SEO Tips for Images & Image-Based Websites

With search engine optimization taking a prominent role in online marketing, you need to spruce up your SEO techniques in order to become more effective. A clever mix of content in the form of text interspersed with carefully chosen images will enhance the quality and optimize your site a lot better. Google, as you may be aware, is adept at recognizing images and guessing what the content should be. However, only images cannot produce the desired results as far as search engines are concerned. The primary source is and will always remain text and keywords that throw up a million results in nanoseconds. Hence, the secret to ensure that your image-centric site gets noticed is optimizing the text accompanying the images.

These will include the captions alongside the images, the titles you give the pages, and detailed text that surrounds the images. One cannot deny the fact that it is the image that has to take center stage and be the all-important focus on the page, however, without text, images are not of much use from SEO point of view. The accompanying text has to complement the image and vice versa. You can think of using various tactics, like going into the history of the image (if it has one) and tracing its origins, and write about them. Start by giving the image a catchy name followed by a short description. Leave enough space for visitors to leave behind their comments, and you’ll be surprised at the number of comments the image can receive. You could even cleverly insert some keywords, which will help serve the purpose of the entire exercise.

As you now realize that content connection and integration with the image is very important, having plenty of images on your website is not a bad idea at all. If you are writing about well bred horses, and do not have any images supporting your description of the distinctive shape of the head and the high tail carriage that are common in a well bred Arab horse. Here, the image will attract the viewer, and the text will sustain the interest. This is a perfect case of image complementing text. You could, of course have another image with an expert horseman astride, with a text describing good horsemanship. This way you are keeping well within line in regard to the image and the text, making perfect sense. When a search is initiated with keywords like ‘horse’ ‘horseman’ or’ Arab’ the results thrown up, along with images, are what will make the rankings improve to the desired level.

Alt text is another important aspect in SEO as it helps the user figure out what the image is all about. The alt text should be a perfect description of what the image is about. When the alt text is described properly, the search engine bots are able to categorize the images efficiently and exactly. Alt text should contain the vital information about the image. However, including too many keywords in the alt text may not be such a great idea as it could cause the algorithm to get messed up and the very purpose of the keywords will get defeated.

Hence, it would be a good idea to keep the number of images as less as possible, unless of course, you are talking about a camera or photography as a hobby. SEO predominantly means text, and meaningful text at that. Though you can have a mix of meta tags, alt text and file names to make the images more relevant, it is text and content that SEO is all about. A judicious mix of text and images should be panacea for a good website.


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Sure-fire SEO Tips for Small Businesses

If you are a small business owner, then what you want for your site is exposure to the several thousands of people, who are keen on buying your product. When people with an interest in the product you offer, visit your site at the right time, it converts to sales and thus revenue. Whether you are a brick and mortar establishment with an online presence or operate exclusively online, the importance of getting the top rankings on Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the like will hit upon you only when you are aware of the three factors, listed below:

  • Comscore, an Internet analytics company says that 90% of commercial web searches end up in sales at establishments outside the web space.
  • According to the statistics from Kelsey Group, we come to know that 74% searches on search engines are localized.
  • Out of the total local searches done, the output from 61% are direct purchases says Comscore.

Structure Your Website Well

Having a website structure that is technically sound is the foundation for making your small business website search ready. If your website is custom built and not based on a platform, then you should take note of the design, content placement and linking and align it to Search Engine requirements. Good SEO requires genuine websites with real content, and developing a style statement is only a secondary objective.

Search Engines prefer clear content rather than content being represented in flash. Include a site map and make the navigation easy to use. When a person on the lookout for a product comes to your business site and reads the information, the navigation process should breeze the visitor through the necessary details and prompt him or her to make the purchase or walk-in to your store, immediately.

If your business calls for a localized search optimization, registering with Google Places is a good idea. This brings visibility in localized searches and adds to the local flavor of your business. Manage your Google Places page by building the right local network and getting reviews that leave a mark.

