Tips for Promoting Your Organization through Twitter

Every social media site has its own character and unique strengths. There’s no denying that Twitter is perhaps the most efficient social media in terms of rapid distribution and dissemination of information. That’s the entire focus of the site, after all, and the manner in which user interaction is intended to occur on Twitter supports that process. As such, many organizations – including political, civil, non-profit social services and for-profit businesses – use Twitter with varying degrees of success, largely depend upon the methods they employ on the site. Following are some ways in which to successfully promote your organization through Twitter.

Capture a Range of Content Types

There are a number of different content types related to your organization that can be shared on Twitter. These can include blog posts, white papers, news articles, press releases, public appearance schedules, informational presentations, and case studies, to name just a few. Take advantage of each and every opportunity to share relevant content, no matter what form it may take. Every relevant tweet helps strengthen your organizational presence on the internet and build your online reputation.

Break Up Content for Maximum Exposure

In most cases, there are multiple approaches you can take for sharing details contained in the different tweetable content types. For instance, a case study may contain text and data charts, as well as other graphic representations of findings. Consider tweeting those different elements of the case study separately in order to catch the attention of different followers you may have. By doing so, you can also capitalize on the timing of your various tweets, spreading them out in order to keep your Twitter account active and alive with new and interesting information.

Recognize the Importance of Timing

Twitter is, for most users, considered a real-time social media utility. In other words, most who use the site watch for tweets in the here and now. Unlike many other social media users, Twitter’s users very seldom scan through the older tweets from members they follow. That means you need to catch their attention right now. To successfully use Twitter in promoting your organization means you must have a strong and consistent presence on the site. Tweet during peak hours and ensure that the information contained in those Tweets is relevant and engaging for your audience.

Tweet Formatting Plays a Role in Retweeting

It’s critical that your tweets are formatted in such a way that they can easily be retweeted by followers and shared through other social media sites like Facebook. Take the time to learn best methods for structuring your tweets for optimum retweetability. Encourage your followers to retweet all, or even parts of your information by offering user-friendly formats, captivating headlines, and interesting link illustrations. The better the retweeting format is, the more likely Twitter users are to share that information with others.

The Importance of Tweet Length

Shorter tweets have higher retweet rations. People are much more likely to share these valuable tidbits than they are to bog down their own Twitter or other social media pages with huge postings or overwhelming stories. Catchy, amusing or intriguing messages are also retweeted more often. For the best results, keep these facts in mind with each and every Tweet you share.


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