The Future of Search Engine Optimization

If you have a website of your own for either business purposes or just for fun and information, you still have the main goal of trying to draw as many people as you can to your site to see what you are doing or what you have to offer. Over the years, the technology involved in marketing on the Internet has evolved and changed. While there are many ways to market and promote your site, one of the most effective methods has proven to be Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. SEO helps to improve your rankings within the search engines so that your site ranks higher in search results. While this practice has existed for years, there have been some changes overall that have occurred that effect the future of SEO and how it could be used to its maximum effectiveness.

Changes that the search engines themselves have made to the algorithms they use that helps them index things on the Internet have altered the way results appear. In the past, a site that had a lot of images and a large quantity of keywords had a good chance of appearing high in the rankings. This is because the search engine was focused in on the keywords that are used by individuals when they are looking for something on the Internet. It would simply look for a match to these words or phrases and that is what would be pulled up.

This is not the case any longer. The algorithms have been altered so that they are now more focused on the actual content of the site and how relevant that is to what is being searched for. This means that your site not only must have the keywords needed for the search engines but it also must have quality content in order to achieve a good ranking in the results. This was done to provide people with more of what they are looking for in search results instead of just a site crammed with keywords in the hopes of making a sale. Sites are penalized now for taking this approach and it looks like the future will hold more of the same with a much greater focus on quality content.

The use of links has continued to evolve as well. Having quality links has always been an important piece of Internet marketing strategy. You can create a great deal of traffic for your site if you are linked to bigger sites that receive a lot of traffic on a regular basis. This could help boost your own rankings with the search engines as well. Search engines have begun to narrow their focus more, making it more important for you to have good links from good websites instead of just accumulating a lot of links in the hopes of driving more traffic your way. Search engines are making it so that you will need to have good, active links from quality sources if you want to be able achieve a high ranking.

The popularity of social media has greatly altered how SEO works today. Search engines pay much more attention to social media than ever before and this is unlikely to change anytime in the near future. If anything, they will be focused more on what goes on in social media since it is used so frequently by millions of users. This means they will be using data they receive from places like Facebook and Twitter to generate results. In order for you to have continued success in search engine rankings, you will need to make social media part of your strategy.

If you do not have accounts already, it may be prudent for you to join these social medium and set accounts to link to your website. You can then use back links and keywords in your social media sites to help boost your rankings even more and create more traffic for you. This also provides you with an excellent forum to interact with current and potential customers to answer questions and take comments and suggestions from them.

As time goes on, the search engines have plans to get more and more personalized. This means the results given to people for their searches will be more and more tailored to suit their needs and expectations. They will also be based more on past preferences and searches they have done. Search engines will begin to list sites that have been frequently visited more towards the top of the results. Instead of seeing the standard results that every user would see, people will begin to see results more customized to their wants.

In order for you and your site to stay near the top under this environment, it means you will have to be even more focused on the keywords that you use on your site. You want to make sure your content is specialized so that it can reach those narrow groups that may fall within your niche so you will always be on the first page of the results. One thing that has not changed is that people are still more likely to go to sites that appear on the first page of their results and not beyond that, so the importance of appearing there will remain even more important.

All of the changes taking place and due to take place mean that you need to spend more than ever focusing on your marketing strategy and paying attention to the trends occurring on other websites. While you will need to make sure you have good, relevant content as the centerpiece of your site, you will also need to watch other sites closely to see what trends they are following as far as things like the use of keywords go. This is a very flexible strategy and it changes as the consumer changes its needs, so constant research and alterations to your site and approach may be necessary. While doing SEO in the past may seemed to have taken time to master, it seems that will be even truer in the future.


About the guest author: Kenneth Ifeanyi is a seasoned internet marketer who runs a blog where he shares on how to get google traffic plus easy ways to make money online

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3 thoughts on “The Future of Search Engine Optimization”

  1. Major search engines like Google always keep changing algorithms to make search more effective. Recently Google makes Panda and penguin updates which totally changes search engine optimization. SEO becomes harder now. Some years before SEO is all about making meta tags and building some links but now it has changed and in future it will become harder.

  2. I agree with Mark,SEO becomes hard now.Social media plays an important role in seo and one should also work on on-page seo.We offer SEO and web developemnt services,if any one needs help.Take care.

  3. Personally, I think SEO will be more difficult than in the past when spam was all you needed. But there will always be ways to rank until Google switches to an all paid model…

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