Get Your Keyword Strategy Right

  • Brainstorm with partners, friends, family and analyze market data to come up with keywords that indicate your business and that which interested people will search. This is step one in arriving at a set of keywords.
  • Generate keywords after running experimental search queries. If the keyword chosen is ranked lower, but has very low competition, then that should be a good target. You can also get some that rank higher but relate well to your business.
  • Great care should be taken when including keywords in the content. Priority should be given to clear, precise, readable content and not stuff it with the keywords. This is a sure fire tip for higher Search Engine rankings. Keep in mind the latest Google Panda updates for developing a high quality website.

Create a Social Media Space for Your Business

Being active in Social media and involving your business in Social media marketing efforts will prove beneficial in the long-run. It also adds up to creating social signals that help improve the reputation of your business.

Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube are great places to start socializing with customers, partners, affiliates and the general public. Keep track of any comments and posts on your business, encourage conversations, and moderate. Get your satisfied customers to write testimonials and reviews about the products and services offered by you and the also about their experiences in doing business with you.

Increase the credibility of your Small Business by strengthening your online presence. This will not only help you get a good Search Engine ranking it would also result in increased brand awareness amidst your customer segment.


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SEO Tips for Flash-based Websites

There are several people who choose to build their websites on a Flash based platform. This could be due to the fact that these sites look great, they come with fantastic graphics and you can just do so much with them. On the flip side, however, flash based websites are the hardest websites to SEO. The main reason for this is that indexing content is difficult for search engines. This in turn has an effect on your ranking because the search engine will not rank your page very highly. What can you do in such a case? Follow the steps given below.

Some SEO tips for flash based websites include:-

  • Indexing content: As I just mentioned, indexing content is one of the major reasons for low rankings for flash based websites. However, do not despair. There is a solution which will help you to handle this aspect. All you need to do is this. Ensure that noscript tags have text between them. How does this help? Well, visitors who do not have flash downloaded on their PCs, are shown this text instead. Remember that the noscript tags must describe your website. In other words, the visitor should be seeing the same content he/she would have if flash was downloaded. Ensure that you stick to the rule of “Content is King” because that is what search engines are looking for. The better the quality of your content, the better your rankings will be.
  • Titles and Description tags: It is a given that titles and description tags are important for every site. This is even more the case for Flash based websites. Keep in mind that Flash based websites generally have a lesser amount of text than other websites. Therefore it is all the more necessary to ensure that description tags and titles include content rich keywords. Create more descriptive page titles, ones that are useful. This is the way you can be sure of making SEO work even if you have a Flash based website.
  • Get your message across: This is one of the most important factors you need to keep in mind as well. This is linked to indexing content. Apart from making sure that this indexing happens, you also need to use HTML content in order to catch the larger group of visitors out there. Most of these may not be as technologically inclined as some and so you will be losing out on them. This is why you must concentrate on getting your primary message across and not risk losing visitors to another website.
  • Focus on Off Page Optimization: This is another factor that affects rankings on websites. Off page optimization is what determines ranking. Let me explain what exactly I mean by this. Off page optimization simply means building backlinks on your website. By building backlinks you will be taking care of any other problems that your Flash website may encounter. Do bear in mind that you will have to use content that is rich in keywords. If you build enough backlinks your site will become more powerful and draw search engines like Google to it.

Yes, you may face problems with SEO on Flash based websites. However, as you can see from the points given above, there are ways of handling this. Try them out and let me know if they work for you.


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How The Right Webhost Can Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

For most bloggers and webmasters, choosing a webhost is simply about price, space, and bandwidth. They’re usually satisfied as long as their server is somewhat reasonably priced, they get plenty of space, the bandwidth cap is reasonable, and the server doesn’t go down all the time. But did you know that choosing the right web host can actually offer a significant boost to your search engine rankings? Here are 3 factors affected by your choice of webhost that have a significant impact on your site’s search engine rankings:

Load Speed

Perhaps the most significant way that your choice of webhost can affect your search engine rankings is the speed of your server and how it affects pageload times. Google has officially stated on their blog that a website’s loading speed can have an effect on the site’s search engine rankings. Google’s goal is to provide the best possible user experience for its users, and a slow loading webpage doesn’t meet that goal.

