7 Tips to Help You Advance Your Online Career

Online businesses can be the answer for many individuals needing a career change. While online businesses are still much like regular industry in many respects, there are some differences. Success normally grows in association with the willingness to work and the ability to make sound business decisions, much like any business. Here are some tips for both new online business operators and established digital business operators who are frustrated.

1. Evaluate the Potential Seriously

The Internet allows a global potential for anything that can be sold and success can occur exponentially with the proper direction and coaching. Merely establishing a website and attempting to monetize it will not always yield the result the new entrepreneur expects. Any life coach or mentor will tell you that dreaming is great, but I will also suggest you dream realistically.

2. Investigate the Parameters of Self-Employment

Online businesses are normally entities run by the business operator and are not always affiliated with another company. However, some online careers are private contracting situations for other businesses and excellent incomes can be earned when affiliated with the right business. The serious entrepreneur will need to consider what business structure they prefer, especially with regards to accounting and tax status.

3. Choose Products or Services to Sell Wisely

This is easier said than done, but there are many products or service industries available for online marketing. It is a good idea to speak with a mentor or life coach to inventory your own business strengths. Choose something that is enjoyable or familiar, always structuring the business to allow for maximum personal utility. Online business can be a dream job for those who chart their course accurately according to their personal mission.

4. Assess Inputs and Outputs

Inputs and outputs are accounting terms for the amount of cash flow a business experiences. Start with a comprehensive feasibility study regarding income potential and necessary expenses in operating a successful business. If necessary, contact an effective online business coach with the experience of going through the process for their own business.

5. Set Some Goals & Forecasts

Goals and forecasts are standard operating procedure for any solid business plan. Most businesses experience moderate increased expense at first, depending on the product or service line and the expertise of the business owner. Business upgrades will impact earnings also. Remember that each online business is digital real estate even if the products are virtual; your investment can grow revenues like traditional business.

6. Be Reasonable about Earnings

The get-rich-overnight sales pitches do not work. Some individuals may have enjoyed success, but nothing succeeds like drive and productivity. Online businesses are very similar to regular businesses with respect to time management. Solid earnings are indeed possible, but be reasonable and build for gradual sustainable growth.

7. Market Aggressively

Always remember that promotion is the same thing to online business as location is to brick and mortar establishments. The business is only a click of a mouse away and easy accessibility is the greatest positive of online presence. Get your business name out in the information highway and give the marketing plan some time to produce results.

Investing in an experienced and effective business coach can expedite any online career, regardless of the business area. There is always room for improvement and those who have navigated online businesses can be essential resources for the serious online business entrepreneur. Let them help you tap into your potential!


About the guest author: Shelby Warden is a researcher who shares this information for those interested in working online. Since 2007, Noomii has been matching people with their ideal life coach based on their specific goals, background, and budget. They are the web’s largest directory of life and business coaches, where you can search by location or specialization.

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PaydayMansion Affiliate Program

All those who generate fair amounts of payday traffic and consider joining a payday loan affiliate program are certainly looking for flexible conditions of cooperation as well as extraordinary commissions. In today’s highly competitive world everyone seeks only the best offers entailing maximum profit and minimum risk. These are precisely the features which make PaydayMansion stand out.

PaydayMansion is an affiliate program offering a place to sell payday loan leads. It is one of pay per lead programs in which affiliates generate outstanding commissions.

The PaydayMansion team boasts an impressive track record in the field of affiliate programs and Internet marketing and is always willing to share their knowledge with the experienced webmasters invited to the program.

Competitive commission

It is only natural that the webmasters choose affiliate programs that offer them the highest commission rates and PaydayMansion does exactly this. The commission here can even reach 99.9%, which makes it a unique offer on the affiliate market.

PaydayMansion calculates and pays commission for leads that the webmasters generate after successful traffic verification and traffic monetization. Commission is paid on every 1st and 16th day of the month. However, those webmasters who generate outstanding traffic may receive payments more frequently.

The webmasters can also get additional commission for leads that their friends and relatives invited to our program generate. The standard commission for referrals is 5%. The top webmasters earn from 2k-4k USD daily.

Promotion tools

PaydayMansion is powered by the unique software, created and developed by the service authors themselves. It ensures the appropriate optimization of lead distribution as well as maximum profit for the affiliates.

PaydayMansion owes its success to excellent relationships with the affiliates. The entire program was developed in close cooperation with the webmasters who are perceived as long-term business partners.

