How to Start Out with E-mail Marketing

All of the passion in the world can’t make up for the help that social media provides to businesses. Professionals like Ehsan Bayat know that in order to have a thriving business, you need to take advantage of the tools that are out there. E-mail marketing is one huge way to make a big impact, digitally.

Why is e-mail marketing so big right now? It’s easy: pretty much everyone has e-mail. While not everyone has a Facebook account or Instagram profile, they are very likely to have an e-mail address. The best place to reach anybody online is right in their own inbox.

Here’s how to launch your newsletter, even if you’re new to the world of e-mail marketing.

Figure Out What You Have to Say

What’s the purpose of e-mailing your contact list? Do you have something they’re interested in, like a coupon code or breaking industry news? What you write about will directly relate to your business. If you offer marketing services, you may send an e-mail with tips for using Twitter, followed by a call-to-action to hire a pro by getting in touch. If you sell jewelry, you may want to let your loyal customers know about brand new products.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something you have a unique perspective on. Give your customers and e-mail list subscribers something they can’t get anywhere else.

Use E-mail Software

There are a lot of e-mail tools out there, like Mailchimp and Tinyletter. What you choose will depend on a few things, including how you want to track your e-mail marketing and how much money you have to spend. Mailchimp, for example, lets you have a free account until you reach 2,000 subscribers, which is ideal for starting out. Then, you can scale as necessary by paying for a subscription.

Monitor Your Campaign

What good is a marketing campaign if you don’t know how well it’s performing? You’ll want to know a lot of things, analytics-wise, like how many of your subscribers are actually opening your e-mails and if the newsletter is actually converting subscribers to buyers. Make it a point to check your analytics every week or so, depending on how often you send out newsletters.

Tweak the Newsletter as Necessary

Not getting as many opens as you hoped for? Your subject line may leave something to be desired. The next time you send a mailing, split the list and use two different subject lines. Test them to figure out which one performs best, then apply those findings to your next newsletter. You may also be sending the newsletter out at the wrong time. Most people aren’t checking their e-mail once the work day’s over or on the weekend. Mondays, for example, are the best time to send retail newsletters. Play around with your sending schedule until you achieve a high open rate.

With e-mail marketing, you don’t just add to your following, but you also create a way to constantly stay in touch with both old and new fans, customers, and influencers.

How to Get More Likes on your Fanpage

Many people have their own fanpages on Facebook these days? This is a great way to promote a business or to support a favorite artist or sports team.  If you have a fanpage and you find that you’re not getting the traffic or Facebook Likes that you want it may be time to rethink the page to bring in more fans.

The following are some easy ways to make your fanpage more popular by increasing engagement:

  • Branding – Even if the page was not created for business purposes, you need to think about how you are branding it.  The profile and timeline photographs need to really pop while still conveying what you are attempting to promote.  For instance, if you are promoting a famous person, you need to have a photograph of them as the profile picture.  For the timeline, you could use the poster image of their latest movie.  If the page is for a business, you should have the branding of company as the profile photo and for the timeline you could place weekly advertisements or something else relevant to the products or services.
  • Use the “Suggest Friends” – In order to get more Facebook likes on your fanpage you want to have the friends that are already in your friend’s list onboard.  Suggest your Facebook page to them so they can like the page and then share it with their friends.  Your fans can be your best assets as word of mouth is one of the best promotional tools you can use.  Thankfully, with social media, this can happen in just a few hours.  Your page can go from a few fans to hundreds of fans with just a few of your close friends liking your page.
  • Like Similar Facebook Pages – The best way to gain new fans and get more Facebook likes is to become a fan of other pages that are similar to yours.  When you post on their pages, your fan page will get more exposure and that exposure can lead to more likes for your Facebook fanpage.  Just keep in mind that you don’t want to spam these other pages as that could get you blocked.  Make sure your posts are concise and convey a good message.  If you aren’t writing quality posts for other fanpages then you’ll have a problem being taken seriously and may not garner any new fans from the posts.
  • Create Contests – One of the best ways to get your posts shared by your current fans and to bring in new fans is by offering contests.  When your existing fans share your contest details, their friends become interested and like your page.  The more interesting and easy the contest is the more new fans you’ll gain.