Depending on your traffic and bandwidth needs, your choice between shared hosting, VPS/dedicated server, or cloud hosting can not only have a dramatic impact on your site’s usability – it can have a significant effect on search engine rankings. Take a moment to test your website’s speed and seriously assess your hosting needs. Do you have significant multimedia requirements? Do you receive thousands of hits a day? While you might have to spend a little more to upgrade from shared hosting or to upgrade to a cloud hosting option, the boost in speed may be worth the added cost.

Server Downtime

It’s also important to ensure that your webhost has a reputation for solid reliability. While Google’s algorithm is sophisticated enough to understand that website’s occasionally go down for various reasons, if your website is consistently out-of-service when Google’s bots attempt to crawl, your site may suffer in the search engine rankings. As with page loading speed, Google’s goal is to provide a set of search engine results that offer relevant results and a good user experience. If your site is constantly down, then it doesn’t fit with Google’s stated goals and will consequently suffer in the search engine results.

Before you select a webhost, take the time to research its reviews and ensure that it has a strong reputation for reliability. Sites like or offer reliable, independent user reviews on virtually any webhost. A little research upfront can save you a lot of headaches and missed opportunities down the road.


In recent years, Google has been making great efforts to ensure that search engine results are optimized for each individual user. One of the ways they’ve pursued this goal is through geolocation – that is, personalizing certain serach results based on the user’s location. For certain search queries, Google may deem websites from certain countries more relevant than from others. This can be an important factor to consider if your website is meant for visitors from a specific country.

Because Google uses the location of a website’s server in order to personalize search, choosing a webhost in the wrong country can have a negative impact on your search engine results. If you’re targeting a market in a specific country, the best thing to do is take the time to find a webhost that is located in that country. Not only are there search engine benefits when it comes to geo-location, but the website should load faster for users in that country as well.

If for whatever reason you prefer to choose a webhost in a country other than the one you’re targeting, Google has given webmasters the ability to target specific countries through Google’s Webmaster Tools. If you’re targeting users from a specific country, strongly consider choosing a webhost from that country, or at the very least – use Google Webmaster Tools to inform Google that you want to target users from a specific country.


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5 Ways to Boost Your Business Profile with Blogging

Blogging is highly touted as one of the best ways to increase the traffic to your business website, build your email newsletter subscriber list and expand your company’s reach. For the most part, these assertions are correct, but a lack of knowledge of or commitment to regular blogging can throw a wrench into your efforts. The mind-boggling number of bloggers and blogs available makes it imperative that you blog wisely if you want anyone beyond your immediate family and friends to read it. With that in mind, you should consider these five ways to boost your business with effective blogging.

  1. Blog Regularly. Many business bloggers start with good intentions, and then quickly become drive-by bloggers. It’s understandable—you’re busy running a business and have only so much time available. If you can’t find time to blog at least two to three times each week, delegate the task to someone else in the business that can do so.
  2. Blog with Value. Potential subscribers will give your blog one chance for it to resonate with them, so it’s important you provide them with value from the get-go. Blog readers enjoy learning new things; provide tidbits of knowledge, tutorials or how-to’s whenever possible. Keep your blogs short and meaty, instead of making them long and filled with fluff. You don’t have to write a novella to be a good blogger; go for quality instead of quantity.
  3. Blog Interactively. Activate the comment option for your blog so readers can comment. This allows you to converse with your readers, making the experience of writing and reading the blog more personal. Consumers still want the human touch; encourage your blog subscribers to add questions and comments, then take the time to respond to them.
  4. Blog Professionally. Be sure your blog looks as professional as the rest of your site by enlisting the help of an internet marketing agency. When potential subscribers arrive at your blog for the first time, they should have a pleasant experience. Don’t make them work hard to read it by having too many words, buttons or other gadgets.
  5. Blog with the Intention of Connecting. Blogging is a form of social media marketing. To get the biggest bang for your buck, it’s wise to connect your blog to other social media venues. You can do this by posting a link to your blog on Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively, you can add Pinterest’s “Pin It!” buttons to your blog so subscribers can promote your blog posts, too.

