Top Ten Link Building Techniques

1. Link Baiting

The most powerful way to get one-way quality permanent links is link baiting.

Link bait is any original and interesting content, which encourage readers to link to. For example, if you think this post is useful and intersting enough, you will probably link to it from your site (or bookmark it, or stumble it, or tweet it…)

2. Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the best ways to get backlinks.

You need to write an original, high quality article on a topic related to the subject of your site, with a link to your page. The link most times is added to your bio at the end of your post, and some times may be included inside the body of the article. Of course you want to use your targeted keyword as anchor text.

There are 2 kinds of guest posting:

  • “Free”: you get your link in exchange for your post itself.
  • Paid: you paid to the host site administrator to publish your post, or you ask them to write the post for you. The paid method is used most in high PR / high traffic sites.

3. Social Bookmarking

It’s important to make it easy for your visitors to social bookmark your website: that creates important links that the search engines really value.

There are plenty of free social bookmarking widgets available, such as the ones you see on this site.

4. Directory Submissions

You must not forget to submit your website to directories, that is an important method of link building.

Google and other advanced search engines on the internet often crawl the directory sites to display the most relevant information on their Search Engine Result Pages.

The most important directories are DMOZ and Yahoo Directory, but there are plenty of good directories out there.

You should submit to free directories and also to paid directories. Example of great directories are Submit Link.

5. Article Marketing

Article Marketing consists in posting articles containing links to your site in article directories.

There are many article directories on the Web, such as Ezine Articles, Go Articles and so on. Website owners then grab your articles and publish them on their sites.

This is a good way to spread your links, even though not so good as guest posting. The reason is that your article may end up being published on a bunch of websites, so your link will be inside duplicate content. That does not happen with guest posting, where your post will be published only once.

6. Forum Posting

Forum Posting is another good link building method.

Usually your link will be on your signature, or even in the body of the post. However, be sure to write relevant content on your posts, as spamming is not appreciated and most times removed from the forums.

Besides posting, on many forums you will get a link by simply filling in your profile.

7. Press Releases

Just like Article Marketing, Press Releases are good ways to get links.

There are several Press Relase services on the Web, many of them accept free submissions.

People are likely to link to you if the press release is relevant, interesting or pertinent.

8. Paid Reviews

Paid Reviews are an excellent link building method.

You just paid a website to write and publish a review of your product or site, including a link to it (usually with your keyword as anchor text).

You can find good review services at ReviewMe and Sponsored Reviews.

9. Paid Content

Another good link building method.

It works like paid guest posting, where you paid the host website to write an article including your link.

10. Paid Link Ads

Paid ads are also an option in link building, as long as the text link or banner ad is not a no-follow one.

There are advertising companies ot there offering this service, but I think the best way is to find sites which offer private advertising (cheaper because there is no middle-man).

You can find private advertising opportunities directly on websites, such as W3C Compliant, or on marketplaces.

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  1. Thanks a lot Guys for posting a nice and informative concept. I read the whole article perfectly and think link baiting is the most important than all other techniques. By the way I will come back soon.

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