It is important to have as many people as possible like your fanpage if you want it to be successful.  It doesn’t take much time and effort but the rewards can be astronomical.  The above tips are vital for anyone who is promoting a business, as they are the best way to get the fanpage noticed by a wider group of people. Do you have any tips you want to add?

Making a Business of Your Writing Skills

You’ve always loved to write, and you think you’ve got good skills, some creativity, and solid understanding of the various types of writing.  Now, you’ve decided to make a living doing it.  Good for you!  There is a great career in store for you as a freelance writer if you do it right, build your business with care, and commit to the responsibilities that it entails.

Getting Started – Take Anything!

A plumber, starting his own business, takes any job s/he can find, no matter how simple and no matter how small the payment may be.  You must begin the same way, finding and taking any writing task you can find.  There are a few things that you can do to be pro-active, however:

  1. Perform a Google search for freelance writing opportunities.  You will find a lot of writing clearinghouses that want you to pay a registration fee.  They will promise you the “moon,” but don’t believe it.  Find the sites that allow you to register and establish a basic profile.  Usually you will then be sent opportunities, upon which you may bid.  Do some research on typical pay for novice freelancers (usually a few cents per word) and bid accordingly.  Many people have begun this way and have developed rather permanent relationships with clients.
  2. Take the time to complete applications and take the examinations that many writing clearinghouse sites will require.  You need to have your name on as many of these sites as possible.  Some will publish writing opportunities daily, and you simply accept the ones you want and complete them with professionalism and according to the deadline.
  3. Check Craigslist regularly.  They have two categories for writing/editing, and you should apply for any opportunity for which you may be qualified.
  4. Over time, you will “pick up” writing opportunities by referral.  Always take the assignments offered, and be willing to put in long hours to meet any client’s deadline.  You can always sleep when the job is completed.  Many of your clients may be foreign – they don’t care about your time zone.  Work with theirs!

Train Yourself – Become More Marketable

Given the wide variety of web-based writing opportunities, you need to embark on an independent learning process.  Familiarize yourself with all of the current writing platforms and tools that online businesses and organizations use – for directory articles, for blogs, for site content, etc.  You cannot learn enough, and this learning must be on-going.  Are you familiar with WordPress and Tumblr? Do you know how social media can be utilized to promote businesses? Do you understand content marketing?  If not, you have a lot to do in between writing jobs!

Time Management – How Organized are You?

It is really enticing to think that you can just work in your PJ’s all day.  Think of the freedom and independence!  If you are not careful, however, it becomes too easy to turn on that television, to check your Facebook page, to retire for a nap, etc.  You cannot compromise your schedule for these things.  A few tips follow:

  1. Have a physical space set aside in your residence for your work – a space that has the “feel” of an office.  You need the psychological mindset of being “at work.”
  2. Set up a schedule that provides for work and for breaks.  Follow that schedule.  If you decide that you will take a break every two hours, stick to it!  And, if you experience downtime, without a writing task, take the time to do some research, enhance your skills, or seek out new business.
  3. Accept the fact that your schedule may be totally uprooted.  A client may have an urgent or rush order.  If that client is important to you, then you must meet the deadline, without exception.  You must be committed to long hours when necessary, even if it means cancelling social engagements.  This is the life of a small business owner!

Payment Options

Your clients may have a variety of methods of payment – check, automatic deposit, etc.  Whenever possible, choose PayPal.  The beauty of PayPal is that, at the end of each year, you can obtain a full detailed accounting of all that you have earned.

Income Reporting for Taxes

Keep careful records of payments, and plan to set aside the appropriate amount for income and payroll taxes.  But do not forget the multitude of deductions that are available to individuals who work out of their homes.  You need to research all of the tax law and regulations that relate to your situation or find a tax preparer that is really skilled in self-employment tax preparation.

A Final Word

Freelance writing can be wonderfully rewarding and can provide the variety that you so want.  If you are careful and steadily build your business, you can enjoy independence and an income that will sustain you quite well!

Bio: Eileen Archer is currently a chief editor at Essay Planet and has researched and written on a number of topics affecting secondary and university students. After obtaining a Masters in English language she decided to dedicate her time to creative writing as well as providing assistance to students.

How to Promote your Twitter Page

Twitter is one of the most popular networking sites used today and it’s a great way to market your company. You know it’s a big step in the right direction and you may be looking forward to getting started but if you’re like a lot of new Twitter users, you may not know exactly how to begin. Since Twitter is known for being the fastest way to share information, it has the potential to be a great marketing tool that you can surely benefit from and these tips can help you get started using this network.