An engaging blog that teaches and reaches subscribers will help you expand your reach and establish loyal followers and customers. Remember that your business blog is one part of your marketing plan; use it to connect with consumers while also reaching them through other venues. It’s better to start slowly and work your way toward a strong following, rather than jump in and make costly mistakes. Keep these considerations in mind and use them as a checklist before you click the “Publish” button.


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How to Maximize Press Release Syndication for SEO Purposes?

Press release and its syndication is procedure to make the content useful and available for other websites all over the internet. This kind of syndication generally refers to the creation of feeds from a website, which will make the content reachable for other end users on the internet. This will be arranged through a summary of the press release or through an update about the added content of the website. This kind of syndication can keep the press release a greatest knowledge for other news sites and relevant sites to use the same quite easily.

This kind of press release syndication is an instant boost for websites and successful to obtain good SERP rankings too. Targeted traffic is easy to obtain through this approach. Quality back-links are another added advantage through this practice for the SEO campaign too. Major search engine crawlers will pay utmost attention towards the website through this approach besides obtaining increased sales and product awareness for the business.

Let us see some of the valuable tips that are effective to syndicate a press release for a business:

  • Create a press release and arrange online and offline press coverage. This will helps well to spread the press release all over the internet and local newspapers at once successfully.
  • You have to take a further more step in this regard after the press release. Submit your press release to all the popular Press Release websites, including Google news, Yahoo news and some more.
  • Publish the link of your press release through social bookmarking too. This will create more mileage and audience for your news.
  • There is SMNR, which represents Social Media News Releases and helps well to distribute the press release to all the social networking sites at once successfully. It will keep the news reachable for all the targeted audience that is regular at popular social networking sites.
  • There are many plugins, free tools and paid tools are available to syndicate a press release more effectively. There is one popular tool known as PR WEB, which is an effective social media tool. This is a paid tool, but offers enormous returns for the press release through proper syndication. This tool comes with a built-in keyword-optimization feature too.
  • Press releases syndication for the SEO purpose is more effective through RSS. This is more powerful to syndicate a press release besides building effective inbound links for the websites. This is going to be a popular mainstream approach for the press release syndication and helps well to improve the SERP rankings to a great extent too.

Press releases are definitely more advantageous for the SEO campaign. Here, syndication will result into more added advantage for the SEO campaign through improved quality inbound links. This is a better practice to improve the quality and quantity of inbound links for a website too. Many popular SEO companies can’t afford ignoring this effective approach for their clients too. It is definitely a good time to add press release syndication to your SEO campaign and to improve the SERP rankings successfully.


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The Importance of Marketing your Company Online and Building a Brand

If you have recently taken your company online, then you likely know the importance of properly marketing your company. From social networks, to industry websites, and directories, there are many free and cheap advertising methods available, that can contribute greatly to the marketing of your company. Online marketing, generally is much different than marketing for a company that only deals with customers in their local area. You were going to be dealing with a large range of different individuals, many of which will only be slightly familiar with your company. They are not able to see the physical location, and are going to be relying on online reviews and the appearance of your website to make a judgment call as to whether or not they are going to do business with you. This alone displays the importance of marketing your company online, and using all of the different methods available to you to create a web presence that makes you a leader in your industry.

Connecting With Potential Clients

The biggest benefit of having an online marketing campaign is the fact that it allows you to connect with potential clients around the world. If you offer a service that does not require you to connect with only local individuals, the advertising methods that you can utilize to gain new business are virtually unlimited. This will allow you to grow your customer base, as well as collect leads from the visitors to your website in an effort to continually market your products to them over time, and build trust. This is the sign of an effective marketing campaign for an online business.

Create Understanding Of Your Product Or Service

Sometimes, especially if you offer a complicated service, your main goal should be to create understanding of your product or service. Your ability to create understanding with potential customers will determine your return on investment. With simple product videos, and other marketing materials you can help potential customers to better understand the product and service that you provide. There are wide range of different products that could potentially go over the heads of individuals that are not completely aware of who your company is, and what exactly you do. Marketing can not only be used as a way to sell your products and services to potential clients but as a way to create a broader and more general understanding of the products that you provide.

