Travel technology: 6 Popular Gadgets for Travelers

If you love both travelling and gadgets, then these days you need never go away without a whole host of digital accessories to keep you up to date. More importantly, you can ensure that those at home can see all the amazing adventures you’re having. It’s not just about travelling for pleasure either. Business travel, when you can be going from country to country in just a few days, makes having a range of gadgets to keep you connected a complete necessity.

Travelling light is one of the main concerns of any gadget enthusiast on the go. The Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard for iPad and iPhone is one of the best solutions to this conundrum. Its laser projects a keyboard on to almost any flat surface, providing you with a keyboard is actually made from light. Of course, if you have a laptop then the keyboard problem is already solved, but many travellers prefer iPads because of their small size and portability, so this virtual keyboard is an excellent solution. It has the added advantage of looking great.

Whatever mobile device you are taking with you, whether it’s a laptop or tablet, you are going to need to charge it at some point in your travels. This is where the 150-Country Travel Adapter and Converter really come into its own. It’s certainly one of the most indispensible travel gadgets you can get. It automatically detects the incoming voltage and adapts itself to it and will fit every kind of plug socket you might encounter on your travels.

For charging on the go, the Voltaic Off-Grid Solar Backpack is an ingenious little gadget. As long as there’s daylight it will charge every one of your gadgets with the exception of your laptop (which is why you might need the above-mentioned 150-country travel gadget listed) It also has 1500 cubic inches of space, so you can carry not just your gadgets, including your laptop, but all the other travel essentials you will need while on the move.

Of course, if you are using unsecured wi-fi connections, you want to make sure that your personal data is kept safe, especially if you are transferring money from abroad. ETrade’s SecurIDĀ® Two-Factor Authentication token uses advanced-encryption technology to generate a new password every 60 seconds, ensuring that your details are safe wherever you are.

To store vast amounts of data when you’re on the move, you will find that the PQI U510 is another invaluable tool. It can hold a massive 8G of data in a sleek and compact credit-card-sized device. This will allow you to take and store unlimited photos, carry an enormous library of music and whatever other data you need, such as work presentations and video files. All of these can be held in a compact and self-powering portable-storage device.

The final gadget of our top six is an absolutely beautiful little device which actually plots your travels and is fully integrated with Google Earth, so you can see exactly where you have been. Simply wear Travel Valet Service Trackstick II wherever you go and then plug it into your computer. Once connected, you will be able to see a satellite scrapbook of each and every place you’ve been. You can then upload it to Flickr to share with your friends.

This is just a small selection of the best travel gadgets on the market, but it features some of the most practical and innovative available for staying connected on the go. High-tech travelling has never been so easy.


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