Top 10 Ways to Get More Blog Readers

In today’s age, blogging is as lucrative a practice as any other profession or business. The main objective when people create blogs is to earn money and to avoid the hectic life of working an eight to twelve hour schedule and enduring the monotonous, soul sucking corporate system. But if you have a blog with poor content and if it is poorly maintained it is as good as that skull crushing corporate job.

So here are 10 very helpful tips and tricks to insure you get a good amount of traffic on your blog, reassuring yourself with the peace of mind which comes with a healthy income and ample time left over for family and friends.

Writing style

writing styleWhen you write a blog, you should write as if you were speaking to the reader personally and not lecturing him on your chosen niche.

Think about it; let’s take an example of engine mechanics: would you like to read an informatively, accurate, fun and interesting blog about engine mechanics or would you rather hear a boring lecturer speak on the same topic?

A blog reader wants his information to be accurate and wants a little spice thrown into it at the same time.

Search engine optimization

People can find your blog by searching for keywords like “engine mechanics” on search engines like, and such others.

The proper placement of these keywords in your blog tells the search engine what your blog is about and how useful its content is. It’s a simple concept: better and more attractive quality information gives you higher positions in search engines resulting in a larger number of visitors.

Keep in mind that spamming (Placing keywords everywhere in the blog just to improve ratings) will have the opposite result on your blog.

Note: Write primarily for the readers not for the search engines.

Make postings every day, this tells search engines that you have an active blog and it sends its spiders and robots to index the blog more often.

(Advertisements and picture links placed on your blog should be relevant to the theme of your blog.)

*The link below shows the best places to place your advertisements on a web site

For example: A blog devoted to the working of engines should post picture links and advertisements of related products and sites like engine oil.

If there are more links to your blog from other sites, search engines think of you as an authority in your niche and give you a higher ranking.

The same goes for the sites in which your links are posted as well; high rank of that site results in more people viewing it and seeing your blog link there!

Post links on other blogs in the same niche

You should get the link to your blog’s main page posted on another blog of the same niche. This is how you do it:

The best way to get your blog link up on another blog is to just ask its owner. Send the owner an email telling him that the information in his blog is very interesting and has similar, helpful content and has content related to your blog, post his or her blog link on your blog and subtly tell him or her to do the same for you. Wait 15 days for the owner to reply if no reply is received remove that person’s link from your blog and move on to other blogs. (Make sure that the other blog has heavy traffic and is a bit famous beforehand)

This relationship will be mutually beneficial if both the blogs are inter-related. For example if your blog is based on engine mechanics then insure that the other one is based on something similar like green engine fuels, or engine oils.

The golden rule to take into consideration here is that the links should be to the main page of your blog as the content in the other pages will keep changing.

The text in the link should also be considered. For example: the other blog’s link which is pasted on your blog has a link containing text like “free food” while your blog content is based on engine mechanics, doesn’t make sense does it?

Recycle your blog’s content

Recycle your blog’s content The old content which you find to be of an extremely helpful nature and most viewed should be recycled into mini-manuals or articles and submitted to article directories, they act as aggregators where many articles of similar niche are arranged and categorized.

Most of these directories will have a resource box when you submit the article and in these resource boxes you should include a little information about yourself, your blog, and your blog’s link.

If people who read them like what they see, they will most surely visit your blog. This too causes increase in the inflow of traffic.

Posting in forums

Posting in forumsA good way to improve your traffic is to introduce comments in a forum of your niche and subtly introduce your blog link after you comment on someone else’s post or after you solve someone’s problem. Basically try to make your blog a positive topic of discussion on that forum and you will automatically receive traffic. (Don’t spam)

To find the forum from your niche, in Google type – + forum


referralsSearch a little and find the regular visitors in your blog, if there are more than a few of them you can introduce a referral scheme for all visitors and members. For example you could tell them that, if they bring 10 other members into your blog you will pay them a dollar. (Any amount which suits your budget) You can find more information on

Buying links and banner advertising

This one is very simple tip; as the name suggests you pay another site to post your blog links on their site. In banner advertisements you buy advertisement space on other sites or blogs with similar niches. People click on these links and advertisements and, they get redirected to your blog page.

Just make sure that the profit you make exceeds these expenses. (When your blog becomes famous you can rent out ad space to others as well, this is a very lucrative source of income)


pingingBlog portals can be notified whenever you update your blog with new content. You can ping to several blog portals at the same time with

Make friends with other blog owners in your niche

Interaction among bloggers leads to discussions, which can get steamy and these discussions attract more visitors for both blogs. People from one blog want to see what’s happening that’s so intense in the other blog.

Between discussions back and forth, both blog owners can subtly introduce each other’s links when they post content.

Track backs

This feature is available in advance blogging engine like WordPress and Textpattern.

Trackbacks are posting of dazzling insight on a post in a famous blog. Your post will appear as a link on that post on which others can click.

If you don’t have these tools and use the normal, you can comment on that famous post and subtly paste the link for your blog there.

*You can count the number of view and number of visitors to your blog using:

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  1. Let’s face facts, web surfers do not have enough time to stay back on your website content. Website visitors have minimum time to come, quickly gawk at your website and leave, unless they find something highly effective and intriguing.
    Hope this blog post ll give knowledge to all blogger.

  2. What does submitting to an article directory mean?

    The old content which you find to be of an extremely helpful nature and most viewed should be recycled into mini-manuals or articles and submitted to article directories,

  3. These are some good tips. I am having trouble with the SEO part of it. How do I track down the keywords that I need to use? I know I can use Google Adwords Keyword tool, but it seems like the competition for these words are high. Any suggestions?

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