What Facebook’s Graph Search Means for SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, has been one of the fastest growing developments in online marketing in the past several years. Through creative use of key words and careful attention to search engine algorithms, businesses have been able to increase their websites’ page rank in search engine results. This whole elaborate development has been in pursuit of one simple goal–to get a website to appear first a Google search.

The SEO revolution is interesting in that it’s built almost entirely around the Google search engine, which is by far the most popular web searching tool of our day. A new development from Facebook, however, might change that. Facebook recently unveiled its latest development, a utility known as Graph Search. While it is still in beta and not fully developed and implemented, Graph Search may have serious implications for SEO as we know it. Search engine optimization has always revolved around Google, but if Facebook’s new search platform makes waves in the online community, things could change dramatically.

Not many would dispute Facebook’s dominance of the social networking scene–ever since its inception, Facebook has continually grown and developed, drawing in more users until solidifying its place at the top of social media. Now, the king of social networking is trying to take a slice of the search engine pie. If Graph Search turns out to be a success, a significant amount of searches could move away from Google. This would require a dramatic shift in SEO thinking, as Facebook’s coming search function operates in a much different way from Google.

Graph Search implements what Facebook is calling a multi-dimensional search, a new level of refinement in search engine thinking. For example, where Google search results can show you a list of restaurants in your city, Graph Search can turn up a list of restaurants in your city that your friends like. This is a move toward structured data in searches, but the interesting thing is this: Facebook’s search results will utilize data that is exclusive to Facebook. If Graph Search becomes the new popular search engine for Facebook users, SEO will essentially have to undergo a complete change in order to stay relevant.

By releasing Graph Search into the world, Facebook is creating huge potential for businesses like restaurants, hotels, retail stores and venues to generate more business than ever before. Facebook’s partnership with Bing makes this an even more significant move. The SEO concepts of yesterday, however, will not work for the search engine of tomorrow. Many businesses will likely make a move toward more active social media marketing in order to access this vast market of millions upon millions of Facebook users.

What will Graph Search mean for SEO? That remains to be seen. The implications of this new development will depend on the success of Graph Search. It could be huge. If a significant share of the search engine market moves to Facebook, expect a massive rethinking of search engine optimisation as we know it. On the other hand, this could turn out to be another failed attempt at dethroning Google as the search engine king. Only time will tell.


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