What You Don’t Know About Web Hosting Could Cost You

Making a decision on web hosting plans and companies can be challenging. There are a number of important aspects to consider in order to make an informed choice. Below are some issues to be aware of that can determine the success of any website.

1. Programming Language – Programming languages need to support site goals. Because programming code scripts will be the building blocks upon which the website is built, only the most effective programming languages will do. Many programs are tied specifically to different web applications, so it is important to understand how these technical aspects will work with what is planned to be on the site.

2. Downtime – Server downtime can greatly hurt SEO rankings and thus, the online business. In order to avoid this, the site needs to support the highest load times possible. If visitors are not able to quickly access the information they are seeking, there is a strong chance that they will leave the site. Therefore, no site can benefit from host servers that regularly experience significant downtime.

3. Technical Aspects – In order to make the best decisions, business owners need to fully determine what the purpose of the site will be and how much bandwidth is needed. For instance, a blog has very different requirements than an e-commerce site. Rich content with videos requires a more comprehensive hosting plan along with managed hosting to ensure that all technical aspects are met.

4. Control Panel – It is important to ensure that all of the features required will be available. For instance, cPanel web hosting includes all of the main aspects that web business owners need in order to have an effective web presence, such as:

CGI scripts

The cPanel solution can also create http redirects, custom error pages and spam filters. It also includes more than enough disk space capacity with affordable and reliable hosting management. Also, if you don’t like your host’s control panel, companies like www.roboshift.com allow you to purchase your own cPanel license.

5. IP Address – The host’s IP address can have an impact on search engine optimization (SEO). This is something that few new and even seasoned website owners consider. Due to Global Positioning Systems (GPS), web businesses now have the ability to estimate geographical locations. This makes it possible for companies to reach out to customers looking for their products and services, based upon their location. This is why a host’s location can have an impact in terms of local and mobile marketing.

6. Shared Hosting – Many small businesses choose to start out on a shared hosting network to save on costs. Site owners should understand that some shared plans could require that growing sites migrate to larger plans. Depending upon the web host, this can involve a relatively easy process or one that requires a whole new website. In that case, the business could lose a great deal of the web traffic it has been attracting in its existing form.

The bottom line when it comes to choosing a web host is that proposed site owners need to conduct thorough due diligence. That is the only way that they will fully understand what comes with each hosting plan, what the capacities are and whether the hosting provider can accommodate all of the most important aspects required for the business.


About the guest author: Shelby Warden is a researcher who shares this information to help business owners create a solid online presence. As an authorized cPanel distributor, www.roboshift.com provides businesses with their own cPanel license at better prices than the manufacturer offers directly. cPanel (and the WebHostManager backend) continues to be the leading web hosting server control panel.

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