The platform provides its affiliates with an impressive inventory of promotion tools which include landing pages, banners, as well as a wide variety of SEO tools: articles, blogs and more. The top performing webmasters are offered some extra solutions that will help them achieve even better results. Another form of support provided by the platform are newsletters distributed among partners, in which PaydayMansion shares the latest news from the market.

Promotion – Dashboard

Members Area

The program is intended for invited webmasters only. New members would have good skills in digital and internet marketing as well as be able to generate good-quality traffic on dedicated landing pages, that will later be monetized and changed into commission.

Before receiving the invitation code, an applicant undergoes a two-stage selection procedure, after which they are invited to join the program. PaydayMansion also relies on the recommendations provided by the already enlisted affiliates.

In the registration procedure the new affiliate fills in a short form with personal details including name, address, phone number, website URL, and the marketing methods they plan to use. Within 24 hours the account is approved and an access to the dashboard is provided.

The dashboard’s layout is very clear and the dashboard itself intuitive and easy to navigate. It features a menu bar from which an affiliate is able to access the main functionalities of the platform. Also, the information about their current balance and earnings is displayed on top.

Affiliate platform

PaydayMansion platform also offers its affiliates the module with various types of reports to be generated and reviewed. In this way the partners can constantly monitor their results as well as see whether to implement any changes.

Summary report

Landing Pages

PaydayMansion ensures its affiliate webmasters have access to a great inventory of tools that will support their work. These include: banners, mobile, pop-ups, pop-unders as well as specially optimized landing pages which attract customers and increase the number of leads that are later monetized and converted into the affiliate’s profits.

Sample landing page

Sample landing page

Sample landing page


The PaydayMansion platform also offers the module of Private Sites as one of its promotional tools. These sites are managed by the affiliates who can create and install them on the indicated domains and servers. Each generated site has its own independent subdomain. It is also possible to generate bulk number of sites.

Bulk site generator



The affiliates of PaydayMansion have a constant access to various statistics in the form of reports divided into 5 categories: Global Reports, Performance, Errors, Mobile Apps and Other. The reports contain real-time data.

The information in the report can be grouped by keywords, campaign, subaccount and domain.

Reports – Dashboard


Mobile applications

The platform also offers mobile applications for IPhone or Android so that the affiliates can generate new mobile links to promote PaydayMansion mobile application. Owing to the unique tracking system implemented, every time a person installs the mobile application from the affiliate’s tracking link and generates a lead, it will be counted on this affiliate. The affiliates can promote the mobile application among their friends and distribute further, so they can generate traffic also using mobile devices.

Generating new mobile app links


Summing up, PaydayMansion stands out from other payday affiliate programs in that it offers unparalleled flexibility and support as well as extraordinary commission. What’s more, it keeps abreast of what’s the latest on the affiliate market and constantly shares the latest ideas and news with its webmasters.

So, if you are one of those webmasters who want to enrich their online marketing portfolio and are considering joining a payday loan affiliate program,  PaydayMansion is the right choice.

8 Effective SEO Techniques Seldom Applied By Webmasters

Search Engines Will Continue to Challenge Webmasters

As always, webmasters have to keep their eyes peeled to be on the lookout for tips and tricks when they are looking to optimize their sites for web search engines. Since Google uncaged its Panda and Penguin zoo this year it has had many webmasters scratching their heads and wondering what happened.

Slowly, the industry is realizing that content is king and that black hat subterfuge and other attempts to outwit browsers just isn’t going to work anymore. Nevertheless, there are still SEO opportunities to increase your web traffic. Following are a few suggestions, though there are many more “out there.”

ONE: Gaining International Popularity

Webmasters, leave the country. Only when you let the world know about your websites will you be truly search engine optimized. This can, however, be a little awkward if your site language doesn’t match theirs, especially the alphabets. But you can still go international. Use the best auto traffice exchange for different coutnries. You should probably have a translator built into your site for those language speakers you expect to have visit.

TWO: Getting Intelligence on Competitors

Competitive intelligence is useful for keeping an eye on the re-engineering or remodeling of your competitors. This could be an instant shortcut to success online. Go to Google and type ALLINANCHOR: followed by the website of your competitor. After clicking “Search”, you will see the names and urls of all other websites that that particular business is running. You can learn many interesting things from their websites.

THREE: Sending Out Press Releases

Never underestimate the power of the press. Well, the press release. Major websites and news stations actually ache for press releases. Let these folks know when you have added new services or expanded your merchandise. If you want to write a press release then go to PRWeb. You’ll get tips on writing releases and other important information. Press releases rank very high for what they are – the highest quality of incoming links.