After setting up your account, you want to promote your Twitter page. Let the world know that you do have an account and you want them to follow you. Use every means you have to get this message out so you can begin getting followers as soon as possible. The next step is to start tweeting.

Create Twitter Content

You probably know that Twitter has a limit on how many characters you can use in a tweet and at first that 140 characters can seem way too short to convey any information. The good news is that once you get used to it, you’ll love the fact that it’s so short. You’ll learn how to get straight to the point and that will actually help you in other areas of business. It won’t take long to learn how to write the perfect tweet.

The main things to remember is to choose good, interesting content that is relevant to your industry and that leaves a good impression on your company. Never tweet anything that could discredit your company because it can be difficult to undo the damage a bad tweet can cause. Some great content ideas include industry related news stories, special events and any other important information that can benefit your followers.

Buy Twitter followers & Engage In Conversation

If you want to build a strong online presence and grow your fan base quick, first you need to buy twitter followers as it will make you look more credible from the start. Then you must engage in conversation with your followers and others. Look for topics of interest that you have knowledge in and comment on what others tweet. You also want to retweet content and @reply to show that you found these tweets to be of interest. This will make your tweets more visible and before long, you’ll begin steadily growing your Twitter fan base.

Follow Others

Follow other accounts related to your industry. This is a great way to learn more about how to use Twitter for marketing purposes and you can pick up a few followers along the way. Just be careful who you choose to follow. You don’t want to follow anyone that could make you look bad, so do your research and find out about the person or company you want to follow in advance. If they have a good reputation, it can help you build a strong online presence.

Now that you’re off to a good start, all you need to do is continue to post tweets regularly and stay connected with your fans. If you go days at a time without checking in, people will begin to get bored with you and look for someone else to follow. Therefore, you need to make sure you take the time to check in everyday and show your Twitter fans that you do appreciate them.

Conversation Starters for Enhancing Facebook Engagement

How is your Facebook page doing lately? Does it seem to be lacking a little interaction from your fans?  No comments and likes on any of the content you are posting? Well it’s time to shake things up, generate some interests and get your fans engaged against or you’ll lose them forever! If you don’t keep them excited they will look for other business that seem to offer more and are more interesting to follow. This doesn’t mean you should stop using Facebook as a away to promote your business and letting your customers know what special offers you have running. But it just shouldn’t be all you post about. People also want to get to know your business philosophy and what the company’s goals are. Most people are on Facebook for an emotional connection and they originally liked your page because they felt that from your business. So gentle reminders on why they first liked you to begin with are important now and then.

There are many way to enhance your customer engagement but do not go out and buy fake likes under any circumstances. These are all zombie fans and will not show any signs of interaction. All it does is increase the costs of promoting your business on Facebook. For more information about what not to do if you wish to increase your Facebook engagement view this article by Constant Contact. Buying likes should have been first on the list.

Besides posting status updates pushing sales and promotions there should be stuff that your fans find funny and interesting. This will help with engage and shares. Which helps promote your business to new people. People like to be heard, so ask for your fan’s opinion now and again. To create interest for your page you can try the conversation starters below and give your page a breath of fresh air and get your fans talking again!

Funny or Motivational Quotes Help!

A good quote never goes astray. Everyone needs a boost every now and then and something motivational or funny can really help lift someone’s mood. It may be just what your fans needed to wake up to or that afternoon encouragement. Funny things also have a tendency to be shared more. Quotes can help with reminding your fans why they liked you and also deters them from un-liking your page.

When your fans share your posts it also will help your page build more fans and get more likes. You can buy likes to help maintain your online image but it really does nothing for page engagement or activity. It is important to have an active account and also encourage your fans to like and share your page and content.

Hosting Contests Creates Engagement

Hosting a contest can be a great way to encourage activity on your page again. Before doing so, make sure you read over the rules and regulations with hosting a contest on Facebook. You can do some research and find some good tips for  running a successful Facebook contest and make the most of it. See what the expert say and avoid any mistakes that others have committed when running a contest for the first time.

Images and Video Links Encourages Shares

Another good conversation starter is an interesting or funny video or photo (this concept truly also applies with Instagram and increases engagement). Many people like to be the first person to share something funny with theirs friends. So next time you see something interesting post it on your page with a link so your fans can share the fun as well.

