What Can Affect Your Page Rank ?

If there is one factor that most web owners often care about – it is Page Rank. Pre or Post Google update, having a good PR is necessary for your online business to thrive. To those who are clueless about the importance of PR, here’s a brief explanation. Page Rank is one of Google’s algorithm that’s associated with link building. The reputation of a site is measured by Page Rank usually by giving it a value between 0 to 10. The higher the PR number, the better it is for your site. If your site has a PR 5, it is better than having a PR 3 or 4. Page Rank is all about having a good reputation as per Google’s perspective. Although there are still other elements you should focus on to enhance your site’s SEO metrics, always consider Page Rank.

What Can Affect Your Page Rank?

Before Google updates came, many webmasters manipulated PR using various tactics. These sites were affected later as their PR drastically dropped. If you have a relatively new site or intend to get back on your feet, there’s still hope. Here are some important pointers on what can affect your Page Rank.

1. Avoid shortcuts such as selling links

Advertising is one way to earn money for your site through high click through rate (CTR). However, this is not the only way to decently earn online. If you have resorted to link selling practices before, then stop the practice. You can also try removing the links or dilute the bad ones with new ones. Stay away from services that offer automatic link building for this will get you into trouble. You will not be able to control your links once you allow other people to do it for you.

2. Maintain a decent amount of no follow links

If you want to maintain a good PR, then place no follow links for your advertisements on other blogs. Usually, having at least 10% no follow links can prevent you from Google’s radar. Avoid buying links because this is a taboo practice for Google. If you look at these tips closely, it’s all about aiming for a right balance between follow and no follow links. In that way, you can control the volume of links coming to your site.

3. Monitor high PR links coming to your site

One good lesson many web developers learned from Penguin updates is diligent link building. You have to know the company you keep. If your PR declined, it is possible that you have lost some good links from high PR sites. These sites may have been also hit; hence, they have shut down. Tools such as Ahrefs can at least provide you a report on your inbound links. It’s time to pay attention to the data you can gather so you can plan your strategy. Keep note of sites that provide good links and try to build links with these sites.

4. Avoid Bad Company

This is a good advice whether for keeping friends or succeeding online. You certainly want to avoid sleazy sites that promote pornography and other vile stuff. This is not good for your business at all. You can’t do much about what has happened in the past; yet, you can now stay away from linking with bad sites. Aside from checking the good sites that you should aim for, write down the sites that could have possibly pulled you down. You might overlooked a lot of ill repute sites in your eagerness to build volume of links. Now, it’s all about quality so pay attention.

5. Produce High-Quality Content

Assuming you got your homework done, questions is – does your site have good content? This matters a lot for Google. No amount of quality link building will help you out if you don’t update your site and its contents. Naturally, good sites that link with you demand quality as well. Actually, the updates were not just about good link building but producing great content as well. This meant no plagiarized content at all for any of your web pages. So before you send your links flying to good sites, inspect your site first.

Improving your Page Rank shouldn’t be a complicated process as long as you abide with the rules. Play fair and you will be rewarded for your natural link building efforts.


About the guest author: Jason Smith consults companies on online marketing, product development, and strategy. During his free time he enjoys reading about human behavior and visits church in san jose regularly.

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