Why Should You Fall In Love With Your Blog?

love your blogLove is not an emotion you would normally associate with blogs. Can you really fall in love with a non-living thing? Yes, of course. I can fall in love with a piece of candy, but then everyone is not me. Can anyone fall in love with a subject like catering trailers and mobile catering vans? Hmmm… looks difficult.  Coming back to the subject, it’s important to fall in love with your blog if you want others to do so. Here is why:

A blog is your personal diary

This is what blogs were meant to be – personal logs or diaries.  People used to write about interesting stuff happening in their lives. Slowly, blogs became inane and meaningless – like people writing about their stomach condition and bowel movement. Later blogs became a vehicle to express opinions on various subjects. This is the time when there was a disconnect between the person writing the blog and the blog itself. Instead of reflecting the personality of the blogger, blogs became impersonal and boring. But some have retained the original flavor and these are   blogs which have thrived. These bloggers have spent time and effort to create a lively and happening blog which is unique and distinctive. They have imbued their blog with their personality. Instead of looking like a restaurant menu, some blogs have managed to deliver substance. Unless you love your blog you are unlikely to deliver on this front.

Getting through to your audience

When you love your blog, you automatically think of ways to make it more attractive. You pay special attention to the content, not merely SEO. When such a thing happens, you reach a different plane of creativity. This feeling is unique and very much like falling in love. You no longer think or react to any other impulse other than being creative. This highly emotional attachment to your blog slowly seeps into the consciousness of your audience. Your words and content flow smoothly and you say the right thing at the right place. This feeling of déjà vu can only be realized through personal experience. It’s a runner’s high which just cannot be compared with any other feeling. Your audience responds to this spontaneously.

No need to bother about Google Panda

Google Panda recently put the cat among the pigeons. Many bloggers who had meticulously built backlinks and done their homework on the SEO front, found themselves dead overnight. But those who loved their blogs   had already gone beyond the Panda. Actually if you don’t bother about SEO, Google can never do any harm to you. Probably this is the most desirable result of loving your blog.


Loving your blog is not a fancy thing. If you want your blog to be successful in terms of audience loyalty, you must provide them with great content. This can only happen if you cherish and love your blog. Merely trying to turn your blog into money making machine will not work. Your audience can sense the difference – love can be infectious.


About the guest author: Sarah Lamb is an online marketer who likes to share her views and experiences with fellow bloggers. Besides she also writes reviews about catering trailers for sale and mobile catering vans for sale, among other products for a living.

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  1. I agree with you. Loving your blog means you are going to take good care of it by making sure it’s got good quality content, good navigation and visitor friendly.

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