Using Twitter For SEO

Any webmaster, blog owner etc, knows the importance of search engine optimization in the virtual world. Your website or blog name in the first five pages of a search is the goal of ever single blogger and site owner who depends on traffic from search engine to make the majority of their revenue. This is mainly because pages after the first five don’t get many views.

SEO shouldn’t be practiced only on your site; this age is ruled by social media. Sites like Twitter are perfect for sharing your views and links. This is subject to a few rules whereby you can’t just go spamming your site’s link to the world on twitter.

no one follows meTwitter does have a “NO FOLLOW” policy saying, that any links shared in tweets are to be disregarded for search engines. That doesn’t mean those who syndicate or follow your twitter page will disregard your links. This is your way in. (Be interesting and people will take interest in you.)

Note: ASK.COM disregards twitter’s “no follow” policy.

How to practice SEO on Twitter?

  • Create a twitter account for the main keyword you want search engines to notice. (use the keyword as the name)
  • Put a small description and the link of your website or blog in the bio; also add those keywords and phrases in the bio in natural sentences. (They should not look deliberately placed.)
  • The photo should be one representing the keyword, or your blog/site.
  • Post around 20 tweets a day about the niche, some trivia, fun facts, tips and tricks etc.
  • People don’t care about the “no follow” policy that twitter has, the only thing that matters to them is the information they get.
  • On social centers like Facebook and twitter, anything worth spreading does spread, and the better it is the faster it spreads.
  • Make sure your tweets are of quality content as Google now centers its “Panda” search algorithm on quality.
  • If people like your links they will probably spread it to others or even post it on their own blogs etc, this contributes to your “offsite SEO”.
  • Keep the tweets which have your site’s link small so that people have enough space to re-tweet them and make comments themselves. This helps your site’s SEO in the long run. Only useful and fun content gets re-tweeted.
  • Your tweets should advertise the links of your blog or site in a natural and friendly way. Have some fun with the content in the tweets and don’t consistently post tweets about your site. This will aggravate irritation in people and they will unsubscribe from you. (stay within your niche)

twitter: social networkTwitter is a social medium to share your thoughts and views to the world, and if you can get even a small number of viewers to come to your site through twitter it is an accomplishment. You may have problems getting started but once you get a few visitors who are happy with the quality that you have provided and the content of your tweets, you won’t have many problems, as good and fun content on social sites like twitter and Facebook spreads like wild fire.

The content you type in your tweets containing your links will be your first impression to your potential clients. This is because the amount of time spent on a site and quality of data on the site, is something search engines look for.

Twitter is not a direct tool for SEO on most search engines; it is more of an accessory to help SEO for your site or blog.

Points to remember

  • Everyone knows someone who is a Facebook or twitter “expert” (addict); they should be your primary target.
  • While posting a tweet, wait and think for a second, would you re-tweet and share this content if you were the one to find it somewhere?
  • All of your tweets should not only be fun, and informative to people but also be unbiased. (accidental and deliberate discrimination against anyone or anything should be avoided)

How to Increase Twitter Followers

Do you own a Twitter account and would like to attract more traffic to your tweets? There are people who would like to hear what you want to say, or shall we say what you tweet about, but just can’t find you in the network. What you need are fool proof ways to make you be heard. Here are some of them:

  • Manage your Twitter account diligently; keep a schedule on when to update your account in a day. Keep track of friend requests and send out popular tweets daily.
  • Use a unique technique to find friends on Twitter; Twellow can find friends and followers that meet your target audience or profile.
  • Take advantage of any situation to advertise your Twitter account. If you are in a business venture, include your twitter account in your fliers, your company website and even when you just chat or do email.
  • Include your Twitter account in your email signature. Your friends, family and customers would be glad to tweet you if they have the opportunity.
  • There are applications you can take advantage of to manage your Twitter account. Look these up online: SocialOomph or HootSuite will do wonders to your tweet traffic.
  • Social networking management applications use a feature called auto-DM to efficiently manage your messages or tweets. Keep all your messages sweet and simple; never include links that can make your messages look like spam.
  • It is always exciting to tweet something random each day so if possible, forgot the pre scheduled tweets and start doing it naturally.
  • Never take away the human touch when it comes to your tweets. Some Twitter accounts would appear as if they were made by robots, unrealistic and cold. It is best to interact with your followers. Start a topic to discuss and encourage others to join in the discussion.
  • Make friends with your followers; let them know that you recognize their ideas and comments so they can update you with their own tweets as well.
  • Make interesting updates instead of nonsense stuff. Making your followers informed can make them come back day after day. They will likely retweet you in the process thus increasing your followers twofold!
  • Look for interesting Twitters to follow. By letting other people know that you follow their interest they can basically start a conversation and tweet you also. Look for the Twitterel tool that allows you to find other people who are interested in the same topics as you.
  • There is a rush hour in tweeting. Experts agree that within 10:00 AM to 4:00 are the hours when people are most likely at work and doing something with their computer. Night time is also a great time to tweet since most people send out what they felt and did throughout the entire day. Take advantage of these hours so you can gain more requests and followers.

Twitter has really made social media more colorful, it is likely that it will have more tweets to come in the future.

Tweet scheduling was yesterday – meet Buffer

One of the recent methods for twitter that has become very popular and is being more and more accepted even amongst purists online is tweet scheduling. About 20 different services exist which let you plan tweets into the future, by setting the times of tweets. The most well known tools are the scheduling functions of SocialOomph, Hootsuite or CoTweet amongst many others.

However the current scheduling process is not a very intuitive solution. Setting the time for every individual tweet turns into a very longwinded process.

Therefore I want to introduce to you a new tool for twitter, called Buffer eliminating any hassles of time setting and scheduling, yet giving you the chance to tweet consistently without having to be on twitter all day. It is suited for anyone who really needs to optimize his time spent online.

How Buffer works

BufferWith Buffer, you don’t schedule at all, but the service does it for you. All you do is top up your Buffer with a tweet right from your browser or dashboard every time you come across interesting content you want to share. Buffer does the rest and tweets for you throughout the day.

You top up your Buffer by simply clicking the Buffer Chrome Extension icon (or bookmarklet). You can then intuitively add another tweet to your Buffer, taking the suggested text or adjusting it to go with a shortened link to the page. Here is how it looks:

What is an effective way to use Buffer?

At the moment, we see a very prominent use case emerging, that is well worth sharing. Whilst people check their RSS-reader and read news in the morning, they find many interesting articles they want to share. Instead of giving it away all at once on twitter, they top up their Buffer. Buffer users are now providing high-quality tweets, which are spread out over the course of the day.

So the main reason, why people appreciate Buffer is, that it saves them a lot of time, yet allows them to produce genuine content. Just click the Buffer Icon and add to your Buffer. That’s it.

Make your life easier with Buffer

Buffer makes your life easier, because you are able to plan ahead with tweets without additional effort of thinking about the times you want to set. Logically your quality will increase, since you can choose to produce your tweets at a time when you are in “content-production mode”.

Due to consistent, high-quality tweeting, we saw that many people increased their followership at a fast pace when using Buffer.

Finally, treating yourself to a topped up Buffer is also something that simply gives you a good feeling of having planned out your timeline on twitter.