What has web hosting got to do with SEO?

A good question with no simple answer. On the face of it, web hosting has nothing to do with web hosting. When we talk of web SEO, we mostly talk about onsite and offsite optimization. However, SEO gurus know that web hosting can help enhance your Google search ranking by a few notches. Here are a few things you may like to look into in connection with web hosting.

How old is your website or blog?

The search engine world is full of puzzles and lost trails. Google on its part plays the role of a quiz master quite well. SEO masters, on their part, have tried to find some kind of a hint or clue from the data they have analyzed. What everyone seems to agree on, is the fact the age of your website matters. If you have been there, say, for ten years, your search ranking gets a teeny weeny boost.

The longer you have been out there in the ether (internet) better is your reputation. Obviously you are not a fly by night operator. This seems to be the logic which seems to be operating. On your part, you can hardly do anything about it. One of the ways to circumvent this problem is to buy an old domain which has been out there for a long time.

How many years are you registered for?

Generally, we register our website for a year and renew it thereafter. It seems that Google factors this into their SEO algorithm. I agree that you have to pay upfront to register your domain, but I would consider it worth it. I would go for a 5 year registration to be sure.

Are you a part of shared hosting?

If you are a small site (chances are that you are) you have opted for shared hosting. It seems that Daddy Google doesn’t like people living in crowded places. If your website is on a server which has over 500 other sites, you are likely to be looked down upon. If you look at it another way, the speed of very website would be adversely affected when all the websites on your server are accessed simultaneously. Once again, you hardly have any control over the matter. You can try and fool Google by buying a unique C Class IP.

Do you have a unique C Class IP?

I am not really sure whether this works but buying a C Class IP seems to be quite a popular pastime. The logic goes like this – when you have a unique IP, you can be on a shared server and still look as if you are on a dedicated server. Anyway, this doesn’t cost much and you can give it a try.


Individually, these factors may not amount to much, but collectively they can influence your search ranking. You must therefore keep these in mind while looking at aspects of web hosting.


About the guest author: Sara Lamb is an online marketing specialist.

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One thought on “What has web hosting got to do with SEO?”

  1. As Paul Graham from Y Combinator stated: Speed is a Top-A feature requirement – no more less. So, chose your hoster wisely, otherwise you may face penalties (not only from google 😉 regarding quality of your service.
    As ever, in hosting you get what you pay for so make a wise decision :-)

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