click through Google is going to know and reward you for it.

Take some time when you start your blog to familiarize yourself with some of the various social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Reddit and Pinterest. Set up a Facebook and Twitter account for your blog, and prominently display the various social media icons on your blog for your readers to share with online friends. Don’t forget the Google +1 button either, as Google’s social media platform is quickly gaining popularity as a social media network.

Write What You Know

The days of content aggregation may be coming to a close.  If you don’t have original ideas—or at the very least original commentary on trending concepts—you’re probably wasting your time recycling the New York Times. 

Too many new bloggers try to appear as an authority in a particular topic, such as fashion, home improvement or cooking. While this is great if you really have the credentials to back it up, it’s a bad idea to try to appear as an expert if you don’t know the first thing about your chosen topic. If you aren’t an expert, display your personal experience and failures as experiences that your audience can learn from. Your audience will see your humanity, which makes you more personable and easier to follow.

Connect with Other Bloggers

As a blogger yourself, you shouldn’t  view other bloggers as the competition. Instead, make friendly connections with them. You can piggyback on the traffic of other bloggers by contributing a guest post to another blogger’s website that links back to your own. These types of connections are vitally important in the online world and are one of the fastest ways to grow your blog’s readership.

Take Advantage of Video

So many new (and inexperienced) bloggers limit themselves to long, boring posts that never deviate from the standard text and subtitle format. Although this is a proven and effective blog post format, readers like variety from time to time. Consider making a video blog once a month (or more, if your audience responds positively enough). Not only will readers enjoy watching you talk rather than reading your words, but you can also post helpful videos to YouTube, where you may pick up even more new readers.

Find a Good Domain

If you are scrapping your old blog and starting over completely, be appraised of the fact that the domain you buy is going to have a long-term impact on the kind of traffic you attract.

One of the most important aspects of your blog is the domain. Using a barely discernible, quasi-linguistic string of characters in the URL won’t attract anyone to the site at all. When buying your domain, go to a site like to check and see what URLs are available that appeal to you.

Ultimately, whether or not you succeed as a blogger depends on the effort you are willing to commit to it. Blogging is not an easy task, and it does require a lot of trial and error. However, you will never fail as a blogger until you stop posting new content to your site. So if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.


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Top 5 Directories to Submit Your Blog To

You’ve just created a business blog – great. You’ve optimised the title tags, H1 tags, H2 tags and ALT tags – superb. Is that all?

Blogging is a fantastic traffic driver and has great SEO benefits for a business website, but the magic doesn’t happen overnight. There’s no magic wand. There’s just a lot of hard work. If you want to build some quick links to your domain and a kick start to online exposure, make sure you’ve checked out all the top blog directories in your niche.

Relevance is everything; if you have a travel website, submit your URL to travel directories; if you have a fashion website, submit your URL to fashion directories. But finding free, one way linking websites that have decent domain authority isn’t always easy for every industry.

Universal Blog Directories to Submit Your Blog To

Yes, it’s true that relevance will get you far. But new blog owners want a quick link juice and domain authority boost – so where to turn? Many SEO experts will also recommend that you submit your blog to high authority directories. There are both paid and free directory listings available, and many websites will offer featured sections with deeplinks at an added cost, but so much choice could cause the ultimate blogger’s mind boggle.

Here are a few top quality directories, chosen by the blog-loving, search engine savvy SEOs at WMG:


You’ve probably heard this name since you’ve been spending time in the blogosphere. If not then you’ll be pleased to know that this is quite possibly the crème de la crème of the blog directory world. Technorati is the biggest and best of the blog web directories. Submissions are reviewed after you copy and paste a unique code into one of your blog posts so that ownership of your blog can be verified.


This is a very aesthetically pleasing website, with a sleek and unfussy design, and quality images. You need to have member access to submit your blog and you will also need to follow instructions for ownership verification (usually done by placing widgets/buttons on your site). With Blog Catalog, you can pay for featured positions on the homepage or on category pages.


Submitting your blog to is a quick and easy process, and a blog rating system allows you to build a following.


Much more than just a backlink generator, Paperblog allows you to submit your RSS feed so that your latest posts appear on your blog profile. This website very interactive and allows you to establish yourself in the blogosphere.

5. Submit-Link.Org

For a lifetime payment of just $19, you can be a part of a web directory with over 3,000 domains. The approval period is up to 2 hours, which is quite a short time for a listing that’s paid for upfront. But if for any reason, you are not accepted into this human edited directory, you will be completely refunded. They also have their own internet marketing blog section where you can get tips on how to improve your own blog.


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