Why Search Engines Love WordPress

Have you ever wondered why most of the top ranked websites are powered by WordPress?

If not, look into the SERPs. No matter if you are using WP for a blog or as a CMS for a non-blog website – Google and the other search engines just fall in love for your site.

Search engines usually crawl WordPress websites deeply and more frequently than any other sites. Just launched websites are usually indexed within just a few days, even within a few hours, without have never been submitted to any search engine.

So why that happens?

Search Engine Friendly URLs:
WordPress has the ability of creating “pretty” URLs for each page on your website. That way instead of having question marks, equal signs and other characters, you will have a readable URL matching the title of the post or page.

To make WP write pretty URLs all you need to do is to go to wp-admin > settings > permalinks and choose the common settings (“Day and name”, “Month and name”, “Numeric” or “Custom Structure”). I think the best choice is “Custom Structure”: in that case you should type /%postname%/ in the field.

WordPress Permalink Settings

Internal Linking: The 3 Click Rule
WordPress has another important built-in functionality: the internal linking structure. By default it links the categories, the tags, the archives, and more. It seems to follow what is known as the three click rule. The three click rule says that no page on your website should be further than three clicks away for SEO reasons.

So if you have for example the “archives” widget on your sidebar, on your home page, any of your post will be just 2 clicks far away from the home page (first click on the month and second click on the post).

Automatic Ping
Another fantastic automatic feature WordPress does by default is to notify a variety of websites and search engines every time you add new content or update existing posts or pages.

This automatic notification feature is known as a ping. Not only does it make search engines aware of a brand-new site immediately, it also calls for their spiders to come and index your site to see what else you have too.

SEO Plugins
There are plenty of SEO plugins for WordPress, such as “All In One SEO Pack”, “Google XML Sitemaps”, “Robots Meta”, “SEO Smart Links”, Simple Tags”, “Yet Another Related Posts Plugin”.

I will talk about some of the best SEO plugins for WP on a new post in the near future.


27 thoughts on “Why Search Engines Love WordPress”

  1. Thank you for this interesting article. I will be sure to get the word out about this on my site :) Outstanding! Can’t wait to read next article.If you like more info, I can tell SayDotCom is nice too..

  2. Awesome points here about WordPress SEO!

    Apart from all these, WordPress has thousands of free themes and plugins so you can use them according to your requirements and you can advance your blog’s design and SEO work.

  3. Yes, WordPress is the no. 1 choice for any blogger.
    WordPress offers many features which blogspot and other platforms don’t offer.

    So I am going to switch to WordPress very soon.

  4. The popularity of WordPress means that almost any problem you might encounter – or any need you have – has already been solved by somebody else. Gotta love it!

  5. Thank you for the information but what i am wondering is, do you think it’s better if we use category also for the permalinks or just the postname.

  6. WordPress and Blogger.com are just of the sites that google love since its web 2.0. Although, I prefer wordpress since lots of themes and friendly user too.

  7. If you do some searching around Google for phrases like “city name year make model” you will find search engine listings of videos. I hear all the time about how search engines love video and rank pages with video higher over other content.

  8. Nowadays, blogging has become so popular that it seems that this technology has been around for ages. What is a blog? A blog is like an online journal that anyone can share his or her experience, personal story, or expertise with readers. With WordPress and Blogspot, anyone can start his or her blog online easily. Now, even businesses are using blogs to connect with their prospects and customers.

  9. Getting Google love is the key to a website or online business’s success in the world of the 21st Century. Without a Google listing you can pretty much write off the future of your site. But in order to climb the ranks and get noticed by the millions of users across the world who are looking for pages just like yours, you have to make sure that the proverbial house is in order. This means harnessing progressive marketing and technology to set your site apart as one that is with the current trends. If you are uncertain of how to pull this off, read on!

  10. Some website owners don’t think that meta tag titles, descriptions, and keywords matter so much in their site rankings anymore. It is true that search engine algorithms are constantly changing in how they determine where your pages rank. I am of the old school of thinking, and prefer to stay with my current method of search engine optimization and meta data entry, at least for now.

  11. Hey There Seodesk,
    Very interesting, I adore Amazon’s search engine – and I am curious what that model of retail search selections/software system is to be found.
    Keep up the good work

  12. What do search engines love? Other search engines? Nope. They love YOUR articles and web pages when you’ve written them with perfectly monitored keyword density.

  13. I absolutely agree with this. Even our hired internet marketing SEO services recommended this platform for blog site. It is SEO friendly and easier to optimize.

  14. YOAST is a good SEO tool for WordPress. Aside from using tools, basic optimizations like the Permalinks and Title of every post in your blog.
    ethical seo company tend to use more On-page optimization and better link wheels for their campaigns.

  15. It wordpress really that great? I know most of the people from optimizing images likes blogspot and disqus better. For me blogspot is good because the really shows the comments of the people in an instant and if not, they really go by their word.

  16. I’ve been building with WordPress for a couple of years now. It’s fully customizable as far as the blogging side of it is concerned. And once you’ve got a handle on theme building and/or manipulation there is a huge amount of power that can be brought out from a little (client friendly) customization.
    An example would be adding things like Dublin Core or Schema meta data to your templates.

  17. According to orange county marketing agencies, WordPress is considered as one the most effective and friendly blog platform for seo marketing strategies. It is also one of the famous blog site platform known all over the world.

  18. Search engines love it and most webmasters or just plain old users love it too! What’s not to love? Not only does it make SEO easy (for what it’s worth anymore) it makes setup and operation easy too. And like others have said, so many plugins and most are FREE!!!

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