Why Using Microdata Is Essential For Your SEO And Can Help Bring More Traffic

Chances are that you may have overheard people talking about why using Microdata is essential for your SEO and can help bring more traffic. This of course all sounds great except what exactly is microdata ? Many folks get discouraged at pursing this subject any further because it all sounds so technical and complex. Actually it is much simpler than you think and it is all something extremely useful for any online entrepreneur to grasp and understand.

You may already be aware of the fact that there are at least three code languages whose work it is to provide search engine spider programs or crawlers with access to all the relevant information they require on a website. Microdata is one of them. It is actually a new HTML5 specification that is able to embed data in HTML documents that can then easily be read by search engine spiders or robots.

The result at the end of the day is that a web page much more search engine friendly because it becomes easier for the spiders to classify and understand what the page is about and everything about it. The result is that the information created by search engines to summarize the page will always appear more detailed than what is made available from a web page that does not have the microdata option. The outcome is a much richer browsing experience for the web user.

Here it is well worth noting the fact that various research programs that have been carried out have clearly established that web pages with micro data ended up being visited more from search engine results sometimes by as much as 15 per cent.

This is hardly surprising when you consider all the rich snippets that only microdata makes possible in search engine results. With more information about a particular search result you would expect that more people will be ale to identify the exact information they are looking for. Secondly when more information is provided in the summary the assumption by the user is that, the particular website has more information than the others and it is therefore easy to see why somebody would opt for the web result that appears to have more information. Everybody would appreciate being able to get all their information in one place without moving from one website to website to another getting bits and pieces. It is part of the user experience nightmare that search engines want to avoid at all costs.

Big advantage to small local businesses and businesses having trouble with visibility

Think for a minute about a small local business and users on the ground in the neighborhood using a search engine to find them and information about them. With microdata and increased detail localized searches are bound to rank much higher more so because searches for local business will tend to have more words in the keyword phrase sometimes mentioning specific locations.

Business that are not happy with their ranking in search engines also need to think seriously about the microdata option. A very common ailment amongst businesses that are unable to rank highly in searches is their sites not being indexed accurately enough for particular niches. Microdata is a wonderful solution to that precise problem and in all likelihood businesses that make use of this HTML5 specification will find that there is a huge difference and improvement.

Conversation rate is important

Imagine a situation where a website gets tons of visitors but ends up converting a very tiny and small percentage of them into paying clients. In the days when bandwidth was a huge issue this would be extremely upsetting and very costly without a return to show for it but even today no webmaster would be able to thrive in such a situation. With microdata where the information given is more detailed the quality of click throughs is usually a lot higher meaning that the conversion rate is bound to be extremely high.


Admittedly some skeptics may be able to point to the fact that microdata on its own without taking care of other critical SEO details may not have the desired impact. This is of course true. But it is also true that anybody who wants to optimize their site will usually want to ensure that every small detail in favor of their cause is made full use of and that should include Microdata.


About the guest author: Jason Smith is an online consultant for Maxwell systems that provides construction accounting software solutions . Jason likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation. In his free time he likes to study about web designing and practice Jiu Jitsu.

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