What Should We Consider When We Start SEO?

Are you new to SEO? I suppose you may not know where to start your SEO process. Here are some suggestions which will definitely assist you in getting started .

No matter whatever kind of site you use, you are supposed to make a thorough analysis on it. The site you choose will indirectly create an impact on your SEO process. Here are some aspects to be noted in your site analysis:

  • As a first step check it for errors.
  • Make sure the site is not banned with any search engine updates. You are also supposed to review whether the site have undergone penalty at any instant. If they are penalized it is better to know about the reason for the penalty.
  • If you are buying a newly launched site, you need to be slow in your SEO process. You need not over-optimize your site right from the beginning.
  • Verify the authority of the already existing backlinks pointing to your domain.
  • If the site consists of more number of pages, ensure that the pages are indexed by the search engines.

Once all those factors are satisfied you can start working on the SEO process itself, as follows:

Keywords sound your SEO process

Keywords are the most important factor based on which your site will be ranked. The keyword you choose will help in ranking your site in search results. So you need to be smart when selecting the best keywords for your site. Since you are initially promoting your site choose the keywords which is under less competition. Low competitive keywords will help in ranking your site better in the search engines.

A few tips when choosing keywords:

  • Use long tail keywords.
  • Choose the keyword which can provide more conversion rate.
  • Indicate brand name in some of your keywords.

On page SEO

Keywords are one of the most important on page factors. Apart from keywords, there are several other factors which assist in the SEO process, such as content, tags and internal links. Most on page factors are done to favor users and their needs.

Content: Content is considered as the king.  Only if your content is unique users will keep visiting your site. Placing copied content is highly against the strategies for search engine optimization. Such sites will be banned or will get penalized by search engines. So make sure you are placing only the unique content.

Internal Links: Internal links are used to increase the potential of your website.

Off page SEO:

Off page SEO  is needed to increase the visibility of your website. It is essentially link building, such as link baiting, directory submission, blogging and many other link building strategies. All these factors together will help in raising the rankings of your site in the SERP results.

Though there are several other factors to be considered, these three are the most important aspects to be noted by the initial developers.


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  2. Search Engine Optimisation should be done in a very clear process. From selecting the site domain name, up until you come up of definitive keywords, the personality of your site should be seen. Then, from creating the pages and putting up SEO elements to conform with Google’s standards up until you post your own blog articles, a knowledge and clear understanding of Google and your customers are clearly needed.

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