Using quirky images can be another way to promote Facebook engagement. Post half an image and have your fans guess what it is of can get people talking. You can also try posting a funny image and getting your followers to come up with a funny caption.

It is important to have an active Facebook page, to keep your fans interested and sharing your business. This is the whole point of social media and can be used as a great marketing tool. There are many other ways to encourage activity from your followers but if you are having a hard time you can try the three suggestions above.

5 Tips for Setting Up an Effective PPC Campaign

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is not only a good way to increase awareness of your brand and boost targeted traffic and sales, but the fact that host sites are paid for helping you to advertise could make it a lot easier for you to get the placement you seek. However, PPC ads are not a sure thing. As with any type of marketing, you need to do your homework to determine the best strategies for making a PPC campaign work for you. If you fail to create targeted options that appeal to consumers and you don’t take the time to place them appropriately, you won’t get the return you seek. So here are just a few tips that should help you to get all your ducks in a row and create an effective PPC campaign.

  1. Select quality keywords. These days you have to be pretty careful to avoid raising the ire of Google’s SEO algorithms, and keywords are a major consideration. Whereas you might have made your advertising copy rich with keywords in the past, you may now have to temper your desire to cram in as much as possible. Of course, this really only serves to force you to use quality keywords (and phrases) that have the best chance of bringing in consumers. And you’ll probably find that increasing quality on this front, rather than quantity, delivers better overall results for your business.
  2. Geo-targeting. The demographic you’re catering to could make a big difference in the effectiveness of your campaign. For example, you wouldn’t necessarily want to push PPC content for fertility treatments on sites that cater to a retirement demographic – you’d focus on venues that attract young and middle-aged adults. And whether you’re a locally-run business looking to reach out to nearby consumers or you want to target a specific region where your products or services appear to be in high demand, you should definitely make a big push to provide PPC content to the geographic areas that are most likely to deliver on click-thru and ultimately, sales.
  3. Consider your landing page. It can sometimes be tricky to figure out where people should land when they click a link that leads back to you, but the general rule of thumb is that they should arrive at whatever page is most closely associated with the keyword that caught their attention. If a prospective customer is looking for yoga pants, they should go to the page that sells yoga pants rather than your home page, for example. This is another reason why it’s important to choose specific keywords.
  4. Don’t neglect the negative list. The main benefit of a PPC campaign is that it has the potential to drive targeted traffic to your site. But you don’t want people showing up in search of associated wares that you don’t actually carry. For example, you might sell yoga clothing but not accessories like mats, straps, or blocks. So you want to make sure that your negative keyword list includes these so that consumers will be aware of what you offer and what you don’t.
  5. Hire professional help. Creating effective PPC campaigns can be a long and difficult process, especially for the entrepreneur that has other concerns related to running a business. So your best bet on this front may be to seek out PPC management services that can do the heavy lifting for you, resulting in an influx of targeted traffic that helps to boost sales.

3 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site on Customer Service Alone

1. User Friendly

If someone comes across your website and doesn’t find it to be user friendly, they can simply find another site similar to yours that they like better. Make your site user friendly by offering the following:

a. Quick Load time: Create an updated browser that offers fast load time so your internet users aren’t left feeling frustrated as they wait for pictures to load. How can you reduce your websites load time? Easy—just have fewer and smaller images. Images take more time to load than text and although valuable, they need to be uploaded correctly.

b. Mobile Availability: Having a mobile version of your website will allow your customers to view your site no matter where they are: school, work, traveling, or out to dinner!

c. Online Payment: If your company is involved in retail, be sure to allow online payments. This cannot be emphasized enough when it comes to customer service because if customers can’t purchase their stuff online they won’t want to come back to your site.

2. Online Surveys and Representatives

Online surveys are a great way to show your customers that you care. They allow customers to give honest feedback in a setting that won’t modify their true feelings about your business or product. If customers know that their online surveys are being read, documented, and considered they will feel validated in a way that will make them wanting to come back for more.

It may sound overrated but having online representatives available to answer questions 24/7 will let your clients know that you want them to feel like their concerns are being heard and their questions are being answered. Whatever customers have to do in order to never be put on hold by another customer service representative again, they will do.