FOUR: Creating a Google Gadget

With some basic JavaScript knowledge you can create a Google Gadget. You will need a Google account. When a user embeds your Gadget on their web page it will have your incoming link within the Gadget. And since the link is wrapped up in the JavaScript code that is used to create the actual gadget, there is no way possible that a webmaster can add a no-follow to the link or otherwise mess with your link.

If they wish to use your Google Gadget then the link is part of the deal. Some links won’t be of the highest quality, but if you can grab hundreds of links it can still pull in a significant amount of Google “Juice” for your keyword and keyword phrases. To get started, go to the Google Gadgets Editor and create your Google Gadget. You can make the Gadget a tool for anything you like as long as it’s useful or fun. To get the skinny on building a gadget, check out:http://anthonygoodley.com/SEO/

FIVE: Pinging Sites

Pinging makes your site known to other sites. This is useful when you’ve updated your site contents and want to let other sites (even other search engines) know about changes or improvements. However, using pinging too much will make your site appear to be spam and it may get your site blacklisted. The recommended times for you to ping your site is two times per day, about every twelve hours. The best site is Pingler but you can try others. Make sure the alternatives do not ping the same site as Pingler as it will be counted as multiple pinging and that pulls down rankings.

SIX: Implementing Responsive Web Design

People are getting access to the web on far more gadgets than just laptop and desktop computers. And these gadgets all have different screen sizes and different application restrictions. Indeed, smartphones are starting to influence web design. Surveys have shown that about 40% of users will close a website rather than fool with one that’s unwieldy on their small screens.

A responsive design website employs CSS, cascading style sheets, which adapt to the viewing environment. It automatically detects the screen resolution, or width, and pages will be displayed in accordance with that resolution. This is becoming more important as the tiny-screen gadgets seem to be spawning like locusts.

SEVEN: Scaling Back Ad Heavy Pages

Ads sell stuff and they also bring in cash. But, Google’s search algorithm is able to analyze the proportion of ads to real content, and it also can rank their visibility – above the so-called fold, or below it. Ad heavy websites usually make it difficult for users to find good content on web pages, notably because ads usually obscure content.

Some websites that abuse advertising try to fool users to make them believe ads are part of the content. This is especially true of affiliated websites that want to monetize their website by generating more traffic through sponsored links. Those websites may be considered as spammers by Google and other search engines, and they could see their rankings go down dramatically.

EIGHT: Adding Caching Plugins

Google and other browsers take into consideration the ease or quickness with which sites load and offers higher ranks to those websites that offer good user experiences regarding those features. So, a great way to enhance a site’s performance is to add a caching plugin which allows the storage of all the data that has been used recently. This improves the performance of a site by not making it load those resources repeatedly to bring up the website files.

Words from Google

Google itself lends these words of wisdom to webmasters around the globe. Good search engine optimizers can:

  • Do something cool.
  • Include relevant keywords in the copy.
  • Be wise about tags and site architecture.
  • Signup for email forwarding in Webmaster Tools.
  • Attract buzz and natural links, votes, +1s, do follows.
  • Stay fresh and relevant (social media, accessible on new devices, videos, etc.).


About the guest author: Patrick Del Rosario enjoys blogging, travelling, and photography. Patrick together with his father runs a Photo Studio in the philippines. If you have a blog and would like free content. You can find him on Google+.

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Getting Started with Google Analytics for your Blog

As a blog owner, it’s your prime duty to check the developments in your blog every now and then if you really want to do well. Google Analytics is the best tool to tell you where your blog stands in terms of its traffic or the number of visitors coming in.

Integrated to Google itself, there is no better tool to let you know how your blog or website is shaping up or where they stand when compared to other competitors in the market.

Get to know who is coming to your site and other detailed statistics of visitors in your blog. Here is a guide to help you setup Google Analytics for your blog.

Setting up an account in Google Analytics

1)      Create a Gmail account for yourself. Gmail is Google’s version of free webmail service.

2)      Now, go to Google Analytics and select the ‘Create an account’ menu.

3)      Sign in with your Gmail account ID that you have just created. If you want to use your existing Gmail account ID, you could do so.

4)      Keep following the instructions and get signed up with Google Analytics.

5)      Copy the tracking code that appears besides Web property ID. Make sure you have copied the correct ID.

