Top 5 Tips for Preventing Negative SEO

Negative SEO has become a controversial issue after recent emails sent out by Google Webmaster Tools warned users about their sites generating traffic from artificial and possibly unnatural links. Scores of users were alarmed and confused by these emails because they could not imagine their websites would be operating outside of guidelines in any way. As it turns out, a new trend in shady web tactics is to use search engine optimization against the webmaster. Help prevent negative SEO from becoming an issue on your website by following these 5 tips:

Stay Informed
Your website is your domain, in more ways than one. Consider yourself the king of your online territory and stay informed about everything that goes on within your land. Google Webmaster Tools and other services can provide you with regular scheduled email updates about your website’s status and traffic, making sure that you stay informed of both the positive and negative forces that may be at work in your domain.

Light the Beacons
When something suspicious is going on within your gates, you will want to know about it right away. Services like Google Analytics can provide immediate alerts to suspicious activity on your website, lighting the metaphorical beacons as your first line of defense. Set up a system of alerts so that you can be notified of problems right away, before they grow into more serious issues.

Deploy the Scouts
There is only so much you can see from inside your castle, so to speak. Search engines are influenced by other factors than websites’ search engine optimization features. You will want to periodically check your website on search engines using your SEO terms, but most search engines use your personal data and history to filter your search results. Enlist the help of outsiders to check on your site via popular search engines to be sure your search rankings are staying high.

Monitor the Borders
When you check up on your website’s state of affairs, pay special attention to the incoming traffic; this is one of the most reliable indicators that negative SEO could be at work. Your webmaster control panel should allow you to see where your website’s traffic is originating. If you start to see links that look suspicious or unusual, you may be at risk of negative SEO subterfuge. Check on your traffic regularly to identify trends and keep an eye open for anything that seems to deviate significantly from those trends.

Call in the Cavalry
If your negative SEO problem gets out of hand, contact professionals at services like SEO Dubai or other competent SEO specialists. Problems with your website should not be taken lightly. Your online presence can be an important aspect of your business, and a goldmine for malicious hackers. Your kingdom needs to be protected, and this is often too much for a single person to handle on their own. Have experts set up your site with a solid SEO foundation and help you sort out problems, should they ever arise.


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