What Type Of SEO Blogger Are You?

One of the primary concerns of website owners everywhere is ensuring that they receive the best search engine rankings possible, as this will hopefully ensure that they have plenty of traffic through their pages. The way that a better ranking is achieved is through the implementation of an effective search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy; one of the more common of these SEO techniques is blogging about topics that are relevant to the website. The problem is that some types of bloggers tend to be more successful than others, so what type are you?

1. The ‘Re-poster’
Some SEO bloggers feel that they simply don’t have the time to sit there and write articles all day, especially when you take into account the fact that you have to research everything you’re writing about. So, these bloggers opt to take an approach whereby they take articles from other people and re-post them on their websites (of course, they ask for permission and credit the original author, often with a biography). Even though the pieces aren’t yours, they can be very helpful for SEO.

2. The ‘Lazy Poster’
Then there are the bloggers who don’t have the time to implement one of these SEO strategies from scratch (very similar to the blogger in the above point). These SEO bloggers, on the other hand, won’t ask for permission to re-post others content; they’ll just do what they like. Even if you do post a link to the original article, it is important that you always ask for permission to re-post someone else’s work, as you never know which author’s may decide to take it further.

3. The ‘Stealer’
This SEO blogger is in a similar predicament to those who fall in the above categories, except that they simply steal someone else’s work and post it on their website, trying to claim that it is their own. This is blatant plagiarism and can actually cause your website all sorts of problems, as the search engines do not look kindly upon people who do this. You will find that any SEO you had no longer works, and your website may even be banned if you are found out.

4. The ‘Commentator’
Some bloggers aren’t overly confident in their abilities to write engaging content that is beneficial for SEO purposes, so they instead find articles written by other bloggers and write a commentary on it. Whilst there really is nothing wrong with this – commentary can be very engaging, and it is always beneficial to have a secondary opinion – there are a lot of users out there who find this SEO practice annoying, especially if they’re looking for the original article and keep getting commentaries.

5. The ‘Promoter’
Then there are the SEO bloggers who shamelessly promote themselves and their articles whenever and wherever they can. It is not enough to simply post the blog on their website – they link to it on their Facebook page and Twitter accounts; they post it to third party article and blogging websites; they link to it in comments on other SEO blogs. There really is nothing these bloggers will not do if they think it will get their work a few extra views.

6. The ‘Scraper’
This SEO blogger is actually quite similar to the stealer, except that when they take someone else’s work and try to claim it as their own they also add advertisements and other unnecessary fluff to the content. This is the blogger that most users find most annoying, simply because they have to sift through the rubbish to find the information they’re looking for. These types of bloggers are obvious from the blurb provided by search engines, so it’s unlikely that they get traffic and are, therefore, useless for SEO.

7. The ‘Inventor’
This is the name given to SEO bloggers who tend to write interesting and engaging content, but don’t seem to have done their research because every fact or figure presented is wrong. Whether this is spelling the name of the organisation they are blogging about is wrong or whether they just make up a statistic to make their work sound more impressive. Not only does this sound completely unprofessional to those who know the truth, you are spreading false information to those who have no idea.

When it comes to writing blogs and articles for SEO purposes, it is important that you are embodying the type of blogger who is going to get the traffic that you need to improve your rankings. There are plenty of bloggers out there who are able to churn out content like there’s no tomorrow, but if the articles aren’t engaging, relevant or interesting they’re going to be completely useless in terms of SEO. So, the next time you sit down to write a blog or an article for your website, ask yourself what sort of approach you’re taking. If you don’t think you’d read your content, it’s likely that no one else will either.


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  1. This post is informative. It reminds us on what type of blogger should we really be. We should be as informative as we could. And should always see to it that the content that we put into our articles are fresh and relatively helpful for those who will read it.

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