6)      Click the ‘Save’ option at the bottom of the display.

7)      Now click on Settings -> Privacy in the dashboard and ensure that it is adjusted to “Allow search engines to index this site.”

8)      Now, in your dashboard, go to settings -> Google Analytics.

9)      Paste the tracking code you have just copied and select save changes.

10)   It takes 24 hours before Google Analytics can start working.

How to get started with Google Analytics – various things you can do.

Here are some things you can do when you start working with Google Analytics.

  1. 1.       Setting  your goal

Know what you want to determine with your blog. You can determine various things like marketing initiatives, ad conversion rates, ecommerce and many more. To effectively promote your website, set goals for yourself based on the results.

  1. 2.       Learning with different reports

Explore different options and learn how to read your basic data. As a beginner, you can do more with your Google Analytics account than what you think.

  1. Making use of advanced features

a)      Using custom segments to analyze and isolate specific traffic driving strategy.

b)      Create reports using the drag-and-drop interface with your preferred dimensions and metrics.

c)       Customized email reporting by sending regular scheduled reports to shareholders within a company.

d)      Simplified tracking using Adobe Flash, AS3 content and Flex.

  1. 4.       Maximizing ecommerce and online advertising

a)      Monitoring conversions, AdWord revenue and ROI.

b)      Optimizing keywords to have better ranking and get the most of your advertising revenue.

c)       Tracking email marketing, banner ads and helping yourself with other marketing initiatives.

d)      Linking keywords with ecommerce performance and other marketing campaigns for ROI details and other information.

e)      Do you have an AdSense account so that you can monetize your website? Want to link your Google Analytics accounts and AdSense account in order to get more insight into your website’s performance? Get to know which of your referrers and pages bring in most revenue and can optimize your site using Reports from AdSense.

All this in one single solution – Google Analytics.


This guest post is brought to you by Sandy Coops of cabletimenc.com, a site that offers savings and current information on service from time warner.

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Why Customizing Youtube Thumbnail is Important

Millions of new videos are uploaded on YouTube every day. There is no doubt that we netizens love to upload videos. Each of us has a different reason for uploading videos on YouTube. There are those who want to upload videos for marketing purposes, others upload videos to provide entertainment, while others simply do it for personal satisfaction. Regardless of your reasons for uploading videos on YouTube, have you ever checked the number of views you get daily? Is it too few? Have you just uploaded a really nice video, but nobody seems to notice it? Evaluate your YouTube thumbnail, you ought to customize it to improve the number of views your video receives.

YouTube thumbnail is the image that represents YouTube videos in search result pages, related videos and embedded videos. Basically, it is the first image that viewers will see regarding your video. At present, YouTube randomly chooses the thumbnail image of videos if the uploader does not go through the customization process. The following are reasons why customizing YouTube thumbnail is important:

1. First Impressions

As the popular saying goes, “First impressions last.” Since the thumbnail image is the first thing about your video that viewers will see, it is important for you to use it as a stepping stone to pique their interest, capture their attention, and eventually, persuade them to actually visit and view your video. It would also be best if your chosen thumbnail gives an exciting and intriguing general overview or idea about the content of your video.

2. Traffic Generation

A good thumbnail image will help you attract more viewers and generate traffic into your video. If you are a businessman, a good thumbnail image will help you market your product effectively on the web. It may just be the strategy you need to increase your sales and the popularity of your brand/s and product/s. If you are an individual, a good thumbnail image may just be your ticket to success. A lot of popular artists and stars nowadays attribute their rise to fame on randomly uploaded videos which some of them have uploaded for the sole purpose of personal satisfaction. Ultimately, a good thumbnail image will definitely lead viewers to your videos and the consequences (good or bad) can be huge.

3. Improve the Click-through Rate of Your Video

YouTube arranges videos that appear on search result pages based on the click-through rate (CTR) of your video. Since a good thumbnail image helps you increase the number of your video’s views, it would also translate to an increase in its CTR. A high CTR will be beneficial in the long-run especially since it improves the visibility of your video on search results, which in turn makes your video as one of the top preferences of viewers.

