Tips for Using Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the latest social media platforms. It is a great place for brands to market their products and a fun place for consumers to share the things they love. Pinterest allows you to share and organize all the nice things you find on the internet. You can use your pin board to decorate your home, plan your wedding and organize recipes. One of the most enjoyable features is being able to browse other people s pin boards. It is a great way of finding new things and getting inspired. Pinterest is a useful platform for new businesses looking to create awareness in the market. Here are a few tips for using Pinterest:

Use the space appropriately

Like all other social media platforms, it is critical to understand that etiquette is important. To get attention and avoid any sort of ban, be sure to act correctly within the space. Pinterest even offers etiquette guidance, which will improve your chances of getting a positive response and participation.

Research and start pinning

It is important not to jump into things. You should do your research and make sure you understand Pinterest’s terms and conditions. Once you figure out the basics of using this platform, start using it. In the beginning, it might feel new and a little confusing, but it is important to spend some time and get used to it.

Add value

Do not expect to effectively market your products by just pining their images and linking them to buying details. Remember that Pinterest is a community, which shares advice, tips and other valuable information. So ensure your board adds such value as well.


Linking your various platforms is essential. Do not forget to add the Pinterest icon to your blog and business website. Encourage interaction among various social communities on Pinterest on your brand. Use the hash tags and ‘@’ tags to link your page to keyword searches and potential shares. The idea is to engage and to optimize. Tagging helps in SEO and brings increased attention to your page.

Keep learning

Pinterest is being developed continually, so make sure you constantly research and learn about the new features it offers. It is a great way to build visibility, brand loyalty and revenue. Use Pinterest’s features to take your creativity to a level higher in selling your brand.

Be organized

If you do not organize your boards well, they can be very confusing for the user. Your boards should have concise and clear purposes and make sure you pin strategically. Be careful not to go over board by pinning many things simultaneously. Chalk out a strategy and stick to it. Remember that community is the key, so it is your job to simplify browsing for them.

Pin interesting images

An interesting image is more likely to get repined by other users. The number of repins directly relates to your brand’s visibility. Use images that are of high quality, interesting and add value to your brand.


About the guest author: Penny Cooper is an article writer with Godot Media, web content and copywriting service provider. Her interests range from copywriting and social media to the latest internet technologies and trends.

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2 thoughts on “Tips for Using Pinterest”

  1. I have used pinterest on my site and the result was great, it jumped from page 8 to #3 at first page in 2 weeks time.

    The trick is we must got our website pinned and repinned by many people, which is the toughest part. Most of pinterest users won’t doing repin when they aren’t like what we pinned.

    I do simple thing to outsource it on fiverr and got my site pinned by 75 people, I don’t know how can he did it just search by typing pinterest on fiverr and you will find it on the TOP. Many other seller offer pinterest service on fiverr but in my experience they can’t make my website increase in SEO. I don’t know why.

    Reasons why Pinterest is great for SEO:
    1. Once our website pinned it has 3 backlinks counts.
    2. Even not support anchor text (except the url link), it’s still perfect for placing our keywords in description. Google will read it.
    3. Google interest in social media signal so it will not tagged as links farm.
    4. You need to ping the links of your pins to the to get your website increase in SEO.

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