Another great thing about online representatives is that they have virtually all the answers literally at their fingertips. So no customer’s questions will go unanswered!

3. Social Media

Nothing is worse than a company that doesn’t address their customers concerns. Engage with your clients on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Not only will additional links to directly answer customers’ questions boost your company’s SEO but it is also a great way for individual questions to be answered; when answering customers’ questions be sure to link them back to your company’s site in order to answer their questions. Social media is also a great way for conversations to be sparked amongst you and your customers—leading to relationship and link building!


Jake Magleby has written extensively about effective marketing, sales, and financing strategies to help small business owners succeed in the fast-paced and ever-changing business world. He also has an interest in education and development.

7 Tips to Help You Advance Your Online Career

Online businesses can be the answer for many individuals needing a career change. While online businesses are still much like regular industry in many respects, there are some differences. Success normally grows in association with the willingness to work and the ability to make sound business decisions, much like any business. Here are some tips for both new online business operators and established digital business operators who are frustrated.

1. Evaluate the Potential Seriously

The Internet allows a global potential for anything that can be sold and success can occur exponentially with the proper direction and coaching. Merely establishing a website and attempting to monetize it will not always yield the result the new entrepreneur expects. Any life coach or mentor will tell you that dreaming is great, but I will also suggest you dream realistically.

2. Investigate the Parameters of Self-Employment

Online businesses are normally entities run by the business operator and are not always affiliated with another company. However, some online careers are private contracting situations for other businesses and excellent incomes can be earned when affiliated with the right business. The serious entrepreneur will need to consider what business structure they prefer, especially with regards to accounting and tax status.

3. Choose Products or Services to Sell Wisely

This is easier said than done, but there are many products or service industries available for online marketing. It is a good idea to speak with a mentor or life coach to inventory your own business strengths. Choose something that is enjoyable or familiar, always structuring the business to allow for maximum personal utility. Online business can be a dream job for those who chart their course accurately according to their personal mission.

4. Assess Inputs and Outputs

Inputs and outputs are accounting terms for the amount of cash flow a business experiences. Start with a comprehensive feasibility study regarding income potential and necessary expenses in operating a successful business. If necessary, contact an effective online business coach with the experience of going through the process for their own business.

5. Set Some Goals & Forecasts

Goals and forecasts are standard operating procedure for any solid business plan. Most businesses experience moderate increased expense at first, depending on the product or service line and the expertise of the business owner. Business upgrades will impact earnings also. Remember that each online business is digital real estate even if the products are virtual; your investment can grow revenues like traditional business.

6. Be Reasonable about Earnings

The get-rich-overnight sales pitches do not work. Some individuals may have enjoyed success, but nothing succeeds like drive and productivity. Online businesses are very similar to regular businesses with respect to time management. Solid earnings are indeed possible, but be reasonable and build for gradual sustainable growth.

7. Market Aggressively

Always remember that promotion is the same thing to online business as location is to brick and mortar establishments. The business is only a click of a mouse away and easy accessibility is the greatest positive of online presence. Get your business name out in the information highway and give the marketing plan some time to produce results.

Investing in an experienced and effective business coach can expedite any online career, regardless of the business area. There is always room for improvement and those who have navigated online businesses can be essential resources for the serious online business entrepreneur. Let them help you tap into your potential!


About the guest author: Shelby Warden is a researcher who shares this information for those interested in working online. Since 2007, Noomii has been matching people with their ideal life coach based on their specific goals, background, and budget. They are the web’s largest directory of life and business coaches, where you can search by location or specialization.

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Generate Sales through Social Media Marketing

Social media has changed the world as we know it by connecting people, ideas and products across the globe. Businesses need to reap the benefits of the ever-growing social community and keep pace with trending social media sites in order to remain competitive. These tips will help you understand how social media marketing generate sales.

Customer retention and Loyalty

One of the easiest ways by which social media marketing can help boost your sales is making your already customers to visit your store for more. It must be easy for your customers to connect with you as well as with other customers. This helps in changing your target market into a community. And when the customers feel that they are a part of that community they tend to be more loyal to your brand. Creating profiles on your social media accounts have a lot of benefits. For example a Twitter account provides you to access consumers’ comments about your products. Or a Facebook account helps you to review the feedback from customers and encourages discussion between them.