Now that you have grasped the importance of YouTube thumbnail, it’s time for you to discover how to create a customized thumbnail image for your video! At present, there are some YouTube users blessed with this wonderful feature while others still have this feature unavailable to them. To find out whether you have the Custom Thumbnail button, visit your Video Manager, click the Edit option on any one of your previously uploaded videos, and if you see the Custom Thumbnail button, then you have this feature available to your account. Once you have discovered that you actually have the Custom Thumbnail option, take advantage of this amazing feature by customizing the thumbnail image of all your previous videos. A good thumbnail image must be relevant, clear, and interesting. The colors must look good to the viewers – not to bright or too dark. Also, don’t hesitate to put captions especially if it enhances the message of the image. However, if you still do not have this feature, you just have to be patient and wait. You may want to monetize your YouTube channel but this does not guarantee that the feature will become available to you.

There is no doubt that YouTube is a powerful social medium. It reaches out to diverse populations across the globe. The introduction of the YouTube thumbnail will help your video/s gain popularity and a huge following online if used properly. However, never lose hope if you have no access to the Customize Thumbnail option. Just stick to the basic strategies of providing good, remarkable, and relevant content to the online community and your video will definitely have a shot in making it big!


About the guest author: Jeff Foster is the internet marketing manager of WebBizIdeas. His main focus is building and marketing quality content. Over the past 8 years he worked with clients to develop marketing strategies.

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Tips to Make Money with AdSense PPC

Nowadays, making money online is not a big of a deal. AdSense PPC helps you to generate revenue out of your blog or website. PPC (Pay Per Click) is a form of online advertising and many advertisers prefer using Google AdSense PPC to monetize their website. Google AdSense is one of the easiest and effective ways to bring targeted traffic to a website.

Eager to know how Google AdSense works? Google allows you to host their advertisements on your website based on your content, target audience, location etc. And you will be paid by Google each time a visitor from your website clicks on those ads. So, your income will increase based on the number of clicks you get. Google AdSense is of different types and you can use any of the following ways to make money:

  • AdSense for feeds– You have to place your ads in appropriate feeds. Google will look at your content’s originality and relevancy to the advertisements placed on your website.
  • AdSense for search– You can place a custom Google search box on your website. And when a visitor from your website searches using the search box, he will be taken to a page that hosts various PPC ads.
  • AdSense for mobile content– You can use your mobile website for advertising and earn money.
  • AdSense for video– You can place video contents from Google on your website, including YouTube videos.

To make AdSense PPC advertising successful, website owners have to involve competent strategies to attract more visitors to their site. Here are some great tips to help you improve your AdSense income:

  • Write compelling content: To attract more people to your blog, you have to write interesting content. The content must be genuine and up-to-date. When readers find useful information on your blog, they will start visiting your blog regularly.
  • Focus on the products you promote: Don’t promote too many products which will tighten the competition and also prove to be expensive. Instead promote limited products that will get targeted traffic from interested consumers. Ensure that every time a reader clicks on your ad, he gets access to the information he is looking for.
  • Have good keyword density: Your choice of keywords will determine the traffic flow. A content that has a good keyword density is bound to drive more readers.
  • Place relevant ads: See to it that the products you advertise on your site, is in some way related to your content. You can’t be writing about health or politics and sell cameras. Also, you have to be very careful when selecting the right niche for your blog. Your niche will depend upon the topic you choose to write.
  • Optimize your website: Website optimization plays a key role when it comes to user engagement. You have to make your website look attractive with good font and image format. Your website should be easily accessible for the mobile, laptop and desktop PC users. You can also have videos to make your readers stay on your page and be attracted to browse longer.
  • Use Competitive Ad Filter and Ad Review Center: You will find both these tools in Google AdSense. Using Ad Review Center, you can learn about the ad categories that are not paying you much and block them. For instance if ads for religion and politics are not generating revenue, you can block those categories. With Competitive Ad Filter, you can block specific ads pertaining to a particular website or entire domain. So you can confine your competitor’s ads from showing up on your website.
  • Try to improve your Google Page Rank: If you have a good page rank, then you may be paid more for PPC ads on your website.

If you implement these online marketing strategies and take consistent efforts to improve, you will start getting a steady flow of visitors to your blog or website. Your AdSense income will gradually increase and your website will start yielding optimum results.


About the guest author: This article has been brought to you by www.broadbandproviders.com – the leading provider of best value broadband internet. broadband internet.

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How to make money with Blogger after The Penguin Update?

After the Google Penguin Update, many people has started to think that they can not monetize their sites anymore. Actually, do you know any Google Update that haven’t scared people? That is absolutely normal. Every update will change the game, but there always will be things that work. In this post I’m going to explain to you one that works after The Penguin update. Believe it or not, is is easy. I’m going to show you one of the easiest ways to get ranked fast on Google with Blogger.

