Top 6 Tips to Launch a Successful Blog with a Bang

About 77% of the Internet users read blogs regularly, according to the Universal McCann. Out of this 77%, 197 million blog readers belong to the US. This was detailed by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in a 2011 presentation on Understanding Citizen Journalism Using Social Media. With such a huge online audience, blogs have become a great means for promoting products and services. However, in order to post an attention-grabbing blog that also promotes your business, learn a few tips on how to launch a new blog post.

Strategizing Successful Launch of a New Blog Post

Here are the guaranteed hit tips for launching a new blog post which attracts more traffic:

1. Determine the purpose of launching a new blog

If the purpose of writing a blog is to drive traffic towards a website that wishes to promote its car loan services, try and talk about something related to the cars. Create connection between the content that leads the reader to click on the internal links to the blog archive and eventually the website you wish to promote. Additionally, target a niche audience, which means, if you wish to promote handbags, talk about ‘how women can benefit from the purchase of handbags’ somewhere in the blog. This will help you attract the attention of women more than attracting untargeted visits on blog who have no interest in purchasing handbags.

2. Choosing the topic/title

In order to increase the viewership of the blog, choose a topic which is current and popular. Additionally, research on the Internet and find a popular topic. However, you must write a creative blog on whatever topic you choose. Focus on making the title attention-grabbing, clear and descriptive at the same time. After all, the title will ensure the first impression about your blog.

3. Assembling the content

In order to have your new blog post a successful launch, assimilate accurate and valuable content for it. You do not want to get sued by other bloggers for copying content just when you are ready to launch your own blog.

4. Market it

Even before posting the blog, top bloggers increase their online activity in order to get the attention of a pool of audience. You can consider reading other’s blogs and articles or partake in online discussion rooms. On the other hand, leave a link to your blog on a few Q&A sites that you indulge in after you have launched the new blog post.

5. Connect with the readers

Allow your readers/visitors to post comments on the blog. This will certainly increase the popularity of your blog posts. However, keep an option of RSS subscription on your website beforehand, to help visitors get updates on new blog posts.

6. Social networking

Do not wait until the day of the launch to announce your entry to the world of blogging. With the help of the most popular social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, you can start posting pre-launch content, small posts and headlines, talking about the areas are you will be working on through your blog posts. Let people know well in advance that you are about to come up with a fantastic blog on a particular topic. This will create eagerness among people in your circle to read your ‘much talked about’ blog.

Successful launch of a new blog can boost your traffic greatly. Business owners can use the above mentioned blog launching tips to help their prospective customers land on their websites.


About the guest author: Aliya Martin is a full time professional blogger who has experience of writing SEO optimized or causal blogs on an array of topics. In her free time, she reads about luxury as well as sports cars and other car related news. Her favorite possession is her new Ford Mondeo.

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