The Basics Of Quality Content

In this article we will discuss the basics of writing quality content. Nowadays, the internet is flooded with blogs that are to a large degree pointless and do not add any value to the table (let’s not take into account those blogs that are being used as diaries), and it has become hard for people to get the information they need.

Internet Marketing – in a way – has become a curse not only to the search engines, but also to regular folks who are just looking for information. I’m not saying that IM is bad but it has been overrun by dilettantes who put up some trashy articles and expect to get rich overnight.

How To Create Quality Content

Before you even start typing there is one thing you need to remember:

Have Something To Say

There is a funny and – at the same time – ridiculous tendency emerging where bloggers feel that they frequently “have to” update their content to keep their blog “fresh.” While I do agree, that posting regularly does keep visitors on your blog, but it is the magnetic content that keeps them coming back for more.

You don’t have to be Shakespeare or Hemingway to produce something special. Writing a great article is all about:

  • Targeting The Right Audience
  • Solving a specific problem or teaching something new
  • Having a good post structure
  • Not using too complicated words (unless, of course, you have to)

Targeting The Right Audience

When writing an article, shooting a video or recording an audio podcast you must first identify who is supposed to read/watch/listen to it. For example, if you have a blog that covers school physics it would be stupid to cover rocket science material; if you have an Internet Marketing blog and you target experienced entrepreneurs, it would be counterproductive to write an article titled “What is SEO” or “How To Set Up Your First WordPress Blog.”

Your language style should also be suitable for your readers. If you have a blog that targets newbies, and you use “advanced” words, don’t be surprised if your visitors start feeling frustrated and leave your blog.

Solving a specific problem or teaching something new

I know that this bullet point is questionable, because there are also other popular types of posts like “opinion posts.” Well, let us distinct two separate types of information: content and quality content. Content is a text, video, audio that provides you with information. Quality content is a text, video, audio that provides you with information that can improve your life.

I don’t say that opinion posts don’t work, but unless your thoughts carry some meaning, they are useless.

Having A Good Post Structure

This one is easy. A good article (the same applies to videos and audios) must contain:

  1. An Intro
  2. Body of the text
  3. Ending


The intro is first thing your readers will read after your title, so that’s why you need to put a good amount of energy writing it; otherwise, the visitors won’t even bother to get into the core of the article. Make sure it is intriguing, maybe even funny and makes people want to read further.

Body Of The Text

This is the most important part of an article. People, usually, have a very short attention span so that’s why you need to make your text easy to read. Here is what will help you:

  • Relevant pictures
  • Bullet points
  • Bolding, italicizing and underlining some key phrases
  • Make a relevant joke


This is the least important part of the article, but – and make no mistakes – is also valuable in terms of leaving a positive impression. A good ending must motivate your readers; make them feel better about themselves.

Also, this is the perfect place to ask them to retweet or share your post on different social media websites.
Not using too complicated words (unless, of course, you have to)

Usually, people choose the 3 major niches: make money online, health, relationships (let’s imagine that your blog is not about anything complicated like science and politics). These topics are popular and always relevant. There is only problem: there are a lot of youngsters who are seeking for more information on these areas.

Let’s face it, our (and – probably – in your country also) education system is, to say the least, awful. Kids never learn how to do research, and want everything to be dumbed-down.

Unless your blog is planning to change that, you shouldn’t be too confident writing complicated words.

These were some basic guidelines for writing quality content. Thank you for reading this article!


About the guest author: Andrii Demianenko is author of Try To Learn More – a blog about practical ways to succeed online.

This is an original article published on SEO Desk with exclusivity.

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