How it works in brief ?

1. Create blogger with 5 posts
2. Bookmark it
3. Done

I know you think it sounds too good to be true, but it works. Actually there are more “advanced techniques” that we will discuss here. I’m going to give you a step by step tutorial. Let’s get started.

First and probably one of the most important things is to understand how Google ranks sites. Google does not rank sites, but pages. And in our case we will rank not pages, but posts. The best formula is to ranks blog posts for long tails keywords, and your main blog url for your main keyword. If you are in SEO you probably know that it is not easy to get ranked for your main keyword. The easiest and fastest way to start making money from Google is to rank your posts for long tail keywords. In this example I’m going to give you an example with one blogs that I’ve created. The blog topic is paid surveys. Go to Google and see that my blog ranks for legitimate survey for money at top 10. But notice that this is not my main blog url, this is one of my blog posts. This post also ranks for similar keywords like:legitimate surveys, legitimate survey sites, surveys for money and more. And I make several leads per day. You may say . . . not too much. Yes, it is not too much, but imagine if you have 10 or more similar blogs. Imagine if you spend more hours on SEO and rank higher. You will be making much more.

How it works step by step:

Step 1:

Pick your niche. Let’s say for example – paid surveys. Paid surveys will be my main keyword, so I will put it into my blog title tag. Probably I won’t be number one, because it is too competitive. But I may try to be in top 10 after time. To be honest with you, I DON’T care . . . The most important thing for me is to ranked for my long tail keywords.

Now go to your Adwords Suggestion tool and pick 5 niches about surveys. In my case one of the niche is legitimate surveys. You can rank easy for that keyword. But you also have to try to find similar keywords like legitimate surveys for money, legitimate paid surveys and more. Your Adwords Suggestion Tool will help you for that. Write one article and include your keyword in your title, also mentions it several times in the text. You can hire someone to write it for you. Then choose next long tail keyword. This may be: how to avoid scams for example. You can choose more keywords like: how to avoid scams surveys, avoid scams survey sites or similar. Again write an article and include your keywords in the title and in the text.

Tip:Many people still think on page optimization is so important. Some think that their sites will get ranked higher if their keyword density is with 1% higher for example, or if they start or finish the text with their keyword. After The Google Penguin Update, I can guarantee you, that is not right. I can not say on page optimization is not important. I know very well, op page optimization is important, but believe me Google knows very well what is your page about. There will NOT be significant difference, if you repeat your keywords several times more. The point is quality content.

Step 2:

Choose what you will promote on your blog. In my blog, I’ve placed several affiliate links from my favorite CPA Network – Maxbounty. I just offer people to make money from free survey sites.

Important:Unfortunately Google does not like affiliate links. If you think you can hide your affiliate links with nofollow, Javascript or Flash, you’re wrong. These days Google read everything.

Solution:Use Adsense or create an opt in list. If you use Adsense you won’t get hurt by Google. If you use an opt in list, there won’t be links on your blog, so everything will be OK.

Just upload your posts to Blogger. I would suggest you to upload one post per day. After several days you’re done.

Step 3:

Believe it or not you will get ranked in several weeks at top 10, 20 or 30 for your long tail keywords, even without any links. Google just loves Blogger. If you want to increase your ranking, you can bookmark your blog. That is exactly what I’ve done to start making several leads per day. I just bookmarked it to 20-30 social bookmarking sites and after several week I was at top 10 for “legitimate surveys for money” and also other similar keywords.

Tip:Bookmark your blog posts, NOT main blog url. That way you will rank your blog posts higher.

That is. . .

After that you have several options.

1. Wait and start making several dollars per day.

2. Continue building links to your blogger. That way you will increase your ranking for your long tail keywords and someday even for your main kayword.

3. Choose another niche and repeat the same steps with another blog at blogger.

It is up to you. No matter what other people think about Google Penguin Update, I can guarantee you that still works. And I think that will works for a long time. The point is – take action. Believe me, many people fail in SEO not because it is too hard, but just because they don’t take actions.


About the guest author: Mae Moreno is addicted to all making money online topics.She started with paid surveys. After time she learned more things about making money online like blogging, SEO, Adwords. She loves her work.

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How to Choose the Best PPC Advertising Networks for Your Online Business

Anyone starting a business online or creating a website will quickly realize that the floods of traffic promised to anyone with a website actually take work to create. It isn’t easy to attract attention, let alone targeted clicks from a relevant audience interested in buying. At the same time, if you’re trying to monetize your site, you need to come up with an easy way to make your site pay off.

