WordPress 3.3 Beta Hits Web With Useful New Features

In last few years, web design industry has been swept by CMS revolution. CMS apps enable users to create stunning and professional looking web sites within a few hours. They also come equipped with various extensions and plug-ins that extend their functionality significantly. There are a number of CMS apps available for free and WordPress enjoys a considerable share of CMS user base. With each release, WordPress development team has equipped this app with useful new features that has enhanced its importance as a viable CMS web development app. This CMS app is liked by users for its simple interface and huge number of extensions. It is best suited for developing small business sites and blog sites.

In a recent development that has made sensation in CMS developer community, WordPress version 3.3 beta has been released. Ryan Boren, WordPress lead developer made this announcement recently which has made WordPress enthusiasts jubilant. This beta version introduces several new features that boost usability.

Until release of this version, WordPress users had to resort to standard file selection method, for file uploading. WordPress version 3.3 comes with Plupload which is an open source upload app that leverages HTML5 Gears. With this it is now possible to take advantage of features like image resizing, batched uploads and upload progress. It also supports simple drag and drop feature. This uploader is also backward compatible in nature. Since this is first beta release of version 3.3, final version is likely to be shipped with many more features.

In this new version, WordPress has got equipped with a new Admin interface. There is a new tutorial targeted at new users as well. There are also intuitive administrative menu bars that pop out. Mobile web users will appreciate adaptive desktop feature that resizes pages for fitting mobile screen resolutions without any problem. Given the way mobile and tablet internet access is going up with time, this is a practical feature.

WordPress development team has said that the final version will come out in November this year. Version 3.3 beta of WordPress does look promising and it requires MySQL 5.0 and PHP 5.2.4 to be installed. Ryan Boren has said users are welcome to try out version 3.3 beta but it is still in development stage and so some glitches can crop up. He also said users are asked to report bugs if they come across one in beta version of this CMS app.  Developers have been asked to find fixes for any flaws they detect in this release.

This new version contains useful features like admin pointers that can be useful both for CMS developers and WordPress theme designers in long run. They can use it to configure custom themes in near future when its full version hits shelves.  As it happens with each release, version 3.3 beta of WordPress has made CMS developers excited and they are upbeat about new features introduced in this release. Inclusion of language packs has also received thumb up from them.


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