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Whether you are trying to get your name out there and be the very best Web Design Windsor has to offer or the greatest known Insurance Company Glasgow has ever seen, you should really utilise the terrific SEO tricks employed by all the best known companies online.  Whether you have found some great tips from SEO companies worldwide or localised your search to SEO Berkshire, you will find invaluable advice on how to get yourself or your company ranked highly via blogging and so on.  But SEO isn’t the only way to get your name out there – you can take a leaf out of the books of the Greek political parties and utilise the massively growing popularity of social media sites to get yourself noticed.

I’m sure you couldn’t possibly have failed to notice the media storm surrounding the economic crisis in Greece at the moment.  The political parties of Greece though well aware that public feeling was extremely low; have to press on because there’s a national election coming up which means that the parties have to grab the waning attention of the voters more than ever.  With cash being as tight as it is and with no hopes of generating millions of fliers and TV or Radio campaigns, the Greek political parties had no other choice than to grab the take advantage of the social media and networking sites to get their policies heard and distinguish themselves in the eyes of the public.

Over 40 percent of Greeks regularly use the internet so the parties hit their Facebook and Twitter pages harder than ever, with the manager for Social Media for one particular candidate stating, “People have made it (Facebook and Twitter) a habit and we have to be present.  Previously, politics on Facebook was for show, the main interest was to show off how many ’friends’ you had. Now it is used as a channel to express anger or doubt.”  Of course this also opened up the chance for opposing parties to mud-sling, as some of them even Tweeted insults back and forth!  The majority took the more grown up approach and used social media to simply generate their names and policies whilst also getting their names out there via blogging.

The economic crisis in Greece has hit the parties as hard as it has hit the public, with everyone in a lot of debt.  Naturally this meant that they could nearly afford the spectacles of the rallies seen in the run up to past elections and they too have been employing the help of their own local SEO and social media companies.  So if you want to be the very first name to pop up when Web Design Windsor – for instance – is typed into Google, don’t just use SEO Berkshire companies.  Make sure you utilise the amazing popularity of Facebook, Twitter or even Tumblr to get the interest circulating.  From unknown comedians or unknown singers to the politicians, it would seem that social media campaigns are definitely the way forward!


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  1. Agree! Social media sites are the most easiest yet cheapest way to advertise something; may it be a product, a person or a service. This became the way for them to reach their target market because only a few people are not registered to any social media sites.

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