A PPC network seems like the ideal solution, as advertisers can get in front of exactly as many people as they want for a specified amount, while website owners get paid for attracting traffic. But how do you choose the best one? Many business owners leave this crucial decision up to chance and choose the first one they find, but this isn’t a good idea.

What is a PPC network?
PPC stands for pay-per-click, which means the advertiser pays the network for every click through their ad to their website. In turn, the network pays the website owner who displayed the ads. It’s a simple enough process that minimizes risk and interactions while allowing you to access performance data more easily than working directly with sites or advertisers.

How do you choose the best PPC network?
The same process applies whether you’re looking to display ads or place them. There are a few factors you should look for when you’re trying to choose the best PPC network for your business. These include:

*Ease of use
You don’t want to struggle with a complicated process every day. It should be an easy, intuitive process with instructions for beginners and a way of seeking help if you get stuck or confused. The more documentation available on the PPC network interface, the better.

*Variety of advertisers
For website owners, a number of advertisers should be on the network so they can get targeted ads for their website even if it’s in an obscure niche. Meanwhile, businesses looking to buy PPC ads will want to see a variety of advertisers to make sure it’s a legitimate PPC network with a history of success.

*How much control does it provide?
If you’re placing PPC ads, make sure you can control the types of sites your ads display on, how many ad impressions you want, the maximum amount you’re willing to pay per click, the display format, and so on. If you’re displaying them, you’ll want to be able to make sure the ads displayed match your site theme, and you’ll probably want some control over how the ads appear.

*Tracking system
Both website and business owners will want to be able to track the clicks they receive so they can maximum revenue and stop any ad campaigns that aren’t paying off. There’s no excuse for not having a PPC tracking system!

*Can you change ads?
If your ads aren’t performing as well as you’d like, make sure you can change the ad color, font, or display style to maximize click-throughs. You don’t want to be stuck with an ineffective ad for an entire campaign.

These are just a few of the most important factors when you’re choosing a PPC network provider. Whether you’re a small business looking to get more direct, targeted traffic to your website without the hassle of finding backlinks and traffic sources or a website owner creating a business around displaying PPC ads, it’s a great business strategy. Just make sure you choose the right network from the start.


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Starting a New Blog? Avoid the Google Sandbox

Any blogger worth his or her salt has heard about the so called Sandbox by now, a cold wilderness in cyberspace where no one will ever find you, no matter which search engine they use.  But contrary to popular belief, the sandbox is not a permanent death sentence to your website or blog. It is more of a period of detention lasting a couple of weeks or… a couple of months. And even then, Google does not pull your site off the results pages. It merely pushes you to the bottom of the pile for a while as a polite reminder that it will not tolerate your plastic-looking backlinks. But I need them to boost my visibility and hence my revenue-generating potential, you protest. However, in the same vein Google wants to ensure it gives its users quality results whenever they make a search.

Difference between Being ‘Sandboxed’ and Being Delisted

There is a difference between your site being ‘sandboxed’ and it being delisted. A simple test can help you determine which of the two calamities has befallen your blog. Type your site’s full URL in Google and hit the search button. If something appears in the results page, you’re not too badly off, you’ve merely been pushed down the pecking order in the SERPs or search engine results pages. Should no links to your blog appear then you have cause for concern as Google could have delisted you entirely. This is probably due to Google detecting that you’re trying to hoodwink its mechanism into ranking you favourably by tinkering with keywords or backlinks. So if you’re in the habit of randomly stuffing in keywords like ‘diet secrets’ or ‘weight loss tips’ into your content to drive traffic, you could just end up achieving the exact opposite.  A site may be delisted also if it participates in paid back linking, in other words, if you get paid to be in a network of blogs that solely exist for offering backlinks.

Trying to Get Natural Links to Your Site

Now, say this with me, natural backlinks. This is the key to Google liking your site and keeping it out of cyber purgatory. Google’s search engine is continually being fine tuned to sniff pages for spammy backlinks. These are links that Google thinks are too many to have been generated in the short time your weight loss blog has been online. If all your backlinks originate from a particular source or few sources, Google will also doubt their legitimacy and dismiss them as garbage backlinks. So if you’ve been churning out backlinks using tools like XRumer thinking you’ve found a shortcut to traffic galore, you might want to reconsider your approach.