The point is that by keeping in touch with your customer base in a sensible way, you make them feel that their product and brand experiences are most important for you. And when a customer feels they really matter to you, they are more likely to get converted to repeated buyers because they feel that their personal requirements are taken into account while designing your products.

Community and Acquisition

Somehow we all are connected to different networks-office networks, school networks, family networks and so on. Many of these networks are inter-related with social media. For example, you can learn more about your colleague’s personal interests by connecting them on Facebook.

Well, the same works true for your customers. When they add up to your community, those in their personal network who know them and trust them will learn that they are a loyal customer. This in turn develops trust in other people in their network. So the next time, they come across your product/service, they’ll trust your brand and are more likely to buy them.

Reply to messages and comments

Participate in the conversation with your customers. Reply to messages and post comments. This lets your community feel that there is a true person behind the profile and that you care listening to them. Ask questions that motivate readers to respond. Invite feedback.

Keep track of the Check-ins

Whenever people visit your store, take some time to check your Facebook or Foursquare to find out how they have checked in. Some businesses don’t consider it necessary to monitor their page. If a person checks-in when they are at your business, make them feel that they are important by responding. If you don’t have enough time to respond, you could at least thank them for stopping by.

Use Pinterest to your advantage

Pin the images of your products on your boards. Also, don’t forget to provide descriptions and a link to where they can they shop for the products online or a map of how to reach your store. Request your customers to pin the pictures of their purchases to their boards. Watch for their pins, and appreciate them for doing so. As an additional step, add demos of your products.

Participate in Online Forums

People talk to each other, ask questions and you should participate in the conversation. Online Forums that are specific to your industry offer a great opportunity to introduce your brand, build your reputation, engage qualified leads and convert those leads into happy customers.

Quora aims to be a great online forum to create new content and share it across the web. It is a place where people can find, gather and share the information that is useful to them. Also, in this forum people can put questions and anyone can answer them and the conversation remains uncluttered.

Here you can find a lot of questions that are similar to the questions about your products and services. If possible you can answer those questions and by doing so, you gain traffic to your website.


About the guest author – Alia is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, traveling and reading books. She contributes on

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SEO Content Writing – 4 Simple Tips

Earning from home as an SEO copywriter is actually quite easy, once you know what you are doing. There are hundreds of thousands of business owners who are willing to pay good money for high quality SEO articles. This is because SEO is one of the most powerful marketing tools to date. However, in order to be able to earn money from doing this, you need to make sure that you know how to implement it into your articles properly. With that in mind, here are 4 simple tips that will help you, when it comes to earning as an SEO copywriter.

1. Always Do Your Keyword Research

This is the most common mistake among those just starting out with SEO. A lot of people think that they can just put random words throughout their articles. However, you will find it very difficult to sell articles this way. The best way to make sure that your articles sell is to do some proper keyword research so that you can see what is popular, in terms of keywords. There are plenty of free keyword research tools out there, so try them out.

2. Don’t Overstuff Your Articles With Random Keywords

This is another very common newbie mistake, and we have all done it. If you don’t have a proper grasp of how SEO works, then it is likely that your automatic instinct will be to use your keywords as many times as possible throughout the article that you are writing. However, this will actually have the opposite effect to the desired one. The best thing to do is to use your keywords in the beginning of your article, somewhere in the middle, and then somewhere at the end. By doing this, you can make sure that your article is interesting and not repetitive.

3. Make Sure Your Content Makes Sense

Again, another very common mistake. Some of the most popular keywords are very awkwardly phrased, which can make it difficult to fit them into your article naturally, without them sticking out like a sore thumb. So, the most important thing to remember, when it comes to creating SEO content, is that it really needs to make sense if you want it to sell. Read it back to yourself, and ask yourself what you would think if you were reading it on one of your favourite website.

4. Don’t Choose Too Many Different Keywords

If you are really trying hard to get your content to sell, then you will probably be tempted to choose a handful of different keywords throughout your article. The problem with this is that it restricts the amount of things that you can talk about. This is why it is better to just pick a couple of keywords to use throughout your article. By doing this, you have the freedom to get your point across and make your article interesting.

Although SEO content writing can seem hard work when first starting out, it does get a lot easier with practice. Try out these simple tips and see how they work for you.


About the guest author: Hello, my name is Zoe. I enjoy writing about finance, earning online, writing, and ppi claims.

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