Grow Brand Awareness

Marketing your company online through the help of a PR leeds company, you can also grow the awareness of your brand. By purchasing advertising and marketing to individuals within your industry and on similar websites, you can grow the overall presence of your brand and prove that your company is one of the best that is currently available. With a wide range of websites online, you likely will have many competitors, and finding a way to market directly to a competitors consumer base will help you to garner a larger base of customers. There are millions of people that surf the Internet each and every day, and growing your brand awareness is a great way to keep your name in front of thousands of potential customers.


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How Cloud Computing Can Help Grow Your Small Business

Small business owners have a lot to gain by moving to cloud computing.  In the past years, one of the major hurdles for small businesses trying to get up and running and compete in a high tech economy was the technology barrier.  As businesses began to move online for marketing and customer support as well as build out complex ecommerce platforms, it was very hard for small businesses to compete. Often small business owners would pay individual IT consultants to build out their applications, which could lead to disastrous results.  In some cases the IT developer was not skilled enough, so even if he or she charged much lower than the market price for development costs, it was a challenge to get what you really wanted in an acceptable amount of time.  Going with a more established IT firm was a good option to make sure you get what you want at the end of the day, but the prices were often astronomical.

Cloud computing can significantly lower the cost of entry for small businesses to get into the technology game.  Because much Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors will charge based on actual usage with very minimal setup costs, small businesses can pay for their technology solutions as they utilize them instead of putting out large cost expenditure up front.

Cloud computing solutions are very convenient for employees since they are available through a standard web browser.  This makes it much easier to utilize a mobile employee staff that can work remotely, saving you the cost of facility rental and computer equipment.

Cloud computing solutions such as cloud storage offer greater collaboration abilities than other traditional technology solutions.  With cloud storage, for instance, you can securely store and share files such as price quotes, presentations, or even source code between project teams, customers, and business to business partners.

Managing your own datacenter has a number of headaches that can be avoided with cloud computing.  For instance, backup and recovery procedures for your data can be very costly and require great expenditures of time and resources to set up.  Cloud computing solutions will typically have a solution for this basic data center functionality built into your contract.

Many people have sited security concerns when asked about why they have not moved their data to the cloud.  While there are certain instances where security could be a concern, by and large most small businesses will find a huge boost in their data’s security and compliance when moving to the cloud.  Many small businesses will start with small file based databases that are hosted on file servers such as a spreadsheet or MS Access.  Due to the insecure nature of file based data, this could lead to compliance issues, security issues and exposure to data loss if regular back up procedures are not in place.  Cloud based programs make it easy to keep your data in a secure and resilient network storage location at the cloud vendor’s site.

Performance and scalability are two other major growth factors for small businesses utilizing cloud computing.  Growth for your business online is often directly related to the technical ability of your site to scale to the demand needed in order to support all of your customers.  If you have a single server hosting your ecommerce site and it can only support ten or so visitors at the same time, your business will be severely limited.  Since cloud computing is typically based on a Service Level Agreement (SLA), you will not have this problem as you pay for as much scalability as you need as you use it.


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What are the Post Fields on WordPress?

When one first starts to use WordPress themes, he or she needs to learn about the post fields that are on their control panel. The section of your site that you will use to post your content is one of the most vital aspects of the site, and it is a good idea to have at least a cursory understanding of the different fields that are there. Most of them are self-explanatory, while others are a bit more obtuse and could use a bit of a description. Here, we’ll look at all of the different post field sections and learn a bit about them:

The Title

This is one of the easy ones. The title is simply the title of your post and you can use any words that you want. However, it’s a good idea to make sure that you are using different titles, as having more than one post with the same title is confusing. You should use a keyword or keyword phrase in this section, though.

The Post Editing Area

Here is where you will enter your text, along with any links and other information that you want to display on your site. You can use either Visual or HTML for the composition.


The preview button is where you can view your post before you publish it. This can help you see if there are any issues with the formatting of the content. It might also be easier to spot errors here.

The Publish Box

In this section, you will see the state of your post. It will show as published, pending, review, or draft. These different states are easy to understand.