Avoid Over-Optimization

Also consider getting non-keyword anchor texts to your links. For example, recently I started optimizing a page where visitors can get the latest Nutrisystem coupons. At the start I over-optimized my anchor texts by constantly using anchor texts such as “Nutrisystem coupon”, or “Nutrisystem promotion code” or “Nutrisystem voucher”. This was not natural backlinking, because natural links include non-keywords anchor texts, such as “click here”, “more info” or “visit this page”, etc.

I actually implemented my learning for ranking another keyword mediafast coupon using some non-anchor keywords such as “click here”, “visit” etc and the results were great.

By now you’re probably feeling trapped between a rock and a hard place reading this. You want to monetize your blog, meaning you’ve got a number of ads on it that you want to make a commission out of, but it seems like Google is out to thwart your every attempt to direct visitors to your site. Well, if you know what Google requires of your content, you might be able to avoid delisting and sandboxing and instead top the SERPs. Here a few tips, don’t generate a gazillion backlinks overnight, don’t stuff your Meta tags and headlines with keywords. By looking at the Pagerank diversity, Google will be able to get a good idea of how natural they are. Build them up slowly over time instead and remember to keep the sources of the backlinks diverse.


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BetterInstaller by Somoto – Experienced Opinion

BetterInstaller is the latest product offering from Somoto. As the name implies, it claims to be able to help software developers monetize their software by facilitating the increase of installs and consequently revenues.

Somoto claim the following benefits from their BetterInstaller solution:

  • Simple to integrate ensuring the developer earns money from every download
  • Safe and secure as partners only include Tier 1 advertisers that are Adware, Spyware, Malware, and spam free
  • Access to Tier 1 advertisers
  • Customized campaigns that use information for each user gathered via their advanced logarithms that ensure revenue is maximized
  • Customized design capabilities
  • The ability to easily turn website visitors into members, control content, and differentiate between first time users and premium members with the BetterInstaller LightBox
  • Compatibility with all major browsers, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome
  • Effective for Shareware, Freeware, and Open Source developers
  • Profit maximization

That’s a lot of claims to make for an installer platform, so let’s see whether those claims stack up.

Ease of integration: I found the BetterInstaller platform to be very easy to integrate with my software. The SDK provided NSIS and INNOSetup installers was very easy to follow and enabled me to also integrate the offer screen capabilities of the platform. I believe the offer screen is an excellent way to attract downloads and was pleased to be offered this functionality. Similarly, through the use of multi-thread CDN, my software was placed on the Amazon S3 cloud – downloads were faster and I had higher completion rates.

Safe and Secure: I have not had one complaint from anyone who downloaded my software that it contained anything other than the content they requested. That’s good enough for me! Apparently, BetterInstaller also offer ongoing checks and compliance against viruses and periodically check their technology against antivirus indicators so that they can immediately tackle any false positive or AV issues.

Tier 1 Advertiser Access: BetterInstaller saves you the hassle of having to chase up advertisers, and the right type of advertisers, and then create and maintain multiple advertising partnerships. I don’t have the time or desire to do this task – just let me write, and sell, my software. BetterInstaller claim to run more than 100 different premium Tier 1 advertising campaigns at any given time, and I have no reason to doubt them. It’s working for me, so why should I question them?

Customized Campaigns: By automatically checking and optimizing the best converting and highest paying offer and displaying it as a recommendation for users (user consent is required, of course), BetterInstaller maximizes downloads and revenue.

Customized Design: Because BetterInstaller uses HTML5, it was easy to customize the design to suit the look and feel of my software. Their standard design is actually very good but the ability to easily adapt it was a nice bonus.

BetterInstaller LightBox: The LightBox is a great little feature that simultaneously increases user engagement whilst giving you control over your content – very innovative!

Browser Compatibility: A required feature in today’s world but one that is provided and works as it should nonetheless.

Effective for Shareware etc.: I operate in both a Shareware and Open Source environment and BetterInstaller works for me. I have no reason to doubt it is effective for Freeware also.

Profit Maximization: Ultimately, other than the fun, challenge, and satisfaction of creating great software, this is what it’s all about. I don’t know which feature of BetterInstaller did the trick for me and I don’t really care. As the old saying goes, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.”

In conclusion, since integrating Somoto BetterInstaller with my software offering, I had a noticeable uptick in downloads and consequently revenue and profit. Something that Somoto do not advertise as a benefit but perhaps they should is the customer support team – they were simply outstanding whenever I needed any assistance.


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