What Not to Do When Optimising a Website for Search Engines

What not to do when optimising a website for Search Engines?

Making a dent in the search engine results pages has been a long hard struggle for me. I guess the problem started because I was so naive and knew very little about running a successful business let alone a good website.  I decided to offer my services online after being made redundant when the company I worked for went into administration.  I have many years’ worth of experience working as a personal assistant and I thought I could find my own clients and offer the work from the comfort of my own home.

I have seen many women who have successfully began earning money being a self-employed assistant so I thought it would be pretty easy for me too. The problem was I did very little research into starting my own business, and I wasn’t aware of all the problems you face if you are trying to attract clients to your website.

Things Not to Do to Try and Increase Traffic to Your Site

I thought I’d let you know what I was doing wrong initially. Hopefully you’ll be able to learn from my mistakes rather than making them yourself.  Starting a website is pretty easy these days, domains can be purchased for low prices and there are loads of website builder sites and free blog hosting sites where anyone can create a professional looking site within a few hours, minutes even.  However just having a domain and a site isn’t enough.

Adding Copied and Duplicate Content is Never Going to Cut It

I wanted to fill the website up with a lot of content as I thought it would help to attract people to my site. While this is true I went wrong by adding content which wasn’t original. Rather than spending the time creating my own content I would find articles and log posts relating to my field and add them onto my pages. I would always give credit to the author; I would never steal anyone else’s content so I thought this method would be okay. As it turns out search engines like all content to be original and so this caused a big problem when it came to my rankings in the search engines.

Don’t Forget to Build Links and Submit Your URLs to be Indexed

The next mistake I made was assuming that the site would be indexed quickly. I didn’t know it’s important to submit your links to all of the pages in your site to help point the search engines to your site.  I added content and left it there. Now I spend time submitting the links to the search engines, pinging the content and I also add links on my social networking sites. It takes time that’s for sure but it’s worth doing. Indexing and link building help to optimise your website and although you may not have the time without using these methods it’s very hard to be noticed.

Complicated Website and Overstuffed Content

My website quickly became a mess. I added lots of pages into the menu, many of which weren’t necessary. I forgot to add call to action links within the content so anybody reading the whole page would be left with nowhere to go once they reached the end. I also created web copy which was full of my keywords so the content was not pleasant to read.  I now know it’s important to use keywords carefully and sparsely rather than shoving them down the reader’s throats.

Points to Remember

If you are making a website and you want to encourage traffic you need to have the search engines on your side. Remember to use original content, build links and submit content to the search engines as well as going easy on your keyword placement and you should find your site is optimised quicker.


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  1. Great tips especially about content. I would also add to stay away from spinning articles it never turns out the way you would want.

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