WordPress Plugins To Increase Adsense Revenue

Google Adsense is the latest fuss to the internet marketing industry. In addition, it is a boon to the publishers to earn money from their website through advertisements. Adsense is an ad network that enables users to earn a decent commission when any one clicks the advertisement posted. Despite the various attributes and a wide range of ad networking referrals, Adsense continues to top the list for the very fact that it’s simple, easy to use, and also helps in the generation of a wide range of leads and profits.

Many websites come preinstalled with Adsense optimization allowing you to earn much more profit through Adsense. WordPress does not come preinstalled with Adsense, but there are various plugins to perform the job. Optimizing your WordPress for Adsense is the key to earn more money from advertisements and make more profits. There are various plugins available in WordPress market in order to maximize revenue from your ads by banner management and Adsense. Listed below are some of our picks.


AdRotate offers a one-stop control panel to manage and organize your banners with ease. It features easy-to-use interface and provides various options to customize it. You just have to paste the code in the Code Box, and then choose a title name. It also allows you to specify campaign starting and ending dates. Besides that, it also features the options of maximum clicks and impressions, thereby allowing you to have total control of the banner displayed. It tracks each clicks and shows it as the stats. Its extensive banner management, effective reports and simple user interface makes it one of the powerful WordPress Adsense plugin.

Ad Injection

Ad Injection allows you to insert any ad code including Adsense, Clickbank, TradeDoubler, and other such ads into your WordPress posts or Widgets. Ad Injection gives you more control with your ads. It allows you to restrict access to a particular user or user-group by post length/age/IP. It provides you with check boxes to specify where the ad will appear. For example, you can block the ad in a particular page, say home page. It also allows for test mode where only you can see the ad and perform analysis for the best optimization.

It also provides widget and normal ads. One can also enable ads based on pages older than a particular day. There are options that allow you to define how many ads appear on the post and were they appear. Its precise ad management and bug-free version makes it ideal for internet monetization through Adsense.

Quick Adsense

Quick Adsense is a simple ad management plugin. As the name suggests, it is quick, easy, and flexible. It allows for more advanced ad placement options. Quick Adsense can place ads randomly anywhere within a post. It comes with a simple setting. This randomization allows you to experiment with various ad formats and ad placements in order to achieve maximum profit from Adsense. Quick Adsense allows a maximum of 10 Ads to be placed in a blog. It supports not only Adsense but also similar ones. Tick and select options will allow you to configure almost every option and the plugin will perform the rest of the job for you.


Advertwhirl is another flexible and ultimate WordPress plugin allowing you to specify precise options on your advertisement campaigns for your site. The main feature of Advertwhirl Advertising manager is that it not only allows you to control the placement of ads, but it also enables you to serve advertisements though external sites and through smartphone apps. With this Advertwhirl, you can encourage your users to posts and get their share of cut from the profit.

Advertwhirl is constantly being updated and is now bug-free. However, even if you find a bug, you can report it through Bug reporting and technical support panel. Advertwhirl is one of the complete ad manager and rotator available in the WordPress market with tons of new features and still new features are being implemented. It also allows advertising through keywords. You can also Export and import Advertwhirl Configurations. Its extensive features and plentiful options mark it as a major WordPress Adsense plugin.

WhyDoWork Adsense

WhyDoWork Adsense is another WordPress plugin, which helps you to insert ads into your post without changing the template of your website. It is a Simple plugin, packed with function and options just needed to get the job done. It enables you to show articles on posts older than X days, where X is the number of days you specify. It allows placement of ads at place where it does not interfere with your users viewing. It is a simple plugin with not many features, but a good plugin to help you with Adsense.

Google Adsense Dashboard

Google Adsense dashboard allows you to view your earning in Google Adsense in your WordPress dashboard. In other words, it implements Google Adsense dashboard into your WordPress dashboard. This however, displays Today’s Earnings only. At early stages, it presented some bugs, but some of those are fixed now. Google Adsense Dashboard is a very minimalistic plugin and does not offer complex customization features.

Adsense Deluxe

Adsense Deluxe is yet another complete WordPress plugin. This plugin allows you for insertion of Google Adsense or Yahoo Publisher Network on your WordPress posts. It allows you to create a banner area and it gives a tag, which you will have to paste it in your template depending on where you want your ads to appear.

This also has advanced options like enabling ads on home page, other pages, and archive directory. In addition, ads are excluded from RSS Feeds in Adsense deluxe. It also has an integrated Adsense previewer that allows you to view how ads appear in pages. However, it is limited to three ads a page. In spite of this, it is one of the best Adsense plugin for WordPress out there.


It is indeed the dream of every blogger to make money by means of their Blog; and Google Adsense is the answer. But the trick to earning money through Adsense is a good and relevant placement of ads on your website. Apparently, Google Adsense has now become the most popular online contextual advertising program. Now with these WordPress plugins, you could optimize and tweak your blog for revenue earning through Adsense with ease.


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