Top Facebook Apps to Market your Business and Brand

Facebook has proven its worth in business also. Business and brands of all size try to approach their users via Facebook business or brand page. An effective Facebook page is used to attract users towards it. To do that, the business or brand need a well thought out Facebook page which consist of some great applications supported by relevant and good contents. Here are some essential apps for brand’s Facebook page.

1. Facebook Notes
This app is sponsored and maintained by Facebook only. By setting this app on Facebook page you can pull the RSS feeds from the blog of Facebook page. This app will help in fetching feeds from content source that are present on Facebook page and shows it to users that they have written this.

2. Twitter App
If business or brand have a Twitter account, and if they want to connect Facebook page with Twitter page then this app is helpful for them. This app will automatically pull all the tweets from Twitter account into Facebook status. The app puts a cute little Twitter-themed box on the Facebook profile, so everyone knows that business or brand also present on Twitter. This app also helps in saving time in updating relevant accounts. 

3. Extended Info
Using the Extended Info app, you can use HTML to customize any type of contents and helps in creating new fields beyond the standard Information categories. You can also change the name of the box. This app works similar like Static FBML app but is simple to use.

4. Flash Player
This Flash Player application, which is developed by Facebook, adds a new box to business page, by means of which you can upload flash video, widget or game on the Facebook profile. The box can be renamed to make consistency of the look and feel of the business page.

5. Posted Items Pro
With the help of Posted Items Pro app you can embed multiple Yahoo, YouTube and Google Videos, sites, files, music mp3 files and much more onto business Facebook pages. This app is helpful in making Facebook page a complete press center and media center.

6. Static FBML
Neither Facebook profile nor Facebook page will allow HTML customization, but with the help of FBML you can add HTML applications into Facebook page for more stylized elements to a Page, e.g clickable images, interactive content and anchor text. This app adds a box in page which uses FBML (Facebook Markup Language) for customization of Facebook page.

While being relevant with Facebook, the most important thing is to update Facebook page regularly. The more actions a person do on Facebook page more they will appear of fan’s feed. But updating contents will do more than just feeding new contents. It also helps users in connecting with the brand’s Facebook page. One of the best ways to keep user more interactive is providing them access to exclusive content before non-fans.


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