Why Corporations Share Free Icons and Images

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Free corporate icons and logos are an exciting find for bloggers or Web developers on the lookout for quality images. Corporations from Facebook to BlackBerry provide these handy images. Used within the required guidelines, these free icons and images are actually a beneficial exchange for all parties involved, and here’s why.

It Encourages Customer Promotion

In today’s online world, companies don’t need to convince an editorial or features writer to cover their business in a newspaper or magazine. All the publicity that you could need or want is readily available online. While there are many programs that entice bloggers to offer a review in exchange for free samples, this isn’t the only way to spread the word. Publicity will often be earned organically.

Customers who are looking for free icons and logos are often writing a beneficial review of the company and thus offering their own free promotion for the business. The company loses nothing monetarily by giving out the graphics, but it does have a lot to gain.

Credibility is Added to Positive Promotions

There will always be reviewers on both sides of an argument. While some customers will love the company, others may have their own personal arguments against it. Promotional images and logos are typically provided with the restriction that nothing negative is posted about the company on the same page as the free image.

This means that quality graphics and clear, crisp logos go with positive reviews while negative ones will have to resort to other forms of lower-quality stock content. The positive reviews will look sharper on design alone.

The Company’s Page Rankings Increase

One important part of search engine optimization is getting other pages to link back to your own. Companies who want to have high page rankings need to have lots of organic links pointing toward them. Free images and logos are usually accompanied by links back to the page. Therefore, every user who opts to use these images instantly gives the company’s page a little boost within search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

It Keeps Logos Looking Clean

When quality logos aren’t available, bloggers will often take their own screenshots or pictures of logos so they’ll have relevant images for their site. These can leave the logo looking distorted or dull. Providing free images ensures that the company’s recognizable logo is always seen looking clean and sharp.

Logos also come with restrictions on alteration, which keep them in pristine shape and make sure that the company’s promotion looks the way it wants it to. There are always some rules and guidelines for legal use. Professionals who are maintaining quality blogs or working on a company page and using a BYOD policy always follow these legal guidelines to the letter to keep their job and blog safe.

Free graphics are a great win-win offering with benefits for everyone involved.




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