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Search engine optimization has exponentially bloomed in these last few years. People world over have realized the importance of not just having a website but also optimizing it to be found via major search engines. The sheer amount of changes and competition in this field is overwhelming, but for those with the right eye for a good deal; it’s easy to spot the good SEO companies and the bad ones. One such great company would be SheerSEO which is a company having tons of brilliant features and services to offer at a reasonable price. Let’s have a look at a few critical features:

Position or rank tracker

This tool will let you know where you stand in popularity for a certain search term. Details include search volume for the term, historical data of that term, estimated clicks your site may get, and changes since the previous time the tool was used. This handy rank tracker gives you the data required to know how you have fared in your site’s optimization as well as the goal you need to reach.

Inbound link analyzer

Inbound links or links coming to your website trough other relevant websites add the most punch for SEO to your site. This tool will show you the page rank of the inbound link, the text used in the link, the ability to be used to increase optimization and most importantly the boost in rankings you get from each and every link. For example, consider the scenario if you have an inbound link coming from an authority site with a theme and content related to or relevant to that of your own site, in which the link has text containing keywords helpful to your site. This scenario will tremendously boost page rank for any site.

Directory submissions

Submitting helpful and useful keyword rich articles in directories further helps the SEO in your own site. A major problem faced by many world over is the sheer large number of directories out there. Submitting a single article to several directories would take an ample amount of valuable time. The tool provided will not only eliminate this hassle but also make life a lot easier for those who need to submit several articles on a daily basis. With a preexisting buffet of the best SEO friendly directories sorted in a neat list you will not be required to flex many muscles. You simply need to choose a directory from the extensive list then chose a category and put on a few finishing touches here and there. Your article will be ready to be submitted to various all the selected directories simultaneously with a click of the mouse. Furthermore the tool given by SheerSEO will remember your choices and details to be filled into the various forms which you would have to submit manually if you opted for the normal directory submission method.

In a world ruled by the internet and where a bad website can make or break ones business it is comforting to know that there are companies like SheerSEO to help everyone along with all of their optimizing needs.


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