The Easy Way to Create a Great Looking Website

If you’re a newcomer to web design, you probably feel daunted by the prospect of creating a great looking site. You needn’t be. There are a number of fantastic tools that can help make your dream site – you don’t even need any coding knowledge!

In the past most web designers came from a programming or design background. In order to create something that both looked good and worked well – you probably needed years of HTML experience. Nowadays, you can create your own site – with ease! And we’re not just talking a simple block of text with a few links and pictures – you can build your own site that both looks and feels like it was made by a professional.

So how do you do it?

Unless you want to spend months of studying to learn the precise code you need to build your site from scratch, there are a few options. Software such as Dreamweaver allows you to create a fully functioning and attractive site with relative ease. The problem is, such software is normally expensive. There are free alternatives available, but they sometimes lack in features.

For those of you want a simple site, it’s not too hard to learn some basic HTML and get to work in Notepad. It won’t look flash but you can build something very basic in a couple of hours, teaching yourself as you go along. However, if you want something that looks professional and attractive yet you don’t want to stump up too much cash (on either web designers or expensive software) then WordPress is the answer.

How WordPress Makes it Easy

If you haven’t heard of it already, WordPress has revolutionalized the web design and publication industry. Although prominently a blog platform, it can be used to create fantastic and broad websites with a few simple clicks. All the hard work had been done for you. Thousands of coders and designers have contributed to the development of the platform in an open source nature.

There are hundreds of free themes available that offer the ability to fully customize your site. Chances are that you’ve probably been to hundreds of WordPress sites as you browse the internet, but you haven’t even noticed. That’s because they can be customized so extensively that each site can look completely unique. What’s great about the WordPress platform is that you can tweak as little or as much as you like in a simple and easy-to-use interface.

A wealth of plug-ins and add-ons can be utlized to offer an extensive range of options to your user. Whether you want a simple contact form, or a map of your location, there’ll be a WordPress plug-in that can be simply installed to improve your site.

If you want your WordPress site to look extra special – there are a range of exclusive premium themes and plug-ins available. These offer an extra level of design and functionality at reasonable prices. In reality, you can build a great site with ease simply by using the thousands of free alternatives that are available.

Whether you want a simple blog or a large company homepage, WordPress offers the ability to create a great looking site for next to no cost.


About the guest author: Tony Elton has years of experience in creating great website. You can read further fantastic tips at how to create a website.

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