In this section, after saving your post, you will see the permalink. This shows the URL for the post. The URL of the post comes from your title. Even if you have dashes or commas in your title, you do not have to worry. WordPress is able to clean up the title for the purposes of a URL.

Save and Publish

These areas will let you save a draft of your post and to publish your post to the web respectively.


You can choose to display only an excerpt of your content on your front page rather than the entire post. If you post a substantial amount of content regularly, this might be a good option, as it will take up less space on the front page and allow more of your posts and headlines to appear. The reader will be able to click on the excerpt to read more.


You will be able to create a number of different categories for your blog, and this section lets you assign your post to different categories that you set up. This means that readers who are searching through a certain category, such as “reptile care” will be able to find all of your posts under that subject.

Post Author

If you have more than one user who contributes to your blog, this box is where you will find each of the writers’ names. You can choose the appropriate name of the writer to go along with his or her post. For those who are doing solo blogs, this is not going to be an important feature.


Here, you will be able to determine if you want to allow comments on the post or not. If you want to interact with your readers, it is wise to allow comments on your posts. You can allow comments, trackbacks, and pings.


These are some of the most important elements of the post area on your WordPress blog. Knowing what the different sections mean can help you take better care of your site.


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Best Social Media Aggregation Tools

It is a well-known fact that social media sites are the most happening online spots. With so many activities taking place in social media sites these days, using them for enhancing your business offline and online can be a liberating experience.  But don’t worry; social media aggregation tools help you in condensing live shares and updates, thanks to their applications, software and widgets.

Here are some great social media aggregation tools that can save your time and make your work more effective:

1. Tweetdeck

Initially designed with the tweeters in mind, Tweetdeck is now a comprehensive platform for LinkedIn, MySpace and Facebook. Designed using Adobe Air, the application is a mix of customizable features and rich technology. This app is can be used by iPhone and iPad users, android users and desktop users as well. It can also be used with Mac, Linux systems and personal computers. Tweetdeck features a column-style format that stores your information.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of those applications that is continually improvising its capabilities and interface. This means that any feature you wanted on the application is implemented in quick time. As the tool is web-based, there are no bugging installation processes. Being web-based also means you can access the account from anywhere in the world for easy monitoring and updating.

Users of Hootsuite are able to access many social media accounts from the dashboard of the application. Right now, Twitter, Facebook,, LinkedIn and, Foursquare and MySpace are all supported by Hootsuite.

3. Yoono

This tool is yet another social networking feed tool. The tool is available as an add-on for Firefox and as a desktop application for Windows, Mac or Linux as the tool connects to your messengers and social networks. It couples your status update into a stream of information and also lets users update their status across all social networking solutions in one go. Social media sites currently supported include Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr and FriendFeed. Google Talk, Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and AIM add up to the Messenger services included.

4. Netvibes

This is a personalized net-based dashboard phishing tool. You can create a customized hub by setting the tool on the homepage of your browser and pull all digital items into a central location. Whether they are emails received or updates, the Netvibes page can be used as a command center for anything that matters to you.

Netvibes has a brilliant interface making it very simple to position modules and widgets, and customize them the way you want, thanks to its built-in drag and drop facilities. Additional tabs can be created to tailor design and organize the dashboard. It’s a great way to keep all your things on Facebook under one location and your Twitter belongings in another.

5. Socialite

Mac users who are interested in social media organizing and aggregation can make use of the Socialite app. The application offers you the joy of having a downloadable application in a Mac-like design. It is clean and slick, and has the power of managing social media accounts right from your Mac. The app is not free. It comes with a price tag of $20 for a license.

6. Profilactic

A lot of people have more than just one social media account. This can sometimes be painful when you have to jump from one account to another, logging in, logging out and checking what other contacts and friends are up to. Profilactic has been designed in such a way that all your social media details are brought together including blogs, RSS feeds and many other social websites online.


Most of the applications mentioned above are must-have apps for people who spend a lot of time on social media sites. They can enhance your social media task by saving time and efficiency. Hope these apps help you accomplish your tasks in no time.


About the guest author: Tanya Hansen, a freelance writer for – offers full home security to help protect your family, assets from burglary and other crimes. Home Security Companies.

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