Why Search Engines Love WordPress

Have you ever wondered why most of the top ranked websites are powered by WordPress?

If not, look into the SERPs. No matter if you are using WP for a blog or as a CMS for a non-blog website – Google and the other search engines just fall in love for your site.

Search engines usually crawl WordPress websites deeply and more frequently than any other sites. Just launched websites are usually indexed within just a few days, even within a few hours, without have never been submitted to any search engine.

So why that happens?

Search Engine Friendly URLs:
WordPress has the ability of creating “pretty” URLs for each page on your website. That way instead of having question marks, equal signs and other characters, you will have a readable URL matching the title of the post or page.

To make WP write pretty URLs all you need to do is to go to wp-admin > settings > permalinks and choose the common settings (“Day and name”, “Month and name”, “Numeric” or “Custom Structure”). I think the best choice is “Custom Structure”: in that case you should type /%postname%/ in the field.

WordPress Permalink Settings

Internal Linking: The 3 Click Rule
WordPress has another important built-in functionality: the internal linking structure. By default it links the categories, the tags, the archives, and more. It seems to follow what is known as the three click rule. The three click rule says that no page on your website should be further than three clicks away for SEO reasons.

So if you have for example the “archives” widget on your sidebar, on your home page, any of your post will be just 2 clicks far away from the home page (first click on the month and second click on the post).

Automatic Ping
Another fantastic automatic feature WordPress does by default is to notify a variety of websites and search engines every time you add new content or update existing posts or pages.

This automatic notification feature is known as a ping. Not only does it make search engines aware of a brand-new site immediately, it also calls for their spiders to come and index your site to see what else you have too.

SEO Plugins
There are plenty of SEO plugins for WordPress, such as “All In One SEO Pack”, “Google XML Sitemaps”, “Robots Meta”, “SEO Smart Links”, Simple Tags”, “Yet Another Related Posts Plugin”.

I will talk about some of the best SEO plugins for WP on a new post in the near future.