Your Blog Too Slow? Speed it Up with These Tips

Is your blog currently too slow? Has it gotten slower over the last few months? Or did it start slowly and for some reason you cannot figure out how to make it go any faster. There are numerous reasons for this, and this article will help you figure out how to make your blog go a little bit faster. Sometimes the problem is a very minor one, or something that can be fixed very easily and very quickly. Other times, it is a much larger problem such as a very poor server, or internal bug within your blog’s web-page code. Nevertheless, here are a few tips that may help you to speed up your blog right now, and also help you keep your blog speedy in the future.

Check the weight of your blog pages

If the page of your blog has a lot of weight to it, then it will take a lot longer to load. There are a number of things that add to the weight of a page, such as the textual information you put on it, the images you put on it, the elements you embed into it, the videos you embed into it, and the adverts that you embed into it. This is just a short list of some of the things that can increase the loading time of your blog’s web pages.

It is your job to go through the web pages and lower their weight (their KB), so that they do not take as long to load. This may include removing unnecessary elements that are there for visual display and nothing more. For example, animated Gifs and an unnecessarily high amount of adverts is all going to affect the weight of your page and subsequently affect how long it takes for the web page to load.

Check to see if your hosting service is a good one

This is ideally something that you should check when you first take up your blog. Many people cannot anticipate the sort of things that they are going to want on their blog. For example, some people are unaware that their blog is going to turn into more of a visual blog with a great many images. This type of blog is actually going need more server space than the blog owner may have anticipated. The blog will also need a host that offers services that are optimized for loading multiple images. If your blog developed into a visual blog such as this, but you did not plan accordingly when you chose your hosting company, then your blog may load slowly.

Another common reason that involves your hosting company, involves the amount of traffic you have just started receiving. As you are blog begins to get more and more popular, you will see an upsurge in the amount of traffic that you receive. If your blog is hosted with a hosting company that is not capable of handling large amount of traffic, then loading times and blog accessibility is going to be severely limited.

Install a caching plugin/ extension/ program

If you are using a popular blogging CMS, then installing a caching plugin or extension is going to be very easily because it is likely that there are a number of caching plugins available. You are going to have to look for a plugin that will not only cache your pages to make them easier to reload. But one that will also make it so that if a user is looking at a single page that happens to be very long, then it will only be allowed to load if the user scrolls down. This is very handy if you optimize your website for mobile browsing too.


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