Tips for Panda and Penguin Recovery

Google has been at it again, in the past two weeks the world;s biggest search engine has launched refreshes to their penguin and panda algorithm, along with a completely new update targeting exact match domains. Has your site been hit?

How can you recover from any of the recent Google updates?

Let’s start with panda because that was the first update from Google and in my opinion the easiest to recover from, the panda update targeted sites with what Google called “thin content”, many niche affiliate and made for adsense sites found themselves hit by the panda. A lot of publishers felt they didn’t deserve to have their content labelled as thin or low quality, one of my sites was hit but I recovered it and achieved better rankings than before, below is what I did.

Panda Recovery Tips

  1. Speed up the sites load speed – one factor the panda update reportedly targeted was load speed, if your site uses wordpress as my affected site did you will find several plug-ins to make it run faster. The first thing I looked at doing was caching my files, there are several wordpress plug-ins to cache files, probably the most popular is wp super cache. A cache plug-in simply generates html files from your wordpress pages, this makes them load faster in your visitors web browser. Another good way to increase wordpress load speed is by minifying JavaScript and CSS files, try Better WordPress Minify.
  2. Reduce broken links – My site was started in 2007 and I had made at least 3 posts a week since then, nearly every post contained at least one outgoing link. It is amazing how many sites had been abandoned or were gone completely, this meant my site was linking to a lot of dead pages and I spent many hours going through every page to look for dead links. There is an open source piece of software you can use to do this called link xenu, but I personally prefer to do it manually.

Other things you could consider if your site was hit by panda include reducing the amount of ads your site carries and any duplicate content, I personally only had to speed the site up and clear up the dead links.

After panda came penguin, the penguin update was rolled out in April 2012. It allegedly attacked sites that had been practising web spam and had unnatural link profiles but many good sites where hit too, was your site hit by penguin? Penguin is in my opinion much harder to recover from, if you have been a naughty boy or girl and been spamming it would probably be far easier to start again, I wouldn’t waste time clearing up spam links and trying to get them removed. Keep your new or existing link profile clean, see below.

Post Penguin Link Building

  1. Sources – Build links manually from trusted sources, tactics I am employing include guest blogging, guest blogging and more guest blogging. You could also consider submitting to human edited web directories and good quality news wire sites, avoid any sites that auto approve links and keep your link sources relevant.
  2. Anchor Text – A large portion of sites that got it by penguin had a high ratio of links with the same anchor text, many argue that it doesn’t look natural if you all your incoming links point to your sites homepage using the same anchor text. I have noticed a number of sites still ranking very highly with this kind of link profile, but would air on the side of caution, vary anchor text ratio and try to link to internal pages whenever possible.

The most recent update from Google attacked what Google deemed to be low quality exact match domains, this has again filled the forums and blogs with people complaining about their sites, which they deem to be quality having been hit. Has your site been hit by the EMD update? My advice would be not to panic and make any knee-jerk reactions just yet.

If your are getting constantly hit by update after update it may be time to get some help with your internet marketing, let some else worry about Google’s latest whims and you can carry on running your business.


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  1. The site is very good.I am happy to know about this site. Thanks moderator. Thanks for the informative post and SEO is very strict after the penguins and panda updates. We should do now link building with new strategy and do link building on relevant, quality and high pr sites to get quality back links for site otherwise these updates penalize your site.

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