Tweet scheduling was yesterday – meet Buffer

One of the recent methods for twitter that has become very popular and is being more and more accepted even amongst purists online is tweet scheduling. About 20 different services exist which let you plan tweets into the future, by setting the times of tweets. The most well known tools are the scheduling functions of SocialOomph, Hootsuite or CoTweet amongst many others.

However the current scheduling process is not a very intuitive solution. Setting the time for every individual tweet turns into a very longwinded process.

Therefore I want to introduce to you a new tool for twitter, called Buffer eliminating any hassles of time setting and scheduling, yet giving you the chance to tweet consistently without having to be on twitter all day. It is suited for anyone who really needs to optimize his time spent online.

How Buffer works

BufferWith Buffer, you don’t schedule at all, but the service does it for you. All you do is top up your Buffer with a tweet right from your browser or dashboard every time you come across interesting content you want to share. Buffer does the rest and tweets for you throughout the day.

You top up your Buffer by simply clicking the Buffer Chrome Extension icon (or bookmarklet). You can then intuitively add another tweet to your Buffer, taking the suggested text or adjusting it to go with a shortened link to the page. Here is how it looks:

What is an effective way to use Buffer?

At the moment, we see a very prominent use case emerging, that is well worth sharing. Whilst people check their RSS-reader and read news in the morning, they find many interesting articles they want to share. Instead of giving it away all at once on twitter, they top up their Buffer. Buffer users are now providing high-quality tweets, which are spread out over the course of the day.

So the main reason, why people appreciate Buffer is, that it saves them a lot of time, yet allows them to produce genuine content. Just click the Buffer Icon and add to your Buffer. That’s it.

Make your life easier with Buffer

Buffer makes your life easier, because you are able to plan ahead with tweets without additional effort of thinking about the times you want to set. Logically your quality will increase, since you can choose to produce your tweets at a time when you are in “content-production mode”.

Due to consistent, high-quality tweeting, we saw that many people increased their followership at a fast pace when using Buffer.

Finally, treating yourself to a topped up Buffer is also something that simply gives you a good feeling of having planned out your timeline on twitter.

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  1. What do you guys think is the best Twitter tool? Tweet Attacks is supposed to be awesome, but I haven’t used that one yet.

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