Why Instagram for SEO is a Waste of Time

A big bunch of people don’t consider bringing their cameras but taking pictures only using their phone cameras. Such is the hype brought by smartphones. Resolutions are getting even better with the newest high-end phone models. Along with this, more apps related to photography become available in both the AppStore and GooglePlay markets. One of the top applications is Instagram. Users often share their photos of food, fashion, travel destinations, family, friends and all things they love.

You might think that it can be an avenue to leverage on your SEO. However, you might be wrong. SEO experts rather think that Instagram for SEO is a waste of time. In this article, we will discuss three big reasons why this is so.

Reasons Why Instagram for SEO is a Waste of Time:

1. It can’t be crawled.

Instagram posts are not visible in Google Search, even in Google Images. So no matter how optimized your images are to target organic searches with alt tags, locations and keyword phrases for trends, Google will not fetch your data and the information of your image is only limited to the Instagram world. People will get to see your photos and become more aware of your brand only in this site, so this is just as far as your reach goes.

2. Instagram Search Not That Prominent

With the use of hash tags, users in Instagram can create trending topics for others to locate their posts. But would you search for information in Instagram rather than in the big search engines? That’s what you have to ask yourself before considering making efforts in implementing SEO for your Instagram account. People root for specific questions to find answers and read valuable content written in text and not shown through pictures. Images may be effective to get information in the case of infographics. In contrast, what people can find in Instagram are mostly personal photos now.

3. Low Click-through Rate

Traffic can be directed to your website from the URL included in the photo caption section in Instagram. If you forgot to include important links, you can embed them still as part of the comments. However, click-through rate is expected to be given a rating of below average. Your blog and other social media like Facebook, Twitter and blogging channels are more worthwhile to develop strong call-to-action button and links. Instagram is a place where people dwell to view and like pictures. You can increase the number of followers and likes and even make it to the Popular Page. But this is not tantamount to sales conversion.


While Instagram is a great mobile application to promote branding by posting pictures instantly with amazing filters, it does not really affect SEO. The best you can have is engagement with your prospect clients and building of relationships with leads. The more active you are in posting great photos and the more frequent you respond to comments reasonably, the more followers you will have. You can thus attract people through personal interactions and communications in this social space but not searchers you wish to target through real-time search engines. Perhaps then you can utilize Instagram to make contests and digital campaigns. It may not be a good platform to do SEO but it can be considered as a winning Internet marketing tool.

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