Top SEO Tips To Ensure Visitor Traffic

With an influx of social media sites, business networking has become crucial for organizations. Today, it is imperative to have an official identity on the World Wide Web to ensure maximum visibility of your website or page. One of the easiest ways is to employ simple SEO tactics.

Search engine optimization is the art of creating and developing the content of your website in a manner that will make it easier for popular search engines to feature it on their search engine list. The top SEO tips to increase the visitor traffic to your website are the following.

Identify a keyword

Internet users do not like to spend a lot of time in searching for information. They will just type a few relevant keywords in the search box and hit the search button. Every industry will have relevant keywords. For example, if your organization specializes in the manufacture of light fixtures, the keyword could be ‘lights’ or ‘lamps’ etc. Identifying the most relevant keyword specific to your industry will help search engines to select it easily from the scores of similar websites. This is the most important SEO technique.

Insert the keyword into the content

Once you have identified the keyword specific to your industry, you must insert it into the content in a natural manner. The keyword should blend in to the content. It must not look out of place. More importantly, the keyword must appear a number of times in the content as this will help search engines to identify and select your website or page. This does not mean that you can insert the keyword into the content however you want. In a 500 word article, the keyword must appear at least 4 times in the content. It is advised to insert the keyword in the first and last paragraph of the article.

Quality content

Although the keyword will help search engines to find your website, well-written content is what will make your website or page a favorite with internet users. Make sure that you provide useful and unique information as people will visit your website only if it provides some information that is different from other websites. Also, ensure that the information provided is accurate and does not contain any spelling or grammatical errors.

Construct links

This is an off-site SEO technique. You must first determine the authority websites that are relevant to your industry. Once these sites have been identified, you can construct links from their websites to your webpage. This is important because popular search engines will recognize the authority websites regarding a particular field. Constructing such links will help search engines to select and feature your website in their list. It is important to construct as many links to different authority websites in your field as possible.

These are the most important SEO techniques to ensure visitor traffic to your website. But, you must remember that SEO is a continuous process. You must constantly update your website or page with new and relevant content to maximize SEO.


This is a guest article by Penny Cooper who works for Article Baker which provides article spinning service along with SEO writing services as well. Penny has interests ranging from social media, copywriting to web technology.

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