Take Control Of Your Online Marketing

Most small business owners are of the opinion that having a website is advantageous. It provides them with a shop window, allowing them to attract more customers.

Well, that’s the theory!

A lot of time is often spent on designing and building a website. Care and attention are given to the colour schemes and the images used on a website. An enormous amount of time is spent considering where certain elements are positioned on the page.

Soon, the costs can start to add up. Before you know it, you may have spent considerably more than you intended on getting that website built. But it looks great, so you imagine that it’s sure to be a hit with visitors to the site.

You may well look at the site and think that it’s the best of its kind. How can your competitors hope to compete, now that you have a great website that has a fantastic design and shows off what your business has to offer?

It’s easy to think that you simply need to sit back and let the money roll in. Unfortunately, many other people have had the same idea. Few of them have been successful.

The problem is that building a website is really only the first stage in the process. It’s a bit like getting a great leaflet made to advertise your services. You might spend hours creating a leaflet that really gives a positive impression of your products and services. But that leaflet will have very little value until it’s actually distributed to the right people.

This may seem like pretty simple stuff. What we’re talking about here are the basics of marketing. But it’s worth remembering these basics. They’ll stand you in good stead when you’re thinking about your online marketing efforts.

Having a website that few people know about is very similar to having a fantastic leaflet that you’ve not distributed. You need to really shout about the great things that you have to offer!

When it comes to internet marketing, this is likely to mean that you’ll want to be found nice and easily when people search using Google and the other search engines. Are you already easy to find? If so, you may not have a problem. But if your website is hidden then you’ll soon discover that you’ll have very few visitors to the site.

This gives an indication as to why it’s so important that you understand search engine optimisation (SEO) and the other basics of online marketing. You may not think that you want to get bogged down by all the detail and terminology.

That’s understandable, but you may struggle to really take control of your marketing efforts unless you’re prepared to do a little research to find out what it’s all about.

Fortunately, the Internet is a great tool for carrying out research. It will allow you to gather plenty of background information, putting you in a position to make an informed decision. Make use of the information that’s readily available to you!

About the Guest Author:
Simon Barnett is based in the UK and is one of the country’s leading search engine optimisation experts. He provides an extensive Hampshire web marketing service.

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