Tips for Better Banner Ads

Banner advertisements are form of ads on the World Wide Web through an ad server. Ads that generate higher sales and are successful are aplenty on the internet. These ads from essential marketing tips and suggestions can increase viewership. In this article, we would discuss the 10 tips for making better banner ads.

Shorter text

The use of shorter text would allow a stronger response from higher call to action. The use of shorter text is recommended as then the ad would gain on more prospective customers and leads generation. Thus the click-through-rate effectively depends on shorter text. Most important is the fact that the ad should be able to attract more customers easily and without much hassles.

Legible fonts

As the area for banner ads are small these ads should be using legible text. A prospective lead would be able to read the message while customer may not be able to act from the ad unless carrying a good font. Therefore necessity of the font size and type essentially Verdana and Arial are likely to attract more customers.


Since the websites change frequently in their content and probably design it is important that the banners be updated. Most of the relevant files should be updated with the banner ads whenever a change is expected and so there is necessity of these updations to be more continuous.

Exclamation marks

Ad banners that are using exclamation marks tend to fail most of the times with the customer. Multiple exclamation marks increase the likelihood of the user or customer to not click ad. A full stop or question mark is that much better.

Include interactivity

By allowing the banner ad to include surveys, questions or poll invitations there could be more responses and click through rates from customers. Simple and complex banner ads are both possible to be having similar designs while also including interactivity (polls, surveys).

Color palette

By using a distinguishing and relevant pattern of colors the ad banner could be sufficiently interactive with customers. Depending upon the ad designs, graphics, width and styling to the ad an important addition to the colors palette of the ad is designed with these aspects.

Lighter ads

For a banner ad to be successful it should get straight to point. The ad should include straight aspects of the theme and cannot waiver or redirect customers to other links. The banner ad should be manageable and not more than few kbs.


The branding of the banner ad is essential to be within the message of the ad. With the banner ad having the branding clear or clarified with the customers or audience is easily a big benefit. Customers click through rate for the ads would be that much better and higher in number with the help of banner ads including brand message.

Be specific

With the branding and inclusion of colors apart the ads must also be specific and to the point. These banner ads must definitely be specifying the nature and type of ad message and ad content should be able to reflect this overall. Banner ads providing a correct and short message that is specific is that much more relevant for the brand or service.

Multiple banner ads

Banner ads must include overall numerous ads. Including these banner ads in a multiple design set and launching ads simultaneously increases ad visibility and click through rate. This is a good and easy method for creating better ads for reaching out to targeted audience.


The suggestions for successful banner ads rely more on product features and message communication in the ad. In this article, we have discussed 10 tips for better banner ads. Readers of the article are invited to submit